Police search for missing Ohio toddler

Authorities in Cleveland say they are searching for a 3-year-old boy who has gone missing from a city park.
Associated Press
Nov 26, 2012


Police say Emilliano Terry disappeared after his mother briefly turned her attention away from him at Kasuth Park on the city's east side Sunday afternoon.

Police initially were told he may have gotten into a black car, possibly a Saab. Tracker dogs were brought in Sunday night to try to pick up his scent.

Emilliano's mother, 20-year-old Camilia Terry, told police she was tending to one of her other children and when she looked up, Emilliano was gone.

Officers are searching the park and canvassing a nearby neighborhood. During the night, the volunteer group Guardian Angels spent several hours searching abandoned homes, garages and commuter train stops.

Emilliano was wearing a gray North Face coat, a red and black sweater, blue jeans and blue and black Champion tennis shoes.

Anyone with information should immediately call Cleveland's Fourth District Detective Bureau (216) 623-5418.




Oh, God, I hope they find this little guy alive and well. And I hope they find him soon.


How scary! I really hope they find the little guy and get him back to his family!


How scary! I hope they find him and he's OK. Its very frightening to know with just the turn of a head something awful like this can happen....


God Bless you little guy..i hope you are found safe.


Mom's story is getting more suspicious. I feel so sorry for this little guy and all he has been through. If he is not with the angels, I pray his life on earth gets better after this.


When will this war on children end? The Lord God knows where he is. My prayer is the Lord bind the hands of evil against him, and punish all evil done to children.

indolent indiff...

found him in a dumster in north east Ohio




That is horrible, What is wrong with people these days.


They did not find him in a dumpster. They found him in a waste land in a trash bag. And they didn't release that it is most likely him until about an hour or so ago. Either way it's sad.


The mother put him in a trash bag and she has been arrested. The trash people were alerted and they found him at a trash disposal site by the FBI. They suspected she had disposed of his body and they asked the trash hauler to dump the load at the disposal site so they could check it. They found the body there.

They became suspicious when her story became irratic.

She has been arrested. When they do the autopsy they will press charges.

I have to agree with Randy....what is wrong with people these days. She had half of Cleveland out looking for this kid knowing full well he was dead already. What a sick woman this is. I felt sorry for the man from one of the search teams who was half in tears on the news last night. He was a mess over this.