Firefighters investigating deadly Seneca Co. blaze

(Updated with video at 6:07 p.m.) Firefighters have recovered the remains of all five members of a Seneca County family killed early Tuesday morning in a house fire.
Emil Whitis
Nov 27, 2012


Fire officials say they found the bodies of two adults and three children after hours of searching through rubble at the destroyed rural home.

A truck driver passing by the house at 13843 Township Road 124 called 911 to report the fire at 3:17 a.m.

Fire companies from around the area, including Bellevue, Monroeville and Attica responded, but the house was fully engulfed when they arrived.

Fire officials say it could be days or weeks before they know what caused the blaze. Neighbors said the youngest child was 12.

Photos of the search efforts can be seen in a gallery by clicking HERE

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hmmmmmmmm. the plot thickens.


Heartless comment


I hope that the children are at peace with God at their sides.


Wonder where the other two are huh..


The plot? Really? You idiot...5 people, including 3 children, died in this horrible tragedy and you want a plot to sit around and talk about?


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Reflector is now reporting all five bodies have been found in the home


WTOL in Toledo says all five bodies have been found.....there is NO plot. No POT to stir. It is a horrible tragedy. It is a sad time to realise that in today's society people are quick to think the worst.


comments cannot be heartless. they are just words. that is your projection of my comment. attaching emotions to people's words is your problem. yes, this is a tragedy and the comment was not intended to be anything but a wondering if people had left before the fire was set. and people can't burn in hell(even if there was one)because of comments-otherwise you'd all be dead.


reporter54 - you are correct words can't be heartless because they are just words, the person that uses the words is the heartless or maybe in some cases brainless ones.

Darwin's choice

How about these words for you...."may your friends and family endure the same demise" ! No emotions, just words !


You're a P.O.S.


Thoughts and prayers go out to Willy and Lisa and all family and friends affected by this. Very sad.....


Prayers for the entire family


next thing you know, the pictures will be considered insensitive and heartless just like with car accidents.


A sometimes the best thing to say is nothing.


This is heartbreaking...prayers to the family and friends. @ Reporter54 and Lugnut2511- that was a very judgemental thing to say right away. Clearly, you should have waited to give your two cents as you would have found out that all five had passed. And your pointless rebuttal for someone who cares, I don't. Again, thoughts and prayers to all the family.


I believe that Reporter54 was way out of line to post a comment like that, although with all the stories about parents killing their kids, murder suicides, etc. One almost has to consider that an option. I know nothing about the victims, know nothing about the circumstances within the family, know nothing about the origin of the fire. I do know that society today is so messed up it's not even funny. I felt terrible for the mother of the 3 yr old from Cleveland, only to find out that she was the culprit all along!!!!I pray for the family of the victims and the victims themselves. What a horrific tragedy. Maybe next time reporter54 will keep his/her thoughts to himself or herself.


I agree. This is a real tragedy. This is America and people can express their views as they choose. Like it or not that is just the way it is. If you interpret the comments incorrectly that is on you.

george's bush

Just because people have the right to be jerks does not mean they should be.


My prayers to the remaining family members of those killed in this fire. My God hold those who died in the palm of His hand. Rest in Peace.


My sympathy to the loved ones of the family lost in this tragedy. Many hearts will be aching for a long time.


Prayers go out to the families! Also Im praying people would get some common sense and not add terrible comments because they can. Freedom of speech is one thing but spreading stupid is another!


My heart goes out to the familes of these loved ones. God bless you and bring you some peace.