Ohio Senate OKs tougher penalty for nurse assault

A bill increasing penalties for hurting a nurse or other health care worker on the job has unanimously cleared the Ohio Senate.
Associated Press
Nov 27, 2012


The measure imposes penalties as serious as fifth-degree felonies for assault of an on-duty nurse, health care professional or hospital security officer. It cleared the Senate unanimously Tuesday.

Ohio law provides for tougher penalties for assaults in certain circumstances, including attacks against workers at correctional facilities and people providing emergency medical services. However, those who assaulted nurses and other health care workers had not previously faced the stiffer punishments.

Through a last-minute amendment, judges and certain other court personnel also were added to the list, sending the bill back to the House.

Nurse assault has been a growing problem, both in Ohio and nationally.




Now why would they add judges and other court personnel to a nursing measure at the last minute? This has nothing to do with nurses. If the court system wants something for judges, why don't they get their own or do something with the police?

This is ridiculous to add judges to this list. They are already surrounded by police officers in their courts


I understand the need to protect those who are working to save and protect us. However, I feel that there is a difference between someone in their right mind assaulting a caregiver and someone who is in pain and "out of it" striking out at someone without realizing what they are doing. I hope they don't go overboard on this law (like they do so many).


Many also hope that caregivers (nurses & other staff) will be respected also. They many times endure much uneeded garbage from patients too. Wrong is wrong - right is right. Its that E-z.