$5 million will boost OSU's global medical efforts

Officials say a $5 million grant will be used to raise Ohio State University's standing in global medicine and advance its humanitarian work overseas.
Associated Press
Dec 2, 2012


The Columbus Dispatch (http://bit.ly/UvTj6y ) reports that the corporate gift from Greif Packaging Charitable Trust will cement ties between OSU's Wexner Medical Center and the Global Health Delivery Partnership in Boston. It was announced Thursday.

Half of the $5 million gift will go to Ohio State. The rest will go to the Global Health Delivery Partnership, a Boston-based nonprofit that works to improve the health of the poor in the developing world.

Dr. Daniel Sedmak, director of Wexner Medical Center's Office of Global Health, said that although Ohio State will use some of its share for part-time faculty hires, it plans to spend the bulk of it overseas.



The New World Czar

This is good, seeing a private foundation do this, and not on the back of the taxpayer.

2cents's picture

Its a drop in the bucket for academics?

"What do you get for $109 million a year? Jon Weinbach on Ohio State's record-breaking budget."


Don S

How about doing humanitarian work for the people that need it right here in the USA !!!!!! We are in need to take care of our own, first !!!! This sure would be a help to our taxpayers, right here.


To Don S: Ditto!