Report shows disparity in Ohio graduation rates

New statistics show that Ohio has one of the lowest high-school graduation rates for black students, but one of the better rates for white students.
Associated Press
Nov 29, 2012


The U.S. Department of Education comparable state-by-state graduation numbers show that only three states have a wider disparity between graduation rates for blacks and whites.

Ohio's graduation rate for all students was 80 percent for the 2010-11 school year, the first year in which a common calculation was used in most states.

For black students, the rate was 59 percent. For white students, it was 85 percent. For students who come from poor families, it was 65 percent.

Iowa had the top overall graduation rate, while Nevada had the lowest.

The numbers were reported by The Columbus Dispatch Wednesday.



The New World Czar

The election's over...who gets the blame/credit for this one?


Czar....I think that's the problem...this subject gets used as a political ball by people on all sides of the political spectrum. The subject gets treated as a buzz word and it has no business being treated that way as it is serious. The politicals who use it get a rude awakening once they're elected, though. They find out quickly that they can't do anything because this subject is more than just throwing a couple of words about to fix an issue for the sake of getting elected.

It's very complicated and shame on all of us for letting it get this way.

Interestingly, when people who really do know how to fix it come into play they get shut down.

When the public begins to understand that this isn't a liberal or conservative issue is when they can truly work towards solving this as this is an issue that affects all of us in every community.

Will it happen? Who knows? My question always has been is- How bad do we want to fix the problem?


Fix the family and you'll be on your way to correcting the problem. Nothing will change as long as babies keep popping out babies with no daddies


It's about family values.

Some families hold education in high regard some don't. Some families believe in responsibility and hard work some don't. Some families believe in entitlement some don't.

It's not about the color of skin. It's about how you were raised and who raised you.


Kind of did an informal analysis of the top 10% of high school graduates in the area over the last few years based on data in the Sandusky Register. No matter where they lived or the color of their skin or their nationality the number one factor was each had married parents. Yep, 94.3% of the students had parents listed as Mr. & Mrs. "Insert last name here". Not Bill Smith and Sally Jones. Not just Sally Jones listed as parent.

Be observant next time the local school list their top students. It's reveling.

The schools can throw as much money as they want to solve this problem with little success. The solution is at home with responsible, committed parents.


One thing is certain: Gov. Kasich's shortsighted, massive cuts to Education funding certainly did NOT help.

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Coasterfan, those cuts had nothing to do with it. There is no correlation between school spending and student achievement.

As donutshopguy implied, most kids' odds of graduation are decided before they walk into their first day of kindergarten.

Schools don't fail, students do, and they do so because they don't accept the value proposition of education.


good post

The New World Czar

Please, just because your false messiah O thinks putting more teachers in the classroom as a means of job stimulus will improve education? HA, nothing more than more socialist-indoctrinating union support. No value added, nothing gained. The true educational values come from homes led by those who profess PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.


Maybe it's a measure of the population quality. If one temth of the money spent on "upgrading the system" were spent on a public relations campaign to sell the value of an education, I think you would see something. We spend the most money on the least promising.

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(Even Liberals Admit Affirmative Action Failure)

Just sharing!