New Ohio outlet mall under development for 2014

Mall and outlet developers are teaming up to build an outlet mall in a fast-growing central Ohio county.
Associated Press
Dec 2, 2012


The Columbus Dispatch reports Thursday that the project in Delaware County will mean 300 construction jobs and more than 900 retail jobs once the mall opens by Christmas 2014.

The project off Interstate 71 north of Columbus is a joint development by Simon Property Group of Indianapolis and Tanger Factory Outlet Centers of North Carolina.

The companies say Simon will provide site development and construction supervision while Tanger will manage the joint venture.

The companies are planning a similar project in Charlotte, N.C.




Columbus is certainly thriving. When is our city commission going to go out and get us some things like this??

Instead of trying to do the job of others within the city rank and file, why don't they get busy doing the jobs they are supposed to do like soliticing jobs for the city of Sandusky like this sort of thing??????

It certainly would be nice to see this come into town. What's up, commissioners? Why are you not out there seeking jobs for the City of Sandusky and making the City look attractive to businesses to come HERE?????

There are three or four business I can think of off the top of my head that you could contact right now, so why can't YOU?


"Bringing in" retailers does not aid prosperity. The national retailers aren't creating value in Columbus, they've simply found it and are exploiting it.

They're just draining local money to wall street.

Creating and providing value brings money. To build wealth and prosperity in Ohio, invest in infrastructure and education, and foster entrepreneurial spirit and value-adding work.


There used to be a really nice "outlet" mall on 250. Now it is almost deserted. You have to have people who want to use these malls all the time and not just when they are new or when Christmas rolls around. I doubt very much that Sandusky could support two malls. I understand that you didn't specify a mall. In that case I agree that we could use other business's. I love little shops over the big stores.


The outlet mall on 250 never had a proper anchor store. Bugle Boy hardly qualifies and Bass was pricey. The only destinations keeping that ugly outlet alive are the Re-Store and the Collonade.


A couple yrs. ago the state produced a study that said in part that large urban areas should be the focus of future economic development and that small metro and rural areas should fend for themselves.


That is not a government report, and that is not really what the report says.

"Greater Ohio Policy Center (GOPC), a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Columbus and operating statewide, develops and advances policies and practices that value our urban cores and metropolitan regions as economic drivers and preserve Ohio’s open space and farmland. Through education, research and outreach, GOPC strives to create a political and policy climate receptive to new economic and governmental structures that advance sustainable development and economic growth."


@ Factitious:

Yep! They're located in Columbus and their BOD memmbers are all located in large urban areas.

I can see where they'd have the best interests of the sm. metro and rural areas in mind.

So where are developers putting this mall? Where did they put the casinos?


Get rid of Sandusky mall it sucks don't go there since eastern buffet left it has gotten worse and worse every year


And many of the stores are leaving there and moving to other sites outside the mall such as bed, bath and beyond, which just moved over by Target.

Once one of the big anchor stores finds a place to move out, you watch how fast that place has problems. It will only take a nice "stip mall" to entire Sears or JC Penney to move into a smaller, less expensive place to save money and watch how fast they go there. All these companies have been complaining about bottom line losses each year. Facility costs being one of the biggest factors. You mark my words. They are going to end up moving out of the big MALL facilities and back to smaller stores before it is over. You watch. Lower overhead.


Outlet malls are never a deal, they are just outdoor access stores.