Sandusky to pave Ferndale Drive to help business

Sandusky officials have promised to fix a long-running problem near Firelands Vending's George Street headquarters.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 29, 2012


City commissioners agreed to spend $238,000 to remedy environmental concerns near Firelands Vending, which employs 48 people.

By fall 2013, the three-month project aims to pave 400 feet of road on Ferndale Drive, west of George Street, which today is just a gravel-covered thoroughfare. The dust kicked up by vehicles on the road has long been a problem for the snack vendor, causing the company to threaten to leave town if it's not fixed.

For more on how the city obtained the money for the project, pick up a copy of Thursday's Register.



Eph 2 8-10

Three months to pave 400 feet????????????????

Good 2 B Me

Idle threats. Me: "Hey Sandusky...I want my street improved or I am leaving town." Sandusky: "Take a flying leap."

here in ohio

$238,000 to pave 400 feet REALLY WOW that $595.00 a foot !!!!


I don't know where this is. Ferndale Ave. and George Street don't connect.
It shouldn't take anywhere near three months to pave 400 feet. It should
have been taken care of before now.


How does this business prepare food with out a kitchen ?The dust bothers him because he is cooking outside.


The supervisor is a felon,and the place is crooked.


Ferndale Drive? Doesnt that connect the new subdivision of houses to Thorpe and Dorn Drive? Where does it connect past George St?????? I am totally confused where this jumps past that subdivision?

Why would it cost so much to fix this as all that construction is going on by George St and the overpass, so if there is "dust" out there right now, it is coming from the overpass construction and nothing more, especially with the heavy construction trucks running up and down George St.

This sounds like a "bogus" complaint and perhaps the city commission should have checked it out before committing this kind of cash to a project before ok' ing this kind of capital to the complaint. Been out there lately? Its a mess because of the construction. LOTS of dust.

T. A. Schwanger

This street runs between Superior St. and George St. Parts of it are unimproved. It's a project that has been discussed many time over the years. It's a good project. According to the City, the owner has been cited for environmental issues pertaining to dust associated with the unpaved street and parking lot.

The City will pave the street and install sewer lines (majority of the cost).

Some residents have expressed concerns over the City's decision to use CDBG Revolving Loan Funds instead of partially paying for the project with sewer funds.

Revolving Loan Funds can be used but typically those funds are used for business expanion and are payed back for use by other business'. In the Firelands Vending instance, RLF will not be returned to the City.

Hope this helps.


Yes, and I still maintain that until the dust settles from the bridge being completed this person will have to deal with problems. Waylaying the commission on a "dust' problem and threating to leave for same is nothing more than a threat to get what one wants.

My objection is that when someone comes to a city commission meeting with such a threat and gets special consideration when there are so many other streets in such need, this is nothing more than a shake down. How dare the "city fathers" give in to that. Should others come and say they are leaving to get what THEY want leaving abandoned houses and hundreds of dollars of unpaid taxes in their wake? I don't think so.

This is just another example of the commission not thinking things through.

They could have waited until the dust settled a bit until giving this a thought of doing as he asked. I bet it gets dug up within a year of completion to have to add to it!

Just another example of not thinking something through. And again, you come after MY post. Why is that, you fear me, or what, TA? There are six others on here that agree with me, so why post after mine?