Taco Bell worker IDs Perkins cop as passed out customer

Perkins police administrators have confirmed Officer Kate Barker was indeed the woman passed out in a car at a Taco Bell drive-through early Thanksgiving morning.
Emil Whitis
Nov 30, 2012

After seeing Barker's photo in the Register this week, an employee at the fast food joint confirmed the woman was Barker, police said.    

Barker was placed on paid administrative leave Thanksgiving Day, after police Chief Ken Klamar, acting on a tip from an employee, arrived at her home and found her intoxicated as she was about to head to work.

She was dressed in full uniform — including a handgun strapped to her belt — when Klamar showed up at the home. He took her to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where a test registered her blood-alcohol content well above the legal limit of 0.08 percent, police said.   

At least two other Perkins officers, still unnamed, are also the focus of Klamar's internal investigation into the morning's events.    

Klamar has promised a "swift" and "thorough" investigation.  

For more on this ongoing story, pick up a copy of Friday's Register.



@What the heck
She pulled me over in July. Told me I smelled like Taco's. She was right, and she took my bag of Tacos and Mild sauce and gave me a warning.


LOL!!!!! That's just damn funny!!!!!


LOL!!!!! That's just damn funny!!!!!


reply to: allrhetoricanyway
More like Abuse of Power.


Do as I say not as I do!!! Its a shame, does the "OATH" mean anything??Apparently NOT! There are alot of good cops out there but there are also alot of pigs out there too. Yes PIGS, you know who you are, driving drunk, beating your wifes, flexing your arrogant attitudes. Think back folks how many times have you seen local cops, deputys and yes even troopers all off duty at bars (Dutch, Dalys, Mr Ed's in PC ect ect..) and then drive home in there personal vehicles. Its a shame. Its easy to be an academy cop, its not easy being a GOOD COP!!!


one less cop looking for DIM license plate lights ....o ya !


Put a blanket over it!! Just like ALL cops that drink and drive and school administrators that get dui"s covered up and city officials stealing for YEARS,it's DEF a NEWS story to NEVER END!!!!!!

Sit n Spin

If she keeps her job will the police cruiser have "party plates" ?


And a Guardian Interlock System so she has to give a breath sample before her cruiser will start!


Nice that The Perkins Police Chief throws her name our there, but won't divulge the names of the other 2 officers. Sorry, but it does sound like she is going to be the one who has to get roasted in the eyes of the public while the other 2 officers' names are kept quiet.

What a Crock of S***!!


Agree Whopper! All are guilty or complicit.


Who's the dude in the pic?


Seems like if I remember correctly this is the same officer that banged up one of the relatively new Dodge police cruisers when she hit a concrete traffic barrier some months ago? As I remember some $1000 + damage was done to the police cruiser.


Didn't a high ranking Register employee get pulled over for DUI earlier this year? Funny how that wasn't smeared all over the website and print edition.


Exactly! THANK YOU!

Sarah Weber

There have been Register employees who have gotten into trouble in past years, and it has been reported on, but nothing has happened within the past year or two. All the reporters and editors are aware that if we get busted, we're going into print just like everyone one else. Also, I think it's worthwhile to note there are people who are charged with drunken driving almost every day in Erie County and it's noted as no more than a blotter item in the paper. If they do something dangerous or cause an accident, it would likely become a brief or story, depending on how serious it is. The reason why we're treating this incident with greater importance is because this officer was in full uniform (with her gun) intending to come into work intoxicated when the chief intercepted her, and because we're not sure how she got home (whether someone gave her a ride or if she drove.) In the past, officers have been fired from local police forces for drunken driving, so it seems important to know if that's what this officer did.

Ακόμη Sold σχετ...

Thanks for that input, Sarah, but I seem to remember the managing editor getting a DUI about 8 or 9 years ago and the report only ranked a second page blurb..


Can someone put the newest blogs on top (first page) instead of at the bottom several pages over so it is easier to view and we don't have to hunt way back into several pages for the latest blog? Thank you.


Yes, that would be helpful.


"This a fine kettle of fish we're in." No, it wasn't Chief Klamar that said that. It was Oliver Hardy.

"Perkins police administrators have confirmed Officer Kate Barker was indeed the woman passed out in a car at a Taco Bell..." from exhaustion?

In my opinion Chief Klamar had no business going into Ms. Barker's home and dragging her out to go to Firelands for a blood alcohol test. She wasn't on duty. If the Chief smelled alcohol he should have simply given her the day off and advised her that there would be a reprimand. But, everything has been done, we can't go back and redo it the way it should have been done. We just pick up the pieces and go on.

Officer Barker violated her Drug Free Workplace Policy by being under the influence and not being able to report to duty. She should be reprimanded accordingly.


If the "they're always on duty" argument is sufficient to allow police officers to waste taxpayer money by taking police cruisers home like their personal cars then shouldn't "they're always on duty" argument also apply to getting drunk before reporting to work? I have yet to see any commenter who can justify trerating this officer any differently than any one else. Police Officers should be held to a higher standard, not a lower standard since "they're always on duty".


In all due respect the argument that "they're always on duty" and "should be held to a higher standard" is to be in denial that LE officers do party like everyone else and do use alcohol. Sometimes alcohol gets to be a problem in LE.


Agreed, until thy are getting drunk when they should have been on shift! Jas is right. If she didn't pick up O.T. Or was not supposed to be into work at 7 am, then party away. Instead, she was DRUNK, way past legal limit, assuming she drove home drunk, and then in full uniform getting ready to hop in a police cruiser, still drunk. She screwed up and your argument here DG isn't justified.


Wasn't there a Sandusky Register Employee that was pulled over for DUI not too long ago, funny how that story was not smeared all over the paper.


I find it amazing that some people think this is no big deal. If a McDonald's employee showed up drunk for work carrying a gun, everyone would be in panic mode but when a police officer does it, we're expected to look the other way and act like it was a simple mistake. I guess all the studies that show the psychological profiles of cops and criminals are the same is once again proven accurate. By the way, I don't recall a Sandusky Register employee getting a DUI but there's a substantial difference between writing a newspaper article while drunk and enforcing the law while drunk. One carries a pen and the other carries a gun. Big difference.


Agreed, hence the saying "The only thing that separates a cop from a criminal is a badge."


Ms. Barker didn't show up for work drunk carrying a gun. She was in her house getting ready for work. There is a considerable difference. You're spinning the situation. Had Chief Klamar called her not to report to work as he should have done and the off-duty officer at the Pump done what he should have done there wouldn't have been any issue except an unauthorized absence from work.


The only reason she didn't show up for work drunk and carrying a gun is the actions of the Chief. He deserves credit for personally looking into an officers misbehavior which was going to have a substantial effect on her work if he didn't take action. He could have done nothing and waited until she got to work but he was being justifiably proactive in trying to stop a potentially serious problem and a crime - either a drunk driver or an employee with a gun showing up drunk for work. Without the Chiefs actions, it could have been the McDonald's example I gave. That's not spin.


You didn't read my post. "Had Chief Klamar called her not to report to work as he should have done and the off-duty officer at the Pump done what he should have done there wouldn't have been any issue except an unauthorized absence from work."

Julie R.

Why are they keeping the names of the other two officers a secret? Are the other two officers male or female?