Bike Week date could be bumped in 2014

When Ohio Bike Week will roar into Sandusky come 2014 is an uncertainty.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 27, 2012


The 10-day event is typically scheduled in early June, this coming year from May 31 through June 9.

For 2014, however, the event could get pushed back to a later date in June, considering Ohio Bike Week currently overlaps a major motorcycle rally in New Hampshire dubbed Laconia Motorcycle Week.

For more on the debate over the bike week schedule and when a decision could be made, pick up a copy of Tuesday's Register.



as long as we still have it that is what is important it a good time and brings thousands of people into the area Steve and his team does a great job setting it up every year


Let them bump. The weather at the end of May is so unpredictable in Ohio, they always seem to get rain anyway.

If they can get EXCLUSIVE rights for a better bike week in Ohio, let them bump. I am sure they could make some changes that would be worth the compromise don't you think? After all, we have done well so far. Oh, there are always a few who get rowday and it bugs me to no end, but so goes life in this town.

Let them move what they need to move if it means bringing more money in. Perhaps Perkins would like to chip in some funds?


Last year a lot of the events took place out at Mad River H-D, which is in Perkins. And that was every day during bike week.


That is why I say, let Perkins chip in some funds for Bike Week, they get some of the influx of profits, let them chip in some of the cash to help this along. Why not?

Erie County Resident

Let's reschedule it for the last week of July 2086.


Because the bike week people say scheduling it when they want to will make it the ONLY scheduled bike event in the US at that time.

Pretty good idea. Scheduling it at any other time would not.


Sandusky doesn't provide safety services for Perkins events so why would

Perkins chip money Sandusky costs?


Because many of the stores and hotels are within the Perkins limits in which the money is spent? Why would they NOT want to assist in some of the help with the money and with police protection as well? Also we should ask for some assistance with Border patrol since they are around so much. I see no reason if they are going to be a presence on streets and highways, why not ask assistance from them as well (protection)

Look, everyone gets benefits, why not assist with funds? I see no reason why some assistance cannot be given or a small amount of funds be paid?

What, you have no motorcycle riders in Perkins?


What about Perkins costs? You seem to only look from one side of the fence.How would you feel about Sandusky helping out Perkins?