Body at Ohio trash site missing toddler

A body in a trash bag at a suburban Cleveland waste processing site has been identified as a 3-year-old boy who disappeared from a park on the city's east side.
Associated Press
Nov 27, 2012


A county medical examiner's spokesman says a police report indicated the body found Monday evening in Oakwood was identified as Emilliano Terry.

Police said the boy disappeared after his mother briefly turned her attention away from him at Kasuth Park on Sunday. She told police she was tending to another child and when she looked up, Emilliano was gone. The mother is now in police custody.




Why does this keep happening..The mother kills her child and then reports him missing? Hurndreds of man hours later we find SHE is the murderer.

I watched the faces of the police chief who announced finding the body (he looked exhausted), the searcher who was at the garbage sorting location (he looked devastated) and an FBI agent (who looked like he was in shock).

These people spent long hours seeking what they thought was a child who had been kidnapped. All the time this mother had killed her own child and tossed him into the trash.

Why would you take the life of a helpless child? Your own child? And make all these people go treaking threw woods and streets and dumpsters knowing full well you had killed that child? What type of animal are you really?

You sick bi%@h. You don't deserve to live another day. I hope the rest of your children never see you again. I hope they stay in foster care for the rest of their lives with people who will love and care for them, away from you because they could be next.


Where is your proof that the girl did this to her son, wired?


So sad!!!There's proof luvblues2...LISTEN TO THE FACTS AND READ!!!!


They obviously had some sort of proof in order to make an arrest.... They said her story was inconsistent not to mention the body was thrown in the trash can IN FRONT of her own dang house! Come on people... Doesn't take a rocket scientist...


Maybe she's in protective custody, safe from people who turn on the hate before the facts are in.

Nope. Here's a link to a recent PD story:

The media can't seem to decide whether his name is spelled with one "L" or two, but seems to be converging on "Emilliano."


At 2 am on Clevelands tv site and on the TV again at 4 am. They had the complete rundown along with the FBI and Cleveland Chief of Police speaking on camera along with the news report and the different men talking along with the photos of them retrieving the boys body from the trash dump. It was powerful news reporting. That is where. They also showed and told why they arrested her and what she had done. Sometimes it pays to get up with the Rooster.

Try the links on Cleveland Plain dealer or Morning Journal. They have the story in depth as well. Or try the news sources. They have video.

I seldom post what I don't have proof of....not my style at all.


yes, wired,, you have the facts right, sad and tragic so many could of loved this child and gave him a great childhood and life.I hope her other kids get a chance at a great life, a way to honor their brother. Was she on assistance? Was she under the eye of social services? Maybe parents should all get a psych evaluation to keep their kids, if they are getting assistance from the state and county agencys. weed out the ones abusing the system and their kids. What 's up w/ that , probably invades privacy of parent or something. [kids first,protect, nurture and help them thrive.]


What are the facts and where can you read them? This article does not tell enough.


Again, Cleveland Plain dealer, Morning Journal, any of the videos of same or TV stations out of Cleveland have them: Channels 5, 2, and 8.


I don't think they ever really believed he was kidnapped. All you had to do was listen to the mom's 911 call to know something wasn't right.


Exactly, but it was inconsistent statements that got her. They watched outside her apt. and when she brought out a trashbag LATE just before the trash truck came, they got the number of the truck, got the truck number,deverted it to a sort location and started searching, they found his body. They immediately arrested her. They have the pictures and tapes of HER putting it in the one else. They got ever bit of proof they need that it was her dumping the body and will have HOW he died by mid day today.

They had a tip by someone that she was lying about his being gone. The FBI suspected it as well. The five year old did NOT see a black car but was told to say it. The list goes on an on. She has a big problem here.

Simple Enough II

I was wondering if this was another case of infanticide.

one opinion

This could have involved a boyfriend; she could be covering for him. Doesn't make it less horrendous! And she's still guilty...


They didn't mention a boyfriend, just her.

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Morality is something this country is letting slide away at a rapid pace. Sad but true, humans are becoming their own worst enemy.

Just saying!


