Daughter hopes moms will be able to marry

All 9-year-old Mercedes wants for Christmas is to one day witness her two loving parents marry each other
Andy Ouriel
Nov 24, 2012

All 9-year-old Mercedes wants for Christmas is to one day witness her two loving parents marry each other.
It's really a simple, selfless wish, considering most children her age desire electronics or toys this holiday season.
The request also seems reasonable — she lives with both her mothers, who provide ample love to Mercedes, her sister, Mandela, 8, and the four dogs and five cats inside their quaint Anita Drive home.
In fact, Mercedes has already envisioned the wedding between mothers Beca Dickerson and Lindsay Roth-Carson.
She planned the entire ceremony, from sketching vibrant floral arrangements to measuring the length of her mothers' veils.
She has even decided what to wear on the glorious day: An elegant, floor-length, white and pink dress she frequently throws on anytime someone discusses marriage in front of her.
"They should get married because they are beautiful and meant for each other," Mercedes said.
Like many romance novels, however — outlining the perils of star-crossed lovers — Dickerson and Roth-Carson experience real adversity from those who ridicule their love.
"I can't carry pictures of my family in the car," Dickerson said. "When my children become teenagers, I wonder, 'Wll she get beat up because they has two mothers?' We shouldn't have to worry."
Marriage is basically defined as a sacred union between two people who want to make their partnership exclusive and recognized for legal purposes.
By that definition, any union of two people — two men, two women, or a man and a women — should qualify for marriage.
But in 41 of 50 states, the government prohibits a union between same-sex couples.
"Getting married is a human right," Roth-Carson said. "It's not a straight right. It's not a gay right. We're not expecting people to bow down on the streets to us, but we want to be like everyone else and have the same rights as everyone else."


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“…correct me if Im wrong…”
OK, you stand corrected.

In reality, those who make this objection are simply trying offer good reasons to persuade Christians to change their own beliefs. In other words, those who try to prevent Christians from evangelizing are really an evangelist for their own viewpoint

“Go and make disciples of the nations” (Matt 28:19)


What if your neighbor is a , drug dealer , gang banger and /or pedeophile? Do you still buy into that?

real talk

1) Marriage is a legal agreement to handle distribution of property..always has been
2) There is no God
3) Even if there was, in his book, there were 8 forms of marriage...only one was a man and a women
4) If there is a God do you really think he would want you people judging what others do?? Pretty sure there was something specifically written about that.


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You know we could go back to the good ole days, when homosexuals married heteralsexuals to hide who and what they are. Pretending to be straight hurt spouses[denied true love] children [ not getting to know their true parents real self] themselves [hiding the truth] frustration ,then pain when found out for the family, friends. Religion telling you to change who you really are.Out of the closet, never in the closet, is best for all. Imagine having a child that hid being gay from you,[the parent they need to come to,to trust and be unconditionally loved] and you never had the chance to accept them, sad really sad .


When faced with these issues I default to, "What if this was my child?' This is a civil rights issue. We don't get to judge something that is biological.


Some of the people on this board give the word Christian a bad name. What on earth does a legal contract have to do with Christianity? This country is based on freedom and equality. It's about time we live up to that. You think being gay is a sin...guess what? We all sin! No one knows what's in their hearts or what their relationship is with God. Quit making assumptions and trying to play God yourselves!


Beautifully said and right on target. 100% correct. Couldn't have said it better myself.


I hope they get their Christmas wish. Christmas is about hope and magic. It would be nice to see it happen for this group.


Christmas is about hope and peace, Goodwill towards fellow man and sharing. If christmas was about "Magic" I am positive most would be running around incinerating their enemys with fireballs and Disentigration spells, At the very least every teenage boy would learn a spell that allowed them to look through clothing and hang out at the mall all day scoping out women. That or a invisibility spell so they could hang out in the womens locker room at the YMCA. Come to think about it, I like your version better. "Hope and magic", As long as the religious do not think me a warlock and start throwing stones you will find me at the local mall learning a new spell.

Second Opinion

Divine intervention yes, but magic? I think not.
And are true converts to Christianity to set aside God's commandment to be the salt of the earth during this pagan Holiday?... I think not. Please don't accuse that I'm a J.W by making these statements, on the contrary, I'm a born again sinner who doesn't need and is actually saddened by this man made holiday whose historical practices have justified many abuses and most certainly distortions of the Gospel message.


The only issue I have is that they had to draw the kids into it. Kind of like pulling the kids out for a school tax levy and having them hold signs.

Nothing will ever make up for a father and mother in the house to raise kids. Nothing. It hasn't worked very well for one single parent households. It won't work well for same sex parent ones , either, regardless , of it's legality or not.


ok we have got our weekly dont forget about us gays story. Move on the only difference is they like the same bodys they have. So lets make new rules. so crazy dumb


I would have much rather watched a show called "My 2 Moms" instead of "My 2 Dads". But marriage........nope!


I would have much rather watched a show called "My 2 Moms" instead of "My 2 Dads". But marriage........nope!


Calling gay people homophobic slurs, making them feel horrible, even driving some to commit suicide... is this what God wants us to do? Whatever happened to being yourself? This world is really starting to go to hell if you ask me. I say to each his own, and to any gay people, be yourself and defeat others with kindness. They may think your a bad person depending on their religion but as long as you are a good person, i'm sure God will still accept you. It's not about what others think, but what you know. The questions should be, what do YOU think is right? If you aren't who you are, who are you? If you are gay and you think that's who you are, than be yourself. There will always be haters but life's all about being your true self while being able to take the hits. If anything I believe God frowns upon, it's those who resort to conformity because they lack the strength to be themselves.