There she is Miss America

Jackie Mayer reflects on 1963 crown
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 26, 2012


Fifty years ago this month Sandusky’s own Jackie Mayer was welcomed back to her hometown as Miss America 1963. Mayer had been crowned Miss Vacationland, then Miss Ohio and on Sept. 8, 1962, she was crowned Miss America 1963.

Tens of thousands of people lined the streets of Sandusky to show their support for her. Jackie was the cover girl for advertisements for anything from Oldsmobile cars to kitchen appliances during her reign.

In 1970, following Thanksgiving evening, Jackie suffered a near-fatal stroke and was rushed to the hospital. She is now a motivational speaker and has been a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Jackie was our guest on Betwen the Lines last week, and that program is available for demand viewing by clicking HERE.



I remember the night she was crowned. I stayed up late that night. And when her name was called the entire neighborhood went outside, screaming and yelling, clanning pots and pans together. People were beeping car horns and yelling.

My grandmother rode in that parade. Her mom was my eighth grade music teacher. My friends and I used to ride our bikes past her house in hopes of catching just a glimpse of her if we knew she was in town. We idolized her, just thought she was a star.

Jackie was every girls idol. Almost all of us wanted to be Miss America. She was just so beautiful...heck she still is.

But what I admire most is her accomplishments SINCE then. What she has overcome since that time: the divorce, the stroke, ther ability to continue on and to do something with her life. She is indeed a monument to accomlishment and to what every girl should aspire. She became a woman that every woman can be proud to know. Her legacy will continue on and on which is something of which she can be proud. The entire city has a love affair with our own personal star.

It isn't the beauty from without that matters so much. It is the beauty from within that matters most. That is the beauty that shines most radiantly. A kindness and ability to give to others that counts the most. That beauty means more than anything else. That beauty lasts and lasts. If I remember right, she was also given the Miss Congeniality award during that event. That says a lot about Jackie and her life as well. i am not surprised, not one little bit. If you ever met Jackie or her folks, neither would you be.

Without that kindness, there is no true beauty. Jackie Mayer had that in 1963 and she still has that now. That is what makes Jackie Mayer Miss America forever.