Ohio man gets jail for mocking disabled girl

A northeast Ohio man accused of making fun of a young girl with cerebral palsy has been sentenced to a month in jail.
Associated Press
Nov 28, 2012

Canton Municipal Judge John A. Poulos ordered the maximum sentence for 43-year-old William Bailey, who pleaded no contest Tuesday to reduced misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and aggravated menacing.

The (Canton) Repository (http://bit.ly/10Um7Zd ) reports that Bailey was caught on cellphone video at a school bus stop in October making fun of how the 10-year-old disabled girl walks. The video of him seemingly imitating her limp was disseminated online and on local TV news. Bailey denied he was mocking the girl, saying he was reacting to name-calling directed at his 9-year-old son.

Bailey apologized to the girl and her family in a statement Tuesday.




I agree also. Maybe jail for a non-violent action was excessive. Helping the disabled may have softened his heart toward the disabled.


I wouldn't want him anywhere near my disabled child


50 percent of all Federal inmates are in for non-violent acts.

Second Opinion

After watching the video &reading the report I think he should have been also charged with contempt for mocking the court with his lies.

This slime was setting a terrible example to the other children and I'm pretty sure his son will be reading his fathers engraved name on the cell walls in a few a few years .


Bring back the stockade in the public square.

Have the kids bring plenty of rotten vegetables and fruit for throwing. Fun for the whole family!


Adult mocking a child - unacceptable.
Jail time for adult mocking a child - unacceptable.

It's a racket...the court system bogged down, keeping police, lawyers, court workers, judges and jails employed. An outrageous use of tax dollars.

Eph 2 8-10

Perhaps standing at a busy intersection for 30 days with a sign saying "I'm a bully and a jerk. I tease handicapped kids."

Seems like a good way to humiliate this pathetic excuse of a man.


I'll have to go with the consensus that jail time was not warranted in this case. We all have probably at some point in our lives, had to put up with hurtful remarks (if I had a nickle for all the dumb blonde jokes I've had to endure over the years I could retire.) Granted, this guy obviously has some serious issues but like Mum said, maybe he's not operating with a full deck. I say an apology would have sufficed. Just remember though, in this day and age it may not be Big Brother watching you, just a bystander with a cell phone can land you in jail.


I say put him on Bully Beatdown


The bully is now being "bullied" with death threats.

Like father, like son. Both idiots.

Second Opinion

Not saying he should have received jail time, but the video angers me greatly



I too questioned the aggravated menacing charge until I found more information about it. The disorderly charge was based on the video of him limping. The aggravated menacing charge was for threatening the girl's mother.


"Fitzsimmons opted Friday to charge Bailey with disorderly conduct “based on the actions in the video,” she said.

Bailey also faces an aggravated menacing charge, accusing him of threatening Tricia Knight later that day, Fitzsimmons said."

"In June, Bailey was convicted of aggravated menacing in an unrelated matter and served 10 days in jail, Stark County court records show."


I KNEW there had to be more to the story! Now the menacing charge makes a lot more sense.

That being said, I'm truly dismayed at the number of people posting here who think jail time for his ill-advised mocking of a handicapped girl is a good idea. Of COURSE I don't think what he did is acceptable, but are we going to criminally punish people now if they cause offense? That's not a slippery slope, it's a freakin' CLIFF! We go over THAT edge, and none of us is safe. Ever. After all, people can be offended by anything they choose to find offensive, including politics, manner of dress, religion, etc. NOT GOOD, folks...

here in ohio

And this guy has kids of his own...UN-REAL what a losser and his kids will grow up just like him,how sad is that !!!!


Jail time????? Hes basically a d*ckhead. But not a criminal. Good grief this society is out of control. Not a big deal, girls dad should have punched him in the face and been done with it. Now its a big to do for nothing.(I thought the dads impression was way better than his sons)


2903.21 Aggravated menacing.
(A) No person shall knowingly cause another to believe that the offender will cause serious physical harm to the person or property of the other person, the other person’s unborn, or a member of the other person’s immediate family.

The idiot made threats against the mother. Please note that the law states "property" also.

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"Knowingly cause another to believe" - that means the "victim" must have a reasonable belief they are in imminent danger, and that the speaker knows their words would instill such a belief in a reasonable person. The "threat" was a hyperbolic outburst that no reasonable person would see as credible.

The prosecutor was grasping at straws knowing that because of public opinion, this guy would realize that pleading no contest and going to jail would be his best option compared to likely the vigilante alternative.

The answer to offensive speech is not jail or violence, it is more speech, and exercising freedom of (non)association.

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I'm sure the Judge was put on the spot by the general public and the media of course so he did what was in his best interest and made an example out the man for his immature actions. I don't agree with being sentenced to jail but had the Judge not done this there still would of been people complaining that not enough was done to set an example. I hope the shame and the guilt for his poor judgement in making fun of a disabled child far exceeds the punishment of having to set in jail for a month and explain to violent offender inmates exactly why he's in there. I think I smell a "bully beat-down" coming for this guy once he is incarcerated. I think a more fit punishment would have been to have to stand at that same bus stop holding a sign that says something along the lines of "I'm in my 40's and I find it funny to mock and make fun of disabled children in public because I am insecure with my own mentality"! Sounds like more of a punishment than wasting County tax money to house this ignorant fool for a month. I say he should have a guest appearance on Tosh.O, there's no "web redemption" for this tool!

Julie R.

What a dirt-bag!


My step-son has CP and is in a wheel chair. I think this a$$hole needs to see what it is like and live "handicapped" for a month instead. His son will be following in his father's footsteps obviously...


Perhaps not now that daddy is going to jail. He will learn NOT to do what daddy did


Send some cash to St.Jude's hosp this season.
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Lets hope one of his jail cell buddys has a disabled child......POS


D**N are we n Jr High??? really half u guys on here sound like little school girls crying over whos takeing who to the dance.grow up


Next, we'll be going to jail for our comments.