With casinos, Ohio gambling hotline calls increase

Calls to Ohio's problem-gambling hotline have increased with the opening of casinos in Cleveland, Columbus and Toledo.
Associated Press
Nov 15, 2012


The Columbus Dispatch reports about 3,200 people have called the line this year, and there was a noticeable increase from September to October, the month Ohio's third casino opened in Columbus.

An Ohio Casino Control Commission official says most calls are from people whose gambling caused serious personal or financial problems.

A study earlier this year estimated about 250,000 Ohio adults, just less than 3 percent, are problem gamblers or at risk of gambling problems.

Ohioans can opt to be voluntarily banned from entering casinos, and 146 people have made that request so far.

Some of the taxes and fees paid by casinos go toward prevention efforts such as the hotline.






No kidding. When the gamblers lose money, they lose their job and home and the taxpayer gets to pick up the slack in the way of unemployment, welfare, and medicaid. It costs everyone and not just the gambler. The gambler takes us all down and the vicious cycle starts all over again with more homes standing vacant. The middle class is just plain tired of picking up the slack for someone else's irresponsibility.


Not-to-worry, the gambling losers on welfare and unemployment are just recycling and laundering taxpayer funds for the state.

Ever notice all the oldsters at the slots? They're just recycling and laundering that Soc. Security money.

Is this a great taxpayer funded scam or what?


Here we go again, welfare this, unemployment that...yada yada yada.


Noooooo, those on the public dole never gamble do they bambie? They all use the money to help take care of their families. LOL

Better check out the zip codes and see the sales-to-winnings dollar ratio. And then figure out those with the highest per capita percentage of lottery ticket sales.



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Who didn't see that one coming??

Ah Duh!