Maui Sands dispute holds up Perkins Schools levy effort

A dispute over Maui Sands back taxes has delayed Perkins Schools' efforts to pay for a levy proposal on the May ballot.
Tom Jackson
Nov 17, 2012


At their meeting Wednesday, Perkins school board was poised to approve a plan to put the levy campaign into motion. They postponed action until December, however, pending resolution of the tax dispute.

The school district still plans to call for a May levy, said Brian Printy, the board's president.

The dispute went before the board of revision a few years ago, and it's now with the Board of Tax Appeals in Columbus.

In short, it pits Perkins Schools against the bank that took receivership of the water park when it failed, said Jim Gunner, Perkins Schools superintendent.

When the property was sold for $2.5 million last year to the new owner, MKSP, a Maryland-based management and consulting company, the back taxes were paid based on a previous valuation of the land, said Rick Jeffrey, Erie County’s auditor.

The property was originally valued at $22.3 million and later reduced to about $18 million by the county's board of revision, Jeffrey said. The 2012 valuation for the land is set at about $7.2 million.

The receiver who paid the back taxes before selling the property believes it overpaid and believes the valuation should have been closer to the $7.2 million, Gunner said.

If the receiver wins, the school system could lose $180,000 a year going back to 2009, he said.

School officials want the issue resolved before setting a levy.

In a separate case, MKSP is appealing the new $7.2 million valuation, which the company believes should be closer to the $2.5 million it paid for the property. The county's board of revision has met on MKSP’s appeal, but has put the decision on hold pending the Board of Tax Appeals’ action in the earlier case, Jeffrey said.

If the Board of Tax Appeals drops the Maui Sands valuation to a low number, "we have to look at where we are,” Jeffrey said.

Gunner has proposed a 4.9-mill, eight-year operating levy, and the renewal of a 2-mill permanent improvement levy. The latter levy has actually fallen to an effective rate of 1.54 mills, Perkins Schools treasurer Lisa Crescimano said.

So, the township's voters may actually be facing a decision on two levies in May.

Perkins Township voters approved a fire department levy Nov. 6 but rejected a proposed 3.3-mill levy for police operations and other needs.

Township trustees have tentatively discussed putting the failed levy back the ballot in May, although they haven’t made a decision yet and and will also need to figure out how large the new proposed levy would be, said Mike Printy, Perkins Township trustee.

Printy, Brian Printy’s brother, said the school district and the township had hoped to avoid being on the ballot at the same time.

“We were trying to stay out of each other’s way,” Mike Printy said.


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(In a separate case, MKSP is appealing the new $7.2 million valuation, which the company believes should be closer to the $2.5 million it paid for the property.)

Logic tells me that it is worth what someone was willing to pay for it, not what others think it could be worth. The place looks pretty dead, did they generate any revenue this year?


I don't get it, Maui Sands is generating income for the county and the township and is spending money on renovations to improve it and get more rooms going for next year, don't slow down the progress and add to their tax burden. They could of left it vacant and no one would of got anything. Come on Perkins Township, I am sure you have done favors for many other businesses in the past.


"The property was originally valued at $22.3 million and later reduced to about $18 million by the county's board of revision, Jeffrey said. The 2012 valuation for the land is set at about $7.2 million."

That is one giant decrease in property valuations There are 3 parcels of property that are involved here. The 2012 valuations dropped sharply from earlier valuations. I wonder how the county auditor came up with the new valuations if the county board of revision was not involved with the 2012 valuations? Some get a reduction in property values and others get increases.

car 54

Let's wait, Gunner will have the answer to tax Perkins!

God Of Thunder

The school board is holding up the school tax levy..They are the ones who screwed everyone over and transferred millage so they can build their new school. hey went about it the wrong way and turned a lot of people against them. I know what my vote will be for the levy or levies.. They will just give all of the seniors extra credit for whoever goes out and votes for the levy..


I agree. The underhanded way the board acted with regards to the inside millage has already determined my vote. Even after voters said NO twice, they still want their new campus and buildings. After all, they're the board and they know better than we the voters! (Sarcasm)

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Keep Focused

At this point in the discussion I would like to ask, what conditions would exist that most people would conclude that new school buildings are necessary. Please, some of you, give your best answer. Is there any point where you could support new buildings?

