Judge rejects condemned Ohio inmate's appeal

A federal judge has rejected an appeal by an obese death row inmate that is unrelated to the inmate's attempt to stop his execution because of his weight.
Associated Press
Nov 16, 2012


Condemned killer Ronald Post wants more time to pursue arguments that claims he made a full confession to several people have been falsely exaggerated.

Cleveland federal judge Lesley Wells ruled Thursday that Post can't bring up the argument again since it's been decided previously.

But the judge sent the question to a federal appeals court in Cincinnati for a final determination according to federal law governing this type of appeal.

Post was sentenced to die for shooting Elyria hotel clerk Helen Vantz in 1983.

A separate appeal argues that Post is too obese to be put to death humanely.




In other words, this scum is pursuing every possible (and IMpossible) avenue to avoid dying. Too bad he wasn't inclined to give that option to his victim!

Speaking of the victim, check out the year of the crime. There is NO EXCUSE for keeping somebody on death row for almost 30 years! None. In my opinion, the single biggest problem with the death penalty isn't the chance for error or whether or not somebody is too fat to easily get a needle in a vein. It's our apparent reluctance to carry out the sentence even when it's clearly warranted.


I bet they could find a vein if it was to save someone obese life...... I agree SamAdams, why was he allowed to live this long in our prison system on death row? Was he obese when he committed the murder and if so why didn't they spend some tax dollars over the years to find a "humane" way to kill him? A good old fashioned hanging would definitely break his fat neck!


The judge still passed the buck, Samantha. Maybe they are torturing 'chunky' with false hope before they kill him?


According to the article, the judge didn't "pass the buck." It's required by law that the decision be affirmed by a higher court.


Ah, okay. I just get the short version. Unless I go and check my mom's hard copy.


Who cares?


This man has NO right to use these excuses, to extend his time past what he should have been allowed. This needs to end NOW. Execute him and be done with it. Like most of you, I am tired of hearing about this. It's unfair to the family of the victim to extend this.