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Black Friday shoppers cut Thanksgiving short for bargains
Andy Ouriel
Nov 23, 2012


Just like carving the turkey and watching football, waiting in line several hours before a retail store opens has become a Thanksgiving tradition.

In fact, Black Friday is truly a national phenomenon, captivating shoppers pursuing lavish gifts at bargain prices for the holidays.

Roughly 147 million shoppers — or nearly half the U.S. population — will visit a store and purchase a product somewhere in the nation today through Sunday, according to statistics provided by the National Retail Federation.Business experts dub the day “black” since most stores make more money today than any other business day.

Executives, meanwhile, cashed in on local shoppers’ appetite for savings.

The Register visited three major retail stores, in Perkins Township off Milan Road, to determine just how avid some area shoppers are.

Who: Sandusky resident Andre Grant
Where: Best Buy
Waited since: 3 p.m. Wednesday
Waited for: a 26-inch, 40-inch and 50-inch flat-screen TVs.
Why he waited: “It’s a Thanksgiving day tradition. It’s my sixth year doing this. They have the best deals on TVs.”

Who: Castalia resident Tami Dewey
Where: Target
Waited since: 4:30 p.m. Thursday
Waited for: PlayStation 3 and Nikon camera
Why she waited: “For the savings. Each are $100 off their original price. But it’s a blast. I’ve never been this far up in line. It’s interesting to watch others in line.

Who: Clyde resident Sherry Wagers
Where: Toys “R” Us
Waited since: 4:30 p.m. Thursday
Waited for: iPod
Why she waited: “It’s the deals. Every single parent looks for them.”

Who: Sandusky resident Dylan Tremaine
Where: Target
Waited since: noon Thursday
Waited for: 32-inch and 50-inch flat-screen TVs along with other little gifts
Why he waited: “I’ve been raised to love saving money, and getting things while they’re on sale is fantastic.”

Who: Perkins Township resident Jacob Lewis
Where: Best Buy
Waited since: 3 p.m Wednesday
Waited for: 50-inch flat-screen TV
Why he waited: “I wanted a new TV for my room and to go with my 42-inch TV.”

Who: Norwalk residents Karen Blackburn and her daughter, Kyra Sparks
Where: Toys “R” Us
Waited since: 5 p.m. Thursday
Waited for: iPod Touch
Why Blackburn waited: “I have six kids and I need to find a way to save some money.”
Why Sparks waited: “I get to meet new people.”

Who: Castalia resident Blake Stinson
Where: Target
Waited since: 5 p.m. Thursday
Waited for: iPad and Xbox Live subscription cards
Why he waited: “The deals. I’ve never done it before, and it’s awesome. I’d thought all the people would be weird but everyone’s nice.”



That is complete BS. They call it Black Friday because of the fight over Cabbage Patch Dolls back in the early '80's.. I never will forget that. Just like the stores and the media to turn it from a negative into a positive.


LOL That isn't why it's called Black Friday.


LOL, Kelly got ya on that one. The term black friday came about in the mid seventies. It pertains to the day when when retailers profits start moving from the red into the black. What many don't realize is that the Christmas shopping season can make or break a retailer as much of their sales for the year come in the time period between the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas.

looking around

Saw em lined up out to the street at Teddy Wears.........


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The shopper who said they were raised to love saving money....why not teach the NEXT generation about the gift of FAMILY. Being together is MORE important than a TV for $50 that in 2or3 years will break or not work or not be good enough. I understand about saving a dollar, but this is just out of control. I have spent holidays, birthdays, anniversaries away from my family and it is HORRIBLE....We might not have much, we might not do much, but we are TOGETHER and have fun. I would NOT shop Black Friday for all the money in the world.


Not to mention many of the online sales are better, and you can do it in the comfort of your own living, with your family, and save money on gas.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I agree with you on most everything just not the last sentence. I was very upset when i learned that many stores opened on Thursday, that was insane. I don't have a problem going shopping on Black Friday but Thursday should have been family day all day. Most of the people that had to work in retail Thursday did it without overtime which was not right I just can't believe how greedy retailers have become not to mention many shoppers ya'll couldn't wait one more day.

Tsu Dho Nimh

I agree with you whole heartedly, ladydye. People stand in line on Thanksgiving day for stores to open at 8:00 pm by choice with no consideration for the employees who are denied family time so they can save that buck. If people would refuse to shop, the stores wouldn't open on Thanksgiving day. I know that will never happen but I still find it to be a selfish act.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I so agree.

Phil Packer

Hi I'm dumb.


No respect or importance put on family or family values. More importance is placed on the almighty dollar and materialistic things that you can't take with you when you pass on. I do not believe anything should be open on Sundays or major holidays except for essential services such as emergency services and nursing facilities but not stores or gas stations. I believe those days should be reserved for family and church if you are so inclined to attend. This is how it was back when I was young and the world managed because we had common sense and respected the value of family time. If you knew you were visiting Grandma Edna and Aunt Elsie a few hours away then you knew to get gas the day before. If you forgot cranberry sauce or the rolls then you lived without them, no big deal. It is a melt down of the very fabric that built this into a great country. I am afraid of what this world and our country are becoming. It doesn't matter who is President or not. This is far beyond their control. It is the selfish, immoral, unethical behavior that people have come to believe is acceptable and appropriate that is turning this country and the world into a place that is self-absorbed and places money and material things on a pedestal instead of people and love. Sad, so sad.

Phil Packer

Sad, AND stupid.


ITA. The "are becoming" has already became a long time ago, though.

ON the news the other day, A man turned around and threatened to stab someone in line if they cut. he did so on camera I don't know what town they were in.

Side note: anybody else having trouble typing ..the cursor seems to have disappeared.


Amen to that!


I stood in line, got what I wanted, and had a blast doing it


I have to say that I felt bad for the people that had to work. I in no way blame the shopper though. Human nature is what it is! Wal Mart should be ashamed though. They could have offered even better deals on line that evening allowing everyone to stay home.


LOL. Nice job of calling out walmart, despite the fact that most of the retailers didn't have better deals online either, should all of them be ashamed?


dont want to work? give your job to somebody who does..