Erie County Resident

It is now not about the buildings, it's about how Gunner and the board went about backdooring the txpayers after they said no.

Bring on the new levy ... You've got my NO vote already in place!

"It is necessary for "NO" voters to continue to show their spirit and resolve in their quest to lower taxes...."


Gunner and the rest of them show a complete lack of respect for the citizens and parents of this community.


Keep Focused,

Why are you asking such a question? With the change in millage the school system has enough money to build the new school. Your question has no value to this discussion.

The problem is, with the millage switch, there are not enough funds to operate the new school.

Our school board and administration took a calculated risk on how intelligent taxpayer will be at the next levy. Kind of sad they use the kids education as leverage.

If the school has two levies on the ballot and the township tries again for their "pork belly" levy my thoughts are all three will crash and burn.

Keep Focused

Ok, I will try again.

Under what condition would you allow the school have more money to work with?
Is this focusing on keeping more money in the households and the schools must get by the best they can? Would this be true even at the point of lay-offs or not upgrading the educational environment (I feel remodling will be expensive also). Is it ok to let the schools slip backwards as time goes along?

It really has been a good 10 years or so that they haven't had more money. With property devaluation they certainly will have to operate with less.

I appreciate getting your insight.

Keep Focused

To donut:

What causes you to see the Township levy as "pork-belly"?



This levy was primarily projected as a police levy. But, there were 5 or 6 other areas in the township budget this levy was also funding. The federal government is notorious for passing a bill for a good purpose and then adding on billions of dollars for other "special" projects. That's "pork belly" politics. To bad this process has sunken to our local township level.

Whiskey Tango F...

back to the story... something is worth what you pay for it. If it were nicer or more desireable then you would be willing to spend more for it. This is no exception. Would you buy a flat screen if it were on sale for 20% off? sure. What if the sale tax was 20% at the checkout? the money went to tax not to the retailer. What BS! I wish i was allowed to run a business like the county, city, and schools run. The owner should only be taxed on the money he spent. If he got a good deal than good for him. STOP PUNISHING THE LAST OF THE TAXPAYERS!!!

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Bye Bye Americain pie!

Keep Focused

To: Whiskey

You make a good point. Your phlosophy on this would also help the hotel establish themselves and grow into a profitable business.


Diane... perhaps you can help me understand this. In a way isn’t the BOE protecting homeowners on this? If I understand school financing correctly, the levies only collect the dollar amounts that they are originally passed for. Thus, if a levy passes for 5 mils originally collecting $2,500,000, the levy will always collect $2,500,000 even when values go up (thus the term effective millage). If the BOE agrees to let Maui Sands pay less, wont we all have to pay to more in the future? It seems to me that people are overlooking the fact that they are attempting to help homeowners.


Is the Sandusky Register sinking low to "tabloid journalism" or "yellow journalism" in order to make a few dollars or be favorable in the eyes of the powers that be?

Similar to the National Enquirer perhaps? There is a lot of truth to be wrote about in Eerie County and a lot of lies to be exposed.

The Eerie County auditor has put out a message about the Sandusky Register's reporting or lack of reporting.

"It is important to us that all the residents of Erie County know the facts
surrounding the story that appeared in the Sandusky Register on Saturday. The
Auditor’s office did do an adjusting entry for $147,024.47 in the Harris Financial system on 5/9/11 based on the recommendations of the State Auditor and a private accounting firm, Clifton Gunderson...."

I tried to use the handle of "Truth Seeker" or something similar but the name was already taken. I only seek the truth and try to expose all of the lies. It can be very difficult at times.

The Sandusky Register could uncover the truth and expose all of the lies in Erie County and surrounding areas. Sometimes money speaks louder at the expense of the truth perhaps? The SR should not cherry pick some facts and cover up other facts.

My criticism of the SR does not excuse all of the questionable practices happening at the Erie County courthouse and the county offices located at 247 Columbus Avenue, Sandusky, Ohio.

"Cross" AKA "Richard" has been very quiet the past few weeks and months.