If you check out the Cleveland news there is a lot more information on all of it. Very true that she's innocent until proven guilty but it does appear that the mother did it and even if it is a case where she's covering for somebody else, she's still just as guilty. There's plenty of good parents that would have taken that baby, she just needed to seek the help. If she was seeking the help for somebody to take him and the system failed this child like it seems to be doing more and more children then somebody needs to be held accountable along side her.


How do we know that it's not postpartum depression. Look at what Andrea Yates did. I am not saying it's right, just wondering if there's not more to the story. Either way, it's a tragedy.


He was three...that is a LONG post partum depression. The other child is FIVE. No. something else is wrong here and we may never know what or why. They were doing the autopsy later today.

The FBI caught her in so many inconsistency they got suspicious of her story. Something is wrong with this woman but I seriously doubt it is depression of the post partum kind. More like overwhelmed.


I've been saying for 25 years this world was going to hell in a handbasket... BUT, no one ever bothered to listen to a 21 year old ( at the time).

I seen it way back then. I guess that's just my cynical Virgo side.

Let's see... monsters who put their kids in dryers, and microwaves (heard that story , yet) and freezers...or let their shackup skanks kill them and cover for them.

Yep, doesn't bode well for the future of the human race now, does it?

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Interesting, although, I never heard or seen when he did this. BUT I did pay attention to my peers- however, wanted to dimiss what I said. I think some of them have found out different.


you are truly on to something, its getting downright scary, Where does this cruel , evil side come from ? sick people ,mentally ill or psychopaths, or a deep cruelty, it seems to be happening more and more.


Mybe we should quit spending time, money, and energy on fighting gay marriage and instead use the resources to protect children!


Postpartum depression or not....if she couldn't handle it why have another child? if your depressed take the child/children to someone and just leave... tell them you can't take care of them...I had postpartum depression and there is help for you!! For god sakes...DONT KILL YOUR KIDS BECAUSE OF IT...I HOPE HER AND WHOEVER HELPED HER KILL THAT SWEET INNOCENT BOY GETS THE DEATH PENALTY~!!!


I have a new grand daughter and she has a 3yr old brother, I can't in my wildest dreams think of hurting any one of all 5. She van't be still suffering from post partum after 3 years.




If people would really get the information right, they are trying to say post-partum depression because she ALSO has a newborn baby!....Not that I think that is ANY kind of excuse for killing your own child, just pointing out that that is why people are saying that!....I stayed on top of thi story when he was still missing, and also looked at this piece of trash's facebook page...which may have been deleted by now as most high profile people's are, but another person who commented on it gave a link where this same piece of sh*& posted a comment on an adoption article ONE WEEK ago saying she had a three year old she wanted to give up for adoption!....If that is true, it screams pre-meditated MURDER!!!!...She didn't WANT that baby, but she could have given him to someone who would love him and give him the life he deserved!!....I hope they give that "B" the needle and make her look at his picture while she dies!!!

lmalley77 This link has all of the ACCURATE information....unlike the Sandusky Register...If you want to see what ACTUALLY happened, visit this Fox newspage!


Did you all get to hear the father of this child tonight and the paternal grandmother? How tragic. This girl had mental problems and had been charged before by childrens services with child neglect.

The father and grandmother OFFERED to take this little boy and she refused to allow it. He hasn't seen his son in two years. They thought she was still in Georgia. They had no idea she was in Cleveland until she had said he was stolen from the park and they saw it on the news. She had kept him away from his child. He is devastated as is the grandmother. They are going to pay for the funeral.

The girl, the mother, has been in trouble and in therapy with the Cleveland welfare people for being overwhelmed with having kids since she was 14 years old. She was in foster care all her life. She has been in and out of care herself. She sings on the internet. She has anger management problems. The last time Cleveland Children services came in about the kids was 2009.

The FBI and Cleveland police went through her apartment and picked up evidence all afternoon and evening today. They even examined the dumpster where she put the childs body to be picked up and the are beneath the fire escape where he may have been stored.

(source: reported from Channel 5 news at 11, interview with family and family services that worked with mother and Cleveland police and coroner).


RIP Emilliano