Hermes pleads guilty to hayride crash charges

A man accused of causing a drunken hayride crash that injured dozens of passengers last year pleaded guilty to 16 criminal charges last week.
Jessica Cuffman
Nov 17, 2012

Michael Hermes, 48, could be sentenced to up to eight years in prison for the 15 counts of assault and single charge of operating a vehicle under the influence, according to court documents.

Click HERE to see photos of the crash scene and the initial story of the hayride crash.

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Brick Hamland

good point julie


He won’t get eight years, I hope all the people partying with him understand they were having a good time as well and things went bad! Let his insurance pay the medical bills and associated expenses, there should be no windfalls (pun intended) for the riders, they were in on it as well, open container on the road!

I hope he looks in the mirror and thinks twice about what excessive alcohol in one’s life can do, how it can destroy it from right under your feet. Remember Step 1, if not then those bars and orange jump suits get pretty scary when you ignore all the signs.


Drunk driving is drunk driving no matter what way you cut it. When you drink and drive you commit a crime. There is no way out of it. That applies to any moving vehichle you are driving, including this motorized tractor pulling a haywagon. He knew full well he should NOT be doing it. He rolled the dice like any other drinking driver and he lost.

When you take the chance and lose, you pay the price. He may not do the full eight years, but he will have to pay some of the time of a sentence. I give the guy credit for taking responsibiity by taking the plea deal. He didn't try to weasle out of it. He stood up to his responsibility and for that he should be commended. But I bet he never does this again.

It should be a lesson to all. Just don't drink and drive....anything. It is just plain stupid to blame those who were in the wagons and drinking. They had no control over their fate, they were not driving, but they too, should have learned a lesson. Don't get into anything with someone who is drinking, either.

Lessons learned all around I would think. This is over for one and all. At least for those concerned. I give the guy credit ofr standing up for his mistakes.


I'd be SHOCKED if he got any prison time. I agree that eight years is too harsh but he did commit a crime. It was pure luck no one was killed. I also agree with those that place some responsibility on those that knowingly got on the ride. What kind of example were any of those involved trying to set?

sheldog 44

you have got to be kidding me on an 8 yr sentence! we know the hermes family personaly and they are people who would never intentionaly harm another human being. every person on that hayride where there to party, it was at a BAR! look at the child molestors (eddie) are looking at mayb a cpl yrs or more likely probation. what a judical system we have