OH House vote planned on letter grades for schools

Ohio schools would get old-fashioned A through F grades under a new performance ranking system moving swiftly through the Statehouse.
Associated Press
Nov 29, 2012


The Ohio House has scheduled a vote on the voluminous ratings overhaul Thursday. Senate President Tom Niehaus has also set the proposal as a priority in that chamber before the two-year session ends this month.

The bill would bestow A, B, C, D and F grades on school districts, school buildings, community schools, STEM schools and college-preparatory boarding schools based on 13 performance measures.

The grades would be phased in over three school years to replace the current 5-tier system of excellent, effective, continuous improvement, academic watch, and academic emergency.

Community schools serving mostly academically challenged students would see a different scale developed.



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Sandusky is now 13 tiers deeper in do do.... Thanks to the likes of Jeff Krabill, et al, its going to be a very cold three years in your town. btw, thank Amy Grubbe for her efforts on the rolls in your town, and county!!!


That phrase about exemptind "academically challenged" schools invalidates the who;e thing. It's another example of hoodwinking the "academically challenged" public with gobbledigook.


Of course we have a double standard. Everyone plays by the rules except the entitled group of academically challenged.

I thought we want everyone to be treated equally.