Ohio unemployment rate drops again, below US rate

Ohio's unemployment rate has inched downward again.
Associated Press
Nov 16, 2012


The state Department of Job and Family Services said Friday that seasonally adjusted joblessness in Ohio was 6.9 percent in October, down from the revised figure of 7.1 percent in September. That's the lowest rate since August 2008, when it was 6.8 percent.

Ohio's unemployment rate has remained below the national rate, which ticked up to 7.9 percent in October from 7.8 percent in September.

The number of unemployed Ohio workers dropped by 10,000 to 396,000 last month. Meanwhile, the state's non-farm payrolls increased by 13,900.

Ohio gained about 7,300 jobs in professional and business services and more than 5,000 in government. Manufacturing lost 2,200 jobs, and those in trade, transportation and utilities dropped by 3,800.




Unlikely that these numbers reflect the truth of the actual and real unemployment.


Thank you Gov. Kasich!!!


Right. When unemployment goes up, the blame goes to Obama. When it goes down, the credit goes to Kasich.



No, Factitious. I think what is happening, clearly, is that Knuckledragger is saying if you are really gonna buy into the spin that the economy is getting better..then you might as well assume it is because of our governor.
When one is dealing with the doublespeak of the Left, and the people lap it up like it was an oasis in a desert..some feel the need to employ doublespeak as well, in response.

Think I am wrong about the doublespeak from the Left? Then tell me how people think Obama is a good president because he will not get us into more wars..when, in reality, he has taken more military action than Bush and he even has China, Russia, Syria, and Iran teaming up for large-scale military exercises in Syria and warning the U.S. to back off.
Yep. China and Russia together (with Syria and Iran), warning us to back off..and Obama pushing forward. Mark it.

here in ohio

OK lets report all the people on WELFARE in ohio now !!!


Ohh Nooo, no more Twinkies and Ho-Ho's.
Thank you unions


@ goofus:

Hostess was already in Chapter 11. Over the yrs. they had acquired a patchwork of factories with union contracts that sometimes conflicted with each other.

I had read that in some cases, bread drivers could not delivery confectionary products to the same store and visa versa.

They'll sell off the product names.

Gotta ‘wonder’ why Pres. Obama didn’t bail ‘em out? Since the election's over, guess that he no longer needs those union votes.


Huh. The weekly jobless claims from Nov. 15 said that OH was the second worst in the country.

"The largest increases in initial claims for the week ending November 3 were in Pennsylvania (+7,766), Ohio (+6,450),"


Second Opinion

Just wait, the clouds are coming in and in the real storm will arrive around 2014.


Contango, saw the same report yesterday, state run media can't get the story straight? Go figure the above article was from All Praise obama media.

Darwin's choice

"Ohio unemployment rate drops again, below US rate"

Brick Hamland

Obama going to save us all! Got to get me one of those Obama phones! My accountant just told me that my tax liability is going to double if the bush tax cuts are not extended... I understood that to mean my taxes are going up, weird since i thought Obama said he was pro-middle class. I would love to write a big check to the government for taxes, instead of buying my kids more toys at Christmas, or my wife a new car, or even a down payment on a new house... i am sure the government will spend it better than I would have


You aren't middle class if you can afford an accountant!!!


Wrong! Most Credit Unions and banks have this as a service. I am not rich, but I sure know that I'm not smart enough to make my money work for me. I started investing while still working. If you just put $10 or $20 a week away, you will be surprised how much you can save. Of course, a lot of people would rather have that $5 fast food sandwich, or that "few" beers after work. It's your choice.


@ rottnrog:

Why pay an accountant? I get Turbo Tax for free from my investment firm.


More from the angry white guys.


When your taxes go up a average of 3,500 dollars a year do not complain Erie, After all you like this stuff huh?


@ Rand: Nobody likes to pay taxes. Yes. Mine will go up and I understand that it is necessary.

We are currently living under the Bush tax cuts.

Answer this question, please: If low taxes are the panacea that you seem to believe, then why is the economy in such bad shape?

Wouldn't we face a continued increase in debt? Now I know that your favorite thing to do in this case is blame President Obama, but I suggest that you look in the mirror. I just happen to believe that my lower tax rate is not worth what it is doing to the country.


Can you afford to pay mine to? Please??


@ eriemom:

And if the economy is sluggish now, 'exactly' how will raising tax rates on high income earners help?

The wealthy account for 30% of consumer spending. Guess who gets hurt?

Besides, $250K annually in a high cost state like CA is a lot different than $250K in OH.

Also, CA just voted to raise state income taxes.

This "one size fits all" garbage is nuts.


How do you accrue debt? By spending of course. I agree that increasing revenues will help the deficit to a point, But when has the government ever stopped or slowed down the spending when they were given more revenue?
The best way to decrease the debt and deficit is to starve the beast, Not feed it. A balance of revenue and spending cuts ARE needed to try to stem this problem. The interest on the debt is about to explode and they will be forced to cut, A forced cut will hurt ALOT more than one that is choosen. We have a recession, Is that a really a time to throw money at unproven tech and companys that cannot compete while the programs that help the people are static? What programs will they choose to cut, We hear about SS, Medicare, Welfare, Ect ect being cut, But you still approve of the admin giving billions to green tech companys and countrys that hate us?

The Big Dog's back

Bonkers! Totally bonkers.


Look - don't be mad cause the last time you had X was 1963.


This Unemployment rate is rigged, it never, ever, ever includes those taken off the roles because their unemployment benefits ran out or those who just stopped looking because they are unable to find anything. So the next time any political party states "unemployment is low" they ARE LYING.