Daughter hopes moms will be able to marry

All 9-year-old Mercedes wants for Christmas is to one day witness her two loving parents marry each other
Andy Ouriel
Nov 24, 2012

All 9-year-old Mercedes wants for Christmas is to one day witness her two loving parents marry each other.
It's really a simple, selfless wish, considering most children her age desire electronics or toys this holiday season.
The request also seems reasonable — she lives with both her mothers, who provide ample love to Mercedes, her sister, Mandela, 8, and the four dogs and five cats inside their quaint Anita Drive home.
In fact, Mercedes has already envisioned the wedding between mothers Beca Dickerson and Lindsay Roth-Carson.
She planned the entire ceremony, from sketching vibrant floral arrangements to measuring the length of her mothers' veils.
She has even decided what to wear on the glorious day: An elegant, floor-length, white and pink dress she frequently throws on anytime someone discusses marriage in front of her.
"They should get married because they are beautiful and meant for each other," Mercedes said.
Like many romance novels, however — outlining the perils of star-crossed lovers — Dickerson and Roth-Carson experience real adversity from those who ridicule their love.
"I can't carry pictures of my family in the car," Dickerson said. "When my children become teenagers, I wonder, 'Wll she get beat up because they has two mothers?' We shouldn't have to worry."
Marriage is basically defined as a sacred union between two people who want to make their partnership exclusive and recognized for legal purposes.
By that definition, any union of two people — two men, two women, or a man and a women — should qualify for marriage.
But in 41 of 50 states, the government prohibits a union between same-sex couples.
"Getting married is a human right," Roth-Carson said. "It's not a straight right. It's not a gay right. We're not expecting people to bow down on the streets to us, but we want to be like everyone else and have the same rights as everyone else."


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Kimo, that was church control at its most cruel. Tormenting grieveing parents was a way of scaring the fold to do as we say, when we say it ,our rules, deviate in any way and you will suffer greatly. That is not what a very loving ,careing God would ever condone. Humans make rules to scare and control others, usually very powerful wealthy men., Religious leaders,goverment leaders, cults. Children are vulnerable to this retoric, hence, you questioned this teaching, thinking for yourself, thats the most threatening to these demigods [sp.] ideas.


Just because same-sex marriage goes against God's design for marriage, that doesn't mean anything bad comes out of it. It also says in the Bible that if you spare the rod, you spoil the child. My parents spared the rod and I didn't turn out spoiled, and on top of that i've had a clean criminal record my whole life. See? I'm still a good person even though my parents didn't follow God's words in the Bible, and i'm sure God would still accept me for who I am regardless because I still turned out a good person. Same with gays, I know a few of them and they are the nicest people you could ever meet. Just because they choose to marry or be in a relationship with someone of the same sex doesn't make them bad people.

Just Thinkin

This is not front page news,it is just fuel for starting a debate that is pure crap, for the price of this rag I expect real news and local stuff not two gay people feeling sorry for themselves, Please give me stuff worth reading

Second Opinion

I agree, its like the Register is making every effort to take a stance on issues that are against traditional family values AND the Christians are easy targets. I wonder if there is a single REAL Christian that works at that place, even their writers deny what the Bible states and many times delete them if they don't like what the pasted scriptures say.

They have LOST the ideology of what a news agency is about.


Yet another article on the issue of same-sex "marriage" that read more like something approaching naked cheerleading. It’s disappointing to see Ouriel and the SR’s lack of unbiased reporting.


Really ? I thought the article was about a little girl's selfless hopes and dreams for her family at Christmas. Silly me . Best wishes to you , ladies .

Mime Bloggling's picture
Mime Bloggling

"The Bible says that it is an abomination for a man to lie with a man as with a woman, or a woman to lie with a woman as with a man (see Leviticus 18:22, 20:13). The Bible says that because of certain abominations such as homosexuality, a land will vomit out its inhabitants (see Leviticus 18:25). The apostle Paul called it "shameful," the result of being given up by God to "vile passions" (see Romans 1:24-27).

In the Old Testament, those who practiced these things were removed from the congregation of Israel by execution. We are told in the New Testament that those who practice homosexuality will not enter the Kingdom of God (see I Corinthians 6:9-10). The apostle Paul, in the book of Romans, indicates that homosexuality is the result of the final rebellion of people against God. He says that when people exchange the truth of God for a lie, and begin to worship the creature instead of the Creator, they are given up to evil. At a moment in society when values are turned upside down and moral anarchy appears, men burn with lust for other men and women burn for women, and they will receive in their own bodies the punishment for their actions (see Romans 1:22-27).

From a biblical standpoint, the rise of homosexuality is a sign that a society is in the last stages of decay."


Yeah, and Paul ALSO said that the best men would castrate themselves. Had anything surgically removed lately? I'm just asking. I mean, you'd NEVER pick and choose which parts and pieces of the Bible you were willing to obey...WOULD you???


“Paul ALSO said that the best men would castrate themselves”
Usually your comments display a certain amount of intelligence…what happened?


Okay, you got me. Well, ALMOST... Paul didn't say it. MATTHEW did. I'm sure you don't believe me, so let me quote here from Matthew, Chapter 19, Verse 12: "...and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to receive this, let him receive it."

Oh, no, it's not REQUIRED. But you're holier if you do! Ball's (no pun intended) in your court...


As a tennis player, I enjoyed your “ball’s in your court” idiom, although as a man, somewhat unsettling. lol

What jumps out at me is your use of the adjective “holier”. Sometimes this word when used to describe an individual, has negative connotations, in that it implies some sense of superiority of one person over another. Holiness should be the utmost desire of every Christian. Not for an outward display to others, but an inward response to the personal relationship one has with a loving God. The pursuit of setting oneself apart to God (holiness) is in response to the inner workings of the Holy Spirit to grow in His likeness.

Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God” (Matt. 5:8).

In response to your question concerning Matthew 19:12, Paul is enumerating three types of eunuchs, of which he falls into the category of those who through no type of genital mutilation, abstain from marriage to devote themselves to Christ's work.

Paul remained unmarried, that he might fully give himself to the Lord’s work. “For I wish that all men were even as I myself. But each one has his own gift from God, one in this manner and another in that.” 1Co 7:7,8


No matter what it says in the bible, men are still going to marry women and vice versa regardless of homosexuals. There is no "rise" in homosexuality and it's not going to take over the world. Also, if a rise in homosexuality means society is in it's stages of decay because children can't be born with same-sex marriages, does this mean i'm going to hell too just because i'm an indipendant person that chooses not to be in any relationships?


Re:"The Bible says"

Back in the beginning; the early popes killed their rivals and perceived enemies. What "Bible verse" were they following?

Never thought I would agree with Randy but..... IMO benefits and tax breaks are the biggest issue in the money game...........

Second Opinion

Kimo, what 'beginning' are you talking about? Certainly NOT the beginning of God's viewpoint of sodomy. And Catholicism is a very young 'religion'.
You can't judge all those in Christianity based upon one sect, that is just ridiculous. If you wish to know why they murdered those who were true believers I suggest you read " Martyrs Mirrors" written by the AnaBatists, todays Amish, who kept record of the trials against them by the Catholics and why they were tried and murdered by them. Reading this will allow you to understand when Jesus said "Not everyone who comes in my name belongs to Me" And why Jesus said there are many who come in His name but they are actually wolves in sheeps clothing, much like this article which mixes and laces 'Christmas" into a topic which God says is offensive, it's no different than mixing sugar with spiritual cyanide. The Register has become an enemy of Christianity.


Confusion is one of those feelings common to man. In this case it's common to ...well "it's". Marriage between any other sex besides a man and a woman is nothing more than sharing an illness.

Simple Enough II

Let's take a look at these questions I have. Who is the father/s of Mercedes and Mandela? What last name do they carry or have on their birth certificate? Does the BC identify the father or was he an anonymous doner? Who is the mother of these girls Dickerson or Roth-Carson? Are these little girls considered Illegimate (and I didn't use the B word as it causes why to much wailing and censoring) or are we going to have to shelve that term/meaning/phrase at it will be considered hurtful but true.


How are any of those questions relevant , or any of your concern ?


Re:"The Register has become an enemy of Christianity."

Don't buy it..... don't read it..... it's that ez........



In Iran there are no gays:


Anti-gay is one subject on which many Muslims and fundamentalist Christians can wholeheartedly agree.

Obviously the SR has become anti-Muslim as well.


Mark your calendars: May 20th is "Everyone Draw Mohammed Day”



Extremist Christians , extremist Muslims . Two sides of the same coin .


Well, except for one thing: Extremist Christians don't lean toward putting bombs in their backpacks and blowing themselves up in crowded venues, or beheading those they think are sinners. And while some extremist Christians have doubtless DISOWNED their children, I've yet to hear many stories in the news about those Christians KILLING their children for sinning. I'm just saying...

The Big Dog's back

Jim Jones, David Koresh.


Janet Reno was responsible for the carnage at Waco. Just ask Bill Clinton.

First time that a tank was used against civilians.

Also, that Muslim turned Christian and noted Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama kills little innocent Muslim children with drones.


The Big Dog's back

How about your hero and idol Adolph?


The weird guy with Heaven's gate. don;t forget.


IRA ,the Inquisitions ,the KKK , the Hutaree ... etc. Too many to list .

Most Wanted

Simple Enough, the lineage of these two girls have nothing to do with this and quite frankly is no ones business. If you want to talk in general, that's one thing. Many couples adopt children. Many couples have children through donors. Many couples have children through first marriages. Many people have children on their own without being married...the good old fashioned way (illegitimate as you say). Bottom line, these girls are loved and cared for by two parents that give them a home, security and sense of family. Think of the children who don't have that and never will.

Simple Enough II

Okay, so SR has printed an article that present the child's wish and the woman's view or comments, so how about asking the biological father his view?

Most Wanted

Simple, re-read your original statement. You were not asking about the fathers view point on homosexuality or what he thought about his daughters being raised by two mothers. You were asking about whether or not the girls were bastards...none of your business, nor is it the point of the story...just being a nosy busybody.

Mama of 4

All the Bible thumpers on here want to say that in the Bible it says that gay marriage is wrong. I went to Catholic school the majority of my school years but correct me if Im wrong it also says directly LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. It also says that in the end EVERYONE will be judged at the Pearly Gates. So why dont you let God make that decision and not you. Anyone on here that says its wrong and not moral, who are you to judge? Are you Jesus sent back to this Earth to condem people for thir sins? And further than that try to tell me you have never sinned in your lifetime. I can almost guarentee that you have, you are human and God understands that. But that also gives you no right to tell two people that ANYTHING they do is wrong or that they shouldnt do it. I hear people saying all the time that Jesus is crying in heaven bc of things like gay marriage. I thnk it more likely that the tears are caused by his children being teased,emtionally and sometimes physically hurt by his other children bc they found someone that makes them truely happy and someone that they truely love. Leave them alone. Best of luck to these ladies and know that God loves his children no matter what. And for all the people that want to be mean and hurtful things and quote the Bible here is two things for you to do. Go through that Bible of your again and find all the quote that say God should be the only one to judge and love thy neighbor, oh and also the ones that say it is alright to beat your wife and the one about Kind David having MULTIPLE wives; times have changed. Second take a look at your life and see maybe how you can make your life better and more moral bc Im sure you arent perfect! ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE!