Ohio gov aims to untangle job training programs

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says improving the state's job training system will depend in part on winning support from the business community.
Associated Press
Nov 26, 2012


Kasich remarks came Monday after the first meeting of a state board that's studying Ohio's workforce development system.

The 25-member panel is looking at ways to measure the effectiveness of job programs and better tailor state and federal training money to the skill needs of companies.

Ohio has roughly 90 existing workforce programs spread under at least 13 different state agencies.

Some training programs help veterans, while others are aimed at preparing prisoners for work after they've served their sentences.

Kasich's administration wants to streamline the workforce system, so companies can more easily navigate the programs.

Kasich says businesses must get comfortable with participating in the system.




Please...these training programs are also in place to help DISPLACED workers get new jobs. They have NEVER worked properly at all. They can study them until the cows come home to roost. There is so much red tape involved, the State of Ohio makes it impossible to get into ANY program. I cannot help but wonder where that Federal and State money goes?

I know several people who applied for that retraining assistance programs and not ONE person got accepted into one single program and yet the State of Ohio claimed it used all the money for it. So who got the assistance? I would love to see the stastics on that one. Show us who got helped, Gov?

Or did all the money go to study groups who just gooble up the funds doing studies on how the money should be spent, like every other dime that comes into this State? Studies that mean nothing?


"90 existing workforce programs spread under at least 13 different state agencies."

Streamline govt.? LMAO.

Maybe if a few more billion dollars worth of borrowed and taxpayer money is spent, we can once and for all, square the circle.

Give all those state and federal govt. workers a raise in pay and benefits.


SR cropped Horsesh.. out of the picture


Yea, and Mr. Strickland never passed out manure. LMAO!!

Can't wait to get Mr. Kasich outa there and back to the road to fiscal ruin with a good ol’ tax, borrow and spend Prog governor.

Whatdoya say? More cash and prizes and public works for everyone!



Why should the government train anyone? Let the "job creators" train their own help!


Could it be attributed to the minds full of mush the American Public Screwel System graduates on a yearly basis.


You mean like when the Japanese and others set up shop here and have to teach Americans remedial math and reading skills?

What a great argument for more off-shoring of jobs.

So the public education system needs to dumb 'em down ever more? Make ‘em all good little consumers.

Pravda says: The illiterates are in control of the U.S.



Who cares what pravda says? Found this link on pravda website.


Pravda? So sad, so very sad. Improper upbringing,maybe, but lying?


Who are you calling a liar?

Sad, Sad, Sad.


Yea, them dumb Ruskies don't know nuthin' about socialism do they?

Not to worry, Forbes puts OH on it's list of death spiral states:


Get out while you can.


This is just MORE horsefeathers from the biggest horses behind in the history of this state. Why is anyone of us surprised????? Because we all thought he would be different. Well not next election. I cannot believe I voted for this piece of horse cookies. OUT YOU GO.....


Having government train the help is just another perk for big business. Just ONE of MANY! Hardly what you could call communism.


Listen...Ohio Govt is so inept it couldn't train itself to go to the bathroom, so you guys are arguing about nothing. Kashich and crew are about the last people on earth that can get this right. For the last few years, these guyes haven't been able to reach the handle on the commode to flush, let alone find the toilet paper. So training anyone is not in the near future for Ohio residence to get trained by the government of Ohio.

Anyone who thinks the Ohio State Government is going to offer anyone any special training is living in a fools paradise. This study to offer training is the only thing that is getting any money.....how many studies can one state do in an administration???? I have asked this question about 15 times and have yet to receive a satisfactory answer from anyone who really knows the facts.

All I get are really vague answers but never a fact out of one single person who really knows or understands. It is always the same thing...they are doing a study.

So don't worry about it....the State of Ohio isn't about to waste ONE RED CENT on educating anyone. They are too busy paying their friends to study the reason why they should do any education. I bet this study is costing us another couple hundred thousand at least.