Billboards donated to curb Sandusky violence

Sandusky police commanders are taking their anti-crime message to the highways in hopes of making the community a safer place.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 18, 2012

A donation from a local business, and a city resident's volunteer contributions, are helping the department spread its message to three busy locations in the city.

Lamar Advertising provided Sandusky police $6,000 for billboard space to launch a campaign focused on curbing crime.  

Dubbed "Stop the Violence," the campaign aims to remind commuters about reporting crimes, and it provides them with contact information for local law enforcement or social service agencies.

The messaging comes as a result of recent violent crimes in Sandusky, including six murders since June.

"We formulated a message that we felt would promote involvement in the community in assisting the police department with some of the violence that has taken place over the past year," Sandusky assistant police Chief John Orzech said.

Orzech is asking community members to report all crimes, but particularly those involving domestic violence; child abuse; weapons; and burglaries and robberies.

"We want to make Sandusky a safer place for everyone, and focus on those who become victims to these incidents," he said. "Community involvement by the citizenry is essential to 'Stop the Violence.'"




How about offering $50 cash to anonymous snitches? You report a crime and get a control number. The crime reported results in an arrest and the anonymous snitch presents the claim number and gets $50 tax free no questions asked. So simple. Spread the wealth. Money talks, BS walks. How about taking the $50 from the FOJ funds instead of allowing greedy sheriffs and other greedy public officials to spend it on themselves?

Read the article above and see how FOJ funds are wasted and not used to fight crime.


They already do that.


Robber of vistas
Pox on highway scenery
Curses to billboards

R U Kidding me

great billboards to hide behind trying to catch the criminals doing 5 miles over the speed limit


Thats North Olmstead for sure LOL


The article says the billboards are for " commuters". Are the violent crimes in Sandusky being committed by commuters, those people coming to town to work???


The BILLBOARDS are to remind COMMUTERS how DANGEROUS it is to live and work in the CITY. Billboard companies make their MONEY because URBAN SPRAWL means people have LONG FREEWAY COMMUTES between their SUBURBAN HOMES and INDUSTRIAL PARK JOBS.

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We need simply to get our kids and adults off the drugs. Drugs are running rampant. When you take drugs, you are out of control and that is what makes people do things they wouldn't ordinarily do. There seems to be no responsibility when the voters, who are adults, even think about making drugs legal in some states. What has happened to our country that we can allow drugs to be legal and with all the health concerns that go with it?

Phil Packer

That guy in the picture makes me want to shave everyday.


Have you all read the daily police log recently? People already call the police for some ridiculous reasons and while the billboards are nice, what are they really going to accomplish?


How are people suppose to read a billboard when they are already occupied with talking on their cell phones or texting?


Who is going to prosecute your judges and proscutors?

car 54

What about the Sandusky Proud group? We need to hold a rally against crime. Let's at least hold a meeting and discuss this.


Illiterate opinions aside, this is a major problem and will require a drastic solution, one which will noticeably affect everyone.


It already does affect everyone. Billboards or not.


"Orzech is asking community members to report all crimes, but particularly those involving domestic violence; child abuse; weapons; and burglaries and robberies."

@ Heaven-leigh, You say that the Sandusky Police already offer $50 rewards using a control number? Where did you find this information?

I do see a drug tip hotline but I see no mention of offering $50 tax free to anonymous people who provide information that will result in an arrest. I didn't mention conviction because many criminals have their cases dismissed.

An anonymous tipster can provide confidential information such as providing information on those who have guns and shouldn't have them, carrying illegal concealed weapons, shootings, burglaries, vandalism, assaults, wanted criminals on the run and so forth. People are too afraid to snitch but offering rewards for anonymous tips would help to control crime.

If some anonymous tip to police about Randleman was illegally carrying a concealed gun, then the slain police officer would be alive today. The FOJ funds should be used for anonymous tips to combat crime and not for personal use.

Since there are some crooked cops who might "out" the anonymous tipsters, only one police officer would be assigned to paying out the anonymous rewards. So simple to fight crime. The amount of the anonymous reward would increase depending on the severity of the crime.
"The caller or "Tipster" is the most important partner in our program. He or she is a member of the community who sees, hears or knows of criminal activity. When a caller contacts Crime Stoppers, he or she is GUARANTEED ANONYMITY. Once a call is received, the "Tipster" is given a control number. If, as a result of their information, an arrest and filing of criminal charges has been made, the caller is elgible for a monetary REWARD OF UP TO $1,000.00. The guarantee of anonymity allows members of the community to offer information to law enforcement without the fear of reprisals."