Brown asks U.S. EPA to keep cancer cluster families informed

Senator wants those affected up-to-date on investigation.
Tom Jackson
Nov 25, 2012


U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown has asked the U.S. EPA to better inform Clyde Cancer Cluster families about developments in the agency's investigation.
In a letter he sent Wednesday to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson, Brown also asked the EPA to intervene in a dispute between Whirlpool and the current owners of the land known as Whirlpool Park.
An agreement between the company and the property owners would speed up further testing of contamination on the land.
Families of children affected by the cancer epidemic have also urged Jackson to keep the promise she made in 2011, when she said she would meet with the families this year.
While Brown's letter is silent on that issue, a spokeswoman for U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Urbana — who will take over in January as congressman representing the Clyde area — said Jordan hopes the EPA administrator will keep her promise.
Since 1996, 37 young people in the Clyde area have been diagnosed with cancer, and four have died.
“The Clyde community deserves answers regarding the cancer cluster that has sickened too many of its children," Brown's letter stated. "I applaud the EPA for its diligence in testing sites in and around Clyde, but it must do more to keep families informed about the results.

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How come when tragedies like this happen, Senator Brown is out front trying to get people the help they deserve while our other Senator, Portman, sits on his hands because he's too busy playing politics? You would think it was Portman who was too busy fending off an incompetent challenger backed by out of state corporate money in a recent election campaign. Senator Brown's efforts in this matter shows why he had my support in his campaign against the biggest liar Ohio has ever seen in a politcal contest, Josh Mandel. His commercials and lies were an insult to the people of Ohio.

Texx Reloader

It is good people are starting to see through the lies of the Corporate Lackey’s like Josh Mandel. It would have been a travesty of public justice if that man had been elected. With the Whirpool Park, I remind those to consider some basic facts: Whirpool has never been even accused, as far as I know, of being anything but a responsible corporation. I have never even seen any SEC violations. Abdoo (Acme) construction on the other hand, has shown a lack of concern for public interest with their dumping in Green Springs. Although it was examined and judged not to be toxic, it does show a side of the “company” that might lead to further revelations in the future, about less discretionary dumping in the past from this company. One of the Abdoos has been found making threats against residents of Green Springs. It seems someone is under stress and getting desperate. All of these facts can be found in local papers. It is up to the investigators to connect the dots.