Ohio Turnpike will see record revenues

Toll increases will help the Ohio Turnpike see record revenue of about $270 million this year.
Associated Press
Dec 2, 2012


Turnpike officials reported Thursday that a 10-percent toll increase to start the year, combined with traffic running higher than projected, will generate about $250 million in tolls.

And money from service plaza concessions and other sources will raise year-end revenues to an all-time high of about $270 million.

The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reports that Gov. John Kasich is expected to announce soon whether his office wants to lease all or parts of the turnpike operation, such as toll collection, or merge the toll road with the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Kasich says the idea is to "unlock" the toll road's value and help cash-strapped Ohio finance more transportation projects.




This is how I feel when reading this........http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T...


Kasich will rape the Turnpike; he could care less about what happens to those people.


Public ownership; sumpthin' only socialists love.

Privatize the OTP, unlock the market value and use the revenue for other highway and infrastructure improvements.

Govt. hoards more than enough assets in this country and it tends to strangle private enterprise.


Gee, I guess Eisenhower was a socialist when he came up with the interstate highway system.

How can that be? Wasn't he republican?



The IHS is/was a nat'l defense project which allows the military quick access to most anywhere in the country.

In case of a national emergency, civilian use will be banned.

The OTP originated before the IHS.

Pres. Eisenhower spent all his days in public service. Would you expect anything less than bureaucratic big govt. thinking?


That's absurd. Most of Ohio's roads are publicly owned. Should they be sold too? What about the sidewalks? Toll booths at every corner? And if you disagree, you're a commie? SHEESH!


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Yes, "Leave it alone" from one who uses it daily!!!!
Use the extra funds for a few more repairs and maybe a few more exits. And for sure finish the three lanes from Toledo to the Indy boarder, I drove that last month and thought I was back on old 2. Use the money for the highway you guys!
Gee! It is working as planned so why blank it up?


The turnpike has been fine for years. Leave it alone. At first the Gov said turnpike made no money. Now we see it will make 270 million. Funnu how he wants to screw up the only good thing in Ohio. This can't be possible that it will make a record amount of money. It is Union help that runs the turnpike.


After millions of dollars done in "studies", all of a sudden there is traffic higher than projected? Must have missed that. What a bunch of Einstein's! Dollar toll goes to $1.10, result: 270 million all time high? Then we take it to put into "other projects". Rob Peter to pay Paul. Turnpike turns into a cash cow, right? Back first of the year all we heard was the Turnpike was bleeding, then privatizing it was a "fix all". All that tells me is the State can't manage anything as usual. What happens to all of the ODOT workers who maintain it and the toll collectors? Toss them aside? We pay fees on license plates, gasoline tax, and multiple sources for supposed highway improvements and infrastructure already. This is as bad as 30+ years ago when the State shoved the Ohio Lottery down our throats as the SALVATION to our school systems in Ohio, DO IT FOR YOUR CHILDREN! REMEMBER? The results of this speak for itself. Folks, is it just me, or am I the only one feeling that we are surrounded by Idiots?


"Last January, we (ODOT) determined that there is a $1.6 billion funding shortfall for construction projects. Those are projects that have been vetted through the approval process and are ready to go to construction, and yet we don't have enough money to build them.

In addition to that, another $10 billion worth of future projects are in the development process, but for which there is no money."


Heck, short of highway funds; why not just raise the state gasoline tax? Socialists don't mind paying more in taxes do they? They love the govt. takin' more money from 'em.

Besides, what's the downstate benefit for this publicly owned boondoggle?


Reason.org? Not reasonable. A libertarian propagana site, not a good source of information.


Have you looked anywhere else to varify the information from reason.org? Probable not. http://www.dot.state.oh.us/news/...$1-6-Billion-Highway-Budget-Shortfall-Where-do-We-Go-from-Here.aspx
In January, ODOT announced a $1.6 billion shortfall needed to complete future phases of 35 major new expansion projects through 2018. However, ODOT anticipates having only $100 million per year to spend on new construction after all preservation needs are met. In 2011, the TRAC received 72 applications for new transportation projects totaling an additional $10 billion. http://www.dot.state.oh.us/distr...
If people could use google or yahoo every once in awhile they would not make fools of themselves.

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Now, is there any doubt why kassick wanted to GIVE the turnpike to his buddies?

Don S

Big Dog said it short and correct. It is a sellout to Kassick's business buddies. Do it Kassick's way and Ohio WILL be the big looser !!!!


Geez SR, that's another reason you were refused an interview.