REGISTER VIEWPOINT: How do you figure that, exactly?

Thumbs DOWN for bureaucratic moneyspeak. When is $90,000 only $61,000? When, according to city manager Ma
Sandusky Register Staff
May 24, 2010


Thumbs DOWN for bureaucratic moneyspeak. When is $90,000 only $61,000? When, according to city manager Matt Kline, it's going to John Hancock to oversee the city's engineering operations. You see, because Hancock's a part-timer and doesn't get benefits, then his $90,000 is the equivalent of what a $61,000-a-year employee makes when you add in all the benefits said employee would have gotten. So $90,000 equals $61,000.

You follow that? Neither do we.

Thumbs UP to whomever was watching the paperwork that caught the Erie County Democratic Party spending $830 on things for which it shouldn't have used that money. Unless someone stands up and shouts, it's easy to let something like that slide. And slide and slide and slide, until you get Cuyahoga County.

Thumbs UP to Monroeville for realizing traffic and parking tickets might work better in small doses. As it was, the $90 penalty for minor infractions was seen by some officers as so ridiculous they were reluctant to issue the tickets, even where tickets should have been issued. Kicking some of the penalties down to $25 -- enough to get the offender's attention, we think, without busting the bank -- lets the tickets be used for their purpose: to stem minor traffic and parking violations and contribute to public safety.

Thumbs UP to the Sandusky police -- and to the neighborhood residents who stepped up with information on which the police could act -- for a quick arrest in the robbery at Cliff's Carry Out.

Thumb DOWN to the proposed Craig Stahl recall -- or at least the timing of it. This editorial board can hardly be counted among the ex officio mayor's biggest fans -- and we don't want to discourage citizen activism -- but the fact is: It's four months until the November election. It'd take that long to get the recall election going, and the expense of a special recall would do more harm than Stahl is capable of in the four months until November. If we're determined to kick him out, let's do it in an election we are going to pay for anyway, and which will happen soon enough.