Humane Society wants to join Ohio exotics lawsuit

The Humane Society of the United States wants to join the state in defending a lawsuit that challenges Ohio's new law regulating dangerous wildlife.
Associated Press
Nov 27, 2012


The lawsuit filed earlier this month in Columbus federal court by four owners of exotic animals contends the restrictions threaten their First Amendment and property rights.

The Humane Society asked Judge George Smith on Tuesday to allow the organization to intervene in the lawsuit.

The organization says it has a significant interest in defending the law that it strongly supported, as well as an interest in the lawsuit's outcome since the organization is pushing similar laws nationwide.

Ohio's law followed the 2011 mass killings of dozens of escaped wild animals that had been released by their suicidal owner in eastern Ohio.



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Check out the Humane Society of the United States, They are a bunch of nuts ! and give the local Humane Society a black eye! They are two different groups, the locals should change their name, The US bunch are radical and evil, while the local groups really try to do good . do not bother to respond unless you have checked out the US groups demands,

nosey rosey

HSUS is only one step away from PETA. They are a profit making organization who give back to rescue organizations only a miniscule amount of the money that people donate to them thinking they are part of their local rescue groups. Avoid them with a vengance.


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