Greener Corners encourages recycling downtown

There are now 30 different locations throughout Sandusky where trashed items can be salvaged for a second life.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 26, 2012


After a long bout of talks, city officials and public recycling company Greener Corners finally produced results this week, with workers installing 30 receptacles accepting both recycling and garbage.

Planners targeted parks, shoreline areas and major pedestrian pathways as places for the recycling receptacles.

"It takes a whole community to make this happen, and it will take a whole community to make this successful," said Sandusky paralegal Amanda Meyers, who helped launch the program on the city's end.

Previously, only trash bins existed in Sandusky, presenting limited opportunities for recycling a soda can, magazine or newspaper.

The only city-based public recycling options — a location on Marquette Street, near the Erie County Health Department and another on First Street, near the main Cedar Point entrance — will remain in place.

At no cost to taxpayers, Greener Corners will fund its operation through advertising space sold on the bins.

Downtown businesses and agencies are among the sponsors.

Read more about the program in today's Register or e-paper.



I will be giving them my recycling rather than paying money through the county to recycle.


Not an option.

That would be no more legal than dumping the rest of your household garbage in sidewalk recepticals.

This is a good program, but will not improve household recycling. City still needs to work on that.


So will a great many people. I hope these get emptied and do not turn out like the ones they had elsewhere. That turned into a mess. I hope these turn out better.

Good luck with this project.


MGMutley, great post. It's very important that the Sandusky Register and City Leaders continue to inform residents that these containers ARE NOT for household recyclables, but for downtown pedestrian use! I think Sandusky Steel & Supply is opening a recycle center on Milan Rd just before the overpass for houshold use.


So will someone monitor these recycle locations? If I dropoff my recycling everyday on my way to work the recycling police will arrest me?


How much does it cost to advertise?