IBM to bring 500 jobs to new Ohio analytics center

IBM Corp. officials have encouraged companies to bring them their toughest problems, as they announced plans for an analytics center in Ohio focused on data crunching and consulting services.
Associated Press
Nov 29, 2012


IBM said Thursday the new center in suburban Columbus also will serve as an important part of its plan to educate and train college students in analytics. It's expected to bring 500 jobs over the next three years.

Ron Lovell is the vice president of the IBM Client Center for Advanced Analytics. He says new hires at the center will build computer applications and models to allow businesses to better draw conclusions from vast amounts of data.

Gov. John Kasich attended the announcement and said he expects to use it to try to lure other businesses to the state.




So is the brain drain in Ohio reversing?


Or they see Ohio as a prospect in need of their brain trust. IBM is a fantastic company that holds strong to their mission through thick and thin. This is a big win for our state

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Gathering your information so someone can sell more stuff to you!!

(Ron Lovell, an IBM vice president with 23 years in his native Columbus, will lead the center, which will be the global technology giant’s main hub for helping clients with business intelligence and forecasting. It will be the company’s leader for “Big Data,” the emerging buzzword in IT for sifting through the unimaginable quantities of data produced by digital transactions, social media and mobile devices to find patterns that will help businesses run more efficiently and profitably.)From Columbus Business First.



Is that why they are running this dumb survey stuff constantly on the side panel day in and day out? The same questions over and over?????


Data mining is better than gold.


"500 jobs" sounds pretty unrealistic. At least to start, I would guess that it means perhaps three people and five managers.


Or maybe it actually means 500 jobs


Arson registry?


A couple yrs. ago the state did a study.

They'll focus more on economic growth in the major cities; the smaller metros and rural areas be d*mned.

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whatever happened to the jobs nasa plumbrook was suppose
to create ??


Nope.....if the airport closes on Cleveland Rd, maybe we could get a big one at NASA, wouldn't that be nice??

real talk

If 73 jobs of already retired, double dippers, are lost is Obama's fault then this 500 jobs gain must be his fault too right?


Here we go....more Obama did or didn't. When will you guys give it a rest alreay. He won. Did you see he had a meeting with Romney...possible job in the administration. what will you guys gripe about then?


If you blame Obama when jobs are lost, do you have the guts to credit him when 500 jobs open up?


Obama had nothing to do with IBM and the 'predicted' 500 [possible] new jobs. Obama DID, however, have EVERYTHING to do with increasing his drive to become this country's first potentate with 100% control over laws, throwing the Constitution in the trash, and bankrupting Medicare by stealing $700.6 BILLION from their pool of operating funds in order to make the expenses for OBAMACare appear as less than they actually are. We should ALL be hoping/praying he NEVER sets foot in the lobby of IBM.....or any other successful business. I believe there are far, far too many commenters on the SR site and in this country that know zilch about what B.H.Obama's agenda is, the manner in which he creates hiw OWN policies [which are unconstitutional], and it is glaringly apparent less than 10% of the voters who backed him another 4 years know NOTHING about how the political wheels get greased. Once again, I am beyond grateful none of you are in control of my money, but I will be interested to see what you all say when you find out he IS in control of your' you shake your heads in disbelief that it is ALL gone!

real talk

Therapy---look into it




Someone with "guts" would probably give credit to Gov. Kasich huh?

Pres. Obama "won" OH, he's moved on.


EXACTLY...I am so sick of the complaint dogs. And did you see he had a meeting with Romney...possible job on the adminitration? Talk about fair play. What other president in history has EVER done that? NONE

The New World Czar

The Kasich administration is making the state more business-friendly and is getting results. Good job commander!


Listen.....the jobs coming in or going out has basically to do with what is already HERE not the President.

for you information, Columbus has a huge system they could take advantage of. That is why they are here. READ....

And for you nay sayers of President Obama....he had a meeting yesterday with Romney. For the first President in History to potentially offer a position to a opposition party in the cabinet of his administration . It was on the news with pictures yesterday. If any of you got off here and looked at the news long enough to watch the world you live in you might learn something. They showed the two in the white house.

Tim Geghitner is leaving his My guess is he may be offering that to Romney. Talk about pushing the Senate and House? Wow, That would be a blow to the big wigs on the hill

Also leaving is Hillary Clinton, secretary of State, come January.