$1K stolen from Sandusky church

Unidentified bandits pilfered over $1,000 from a church’s coffers Sunday morning on Bardshar Road.
Associated Press
Nov 20, 2012


Police were dispatched to the Trinity Lutheran Church at about 6:30 a.m. after the church treasurer noticed several open desk drawers.

The woman said she wasn’t sure if the culprits were still in the building.

When officers checked for the culprits but didn’t find anybody.

On returning to the office, the treasurer told police her desk drawer had been pried open and about $1,010 was missing.

The furnace room door was also pried open and police speculated it was where the burglars first got inside.

As police were leaving, the pastor told them that a DVD player was stolen from the church library.

Officers didn’t find any evidence at the scene.

Anyone with information can call police at 419-627-5877.


bored reader

With all the banks available why would a church leave that much cash in the building? Crazy.

Dude i Roc

A memorial service and bereavement luncheon was held at the church on Sat am/afternoon. Memorial funds may have been collected . Some crafty Devil was watching for an easy $ grab. I doubt that the church was foolishly forgetting to make a deposit.


How sad that someone would steal from a church. If they did take from a memorial or bereavement service especially, they would have to know about it. It makes me sick to think that someone would deliberately do something so low-life as this.