Erie County installs prescription drug drop boxes

In a push to curb prescription pill abuse the Erie County Health Department financed the placement of four drug drop boxes around the county.
Emil Whitis
Nov 21, 2012


On Tuesday county workers installed one drop box apiece at the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and Vermilion, Huron and Sandusky police departments.

Residents with unwanted or unused medication can safely get rid of it in any of the drop boxes.

Boxes at the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and Vermilion and Sandusky police departments are accessible anytime while the Huron box is available from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The Erie County Board of Health purchased the four drop boxes for $3,000.

Erie County Health Department director of community health Sharon Schaeffer said it was money well spent.  

She pointed to rising prescription abuse rates among high school students. A 2011 survey showed 17 percent of high schoolers had abused some sort of prescription medication.

And most said they got ahold of the drugs by raiding relatives’ drug cabinets.

“Prescription drug use is where were seeing the largest increase,” Schaeffer said. “(Pain pill) addiction isn’t something intended. Many people don’t realize they’re addicted until its too late.”

Schaeffer said there also a rising prescription pill addiction rate among the elderly.

Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said a deputy will collect medication from the boxes once a month. The drugs will then be taken to Toft’s Funeral home for incineration.

For more information contact the Erie County Sheriff’s Office at 419-627-7668.


Erie County Resident

To bad they can't sort these out and the ones that have not expired let the Senior Center distribute them to seniors that have a script from their doctor saving them possibly 100's of dollars.
Medicare does not cover a lot of different meds, so this could be a plus for the seniors.
Just an idea for the ECHD to consider.


@ECR, it isn't possible. The FDA requires that meds that are returned that were prescribed to another person be destroyed. It is illegal to redistribute a prescription drug.

Floyd P

Not only illegal, but it wouldn't be cost-effective to sort out the thousands of drug types by the ECHD. There is also too much of a possibility of intentional tainting.


$750.00 per box. Lucrative,


Sooooo, if I need some pain pills I can go raid these boxes instead of going to the doctor? Cool. Good Idea.

dont get it

I have to say I have been thinking the same thing. I would like to know more about these "boxes". Thieves and Druggies, will love this.....


Exactly. Someone better be staying with these boxes night and day. There will be a line around the block waiting to break in. LOL

Good 2 B Me

Not sure how well you would do raiding these boxes, they are in police stations.


ever watch "cops"? Some idiot recently tried to ROB one. Now there is a stupid idiot for you. And we have some pretty stupid criminals round these parts. LOL

Floyd P

Money well spent, as long as people take advantage of them. Prescription drug abuse probably gets the least coverage in the media of all types of drug abuse since they are legal, but can be the worst type since kids like to take them to parties and throw them in a community bowl.
A wise sheriff would appoint one trusted, and fully accountable deputy to make the collections, or maybe perform the duty himself. The last thing we need is another black eye from a sticky-fingered opportunist.


C'mon people! This is the only proper and legal way to do this. Most of the meds to be disposed probably are not pain related so don't waste your time or risk your freedom. If a "sticky fingered opportunist" winds up in jail or dead it will be their own fault.