Turkey prices up this year

Some Ohioans are paying more for their Thanksgiving turkeys this year, but experts say the jump in price isn't affecting sales.
Associated Press
Nov 19, 2012


Jim Chakeres, executive vice president of the Ohio Poultry Association, said the price increase in feed grains, specifically corn, is a major factor for the rise.

Stan Landes, co-owner of Bowman & Landes turkey farm in New Carlisle, tells the Dayton Daily News that the price per pound has increased to $3.29 from last year's rate of $2.99.

The farm raised about 65,000 turkeys this year and distributes to 300 markets in western Ohio and Indiana.

The American Farm Bureau Federation says the retail cost of menu items for a classic Thanksgiving dinner increased less than 1 percent this year.




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Turkey was up exactly 10 cents a pound a Kroger this year, which isn't bad. The turkey union had this to say about the raise in prices:

"We, the turkey union, felt that we had to rise the prices for the widows and orphans of the turkeys who gave their lives so bravely for the Holiday seasons. It cost them a great deal this year to gobble their way to the holiday table, much moreso than last year. After all, we had a rough year this year, what with pork and beef prices going up. You know, with this being an election year and all, we thought it only right to give Turkeys in America a fair and equal chance. Had this not been a Presidential Election year, we would not have done so.

Our names were used so often this year, we felt it fair to give the widows and orphans fund a fighting chance.

Terms such as "you turkey" or "he's a turkey" or "that guy is a turkey" or 'that ad was a real turkey" makes it hard for us to run OUR ads and make a fair ad campaign during the holiday season and make a go of it.

After all, the election was just the first week in November. Many people are still complaining about the election, so we raised the cost a small amount to cover the loss of our ads.

We suggest the candidates start using "he's a real pig" next time and let the pork industry have a crack at them. Or we may have to go on strike. We are getting TIRED of having the turkey used to desscribe candidates.

"Well, that's about all. Oh, yeah, and "turkey neck" isn't a nice thing to say either. We happen to like our necks.

I don't care what Obama or Romney campaign headquarters say. If either camp EVER intended to use that, it really wasn't polite. You can tell them TOM said so. What a bunch of gizzards those two were. You want to talk "turkey necks?"

This press conference is over."

Thank you for the information, Tom. Back to the studio.