Ohio lawmakers consider family planning bill

State lawmakers moved forward Wednesday with a bill that would send Planned Parenthood to the back of the line for public family-planning money, even as crowds of chanting protesters lined the Statehouse halls to oppose the measure.
Associated Press
Nov 15, 2012

The Health and Aging Committee planned a vote later Wednesday on the bill, which would then go to the House floor. The Senate would take up the measure after Thanksgiving at the earliest.

Chairman Lynn Wachtmann, a Republican from Napoleon, said he expected the panel to support the measure.

Protesters in pink T-shirts chanted "Hear us now!" as they packed the hall outside the committee's meeting. Some were staffers of Planned Parenthood. Other protesters wore shirts reading "Women are Watching."

State Sen. Nina Turner, a Cleveland Democrat, said at a news conference on the bill that Republicans in the Statehouse were ignoring the message sent by women with last week's re-election of Democratic President Barack Obama.

"It is absolutely immoral and unconscionable what the GOP is doing," Turner said. "They have not learned their lesson. They are at it again, but it is our job to teach them."

She said Planned Parenthood provides needed preventive health care to low-income women that would be jeopardized by the bill.

Wachtmann said other quality providers of women's health care have sprung up around the state and the bill would give those centers a chance at government funds.

"We have the potential of a lot bigger offering to a lot more women," he said. "This thought that the way everything is today is the best way to do it is just such an archaic thought."

Republican Senate President Tom Niehaus said his caucus is mulling the bill, as well as what action — if any — to take on another measure that would ban most abortions after the first detectable heartbeat. The so-called heartbeat bill, which has cleared the House and is stalled in the Senate, was another target of the Statehouse protesters, many of them female, on Wednesday.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio director Kellie Copeland said if that bill passes, the protests in Columbus will only get bigger and louder.

Asked what message on women's issues he took away as a Republican from last week's presidential election, Niehaus left that to others.

"There are a lot of pundits talking about what the election meant. What I try to stay focused on is what's important to Ohio right now, and that's jobs," he said. "I mean, what are we doing to help make Ohio the right place for people to start companies, employ people, and how do they go about getting jobs? That's where I want to keep the focus in the Senate."




The OH Repubs obviously did not hear the message sent on Nov. 6 - debt be d*mned.

We want it and we want it now! Just put it on the state's tab.



Some people never listen! Pay attention!


If Obamacare ends up going into full effect, why does Planned Parenthood even need to EXIST let alone be funded in any part by tax dollars?

Given a choice, at least Planned Parenthood is PARTIALLY private and PARTIALLY privately funded. But still...


I have wondered the same thing. Obamacare is supposed to take care of all the needs, Planned Parenthood would be unneeded. Doesn't Obamacare cover preventative care, birth control, scans and tests, etc?


@ ladydye_5:

The magical Land of ObamaKare will increase the number of Americans covered and improve the quality of services all for reduced costs.

A business can only offer three things:

Quality or

Pick two, because it's economically impossible to provide all three without reducing the value or increasing the cost of the remaining one.


I think Obamacare is a big scam anyway. Personally I do NOT support it at all. I agree things need fixed but the way most of Obamacare was shoved thru is WRONG. I also do NOT understand why the PRESIDENT of the United States and Congress need to be invovled with MY VAGINA! I hope they also cut viagra and all the other ED treatments out of coverage also. I do not agree with the more will be covered bullhockey. Many businesses are cutting hours worked to fall under the radar, and not be forced to offer insurance. And as for the QUALITY of service, will my DOCTOR and I make decisions on tests, medications, treatments, or will some GOVERNMENT bureaucrat make the decision on what is CHEAPEST and approved?


The easy answer is "They will go the cheapest"


Well if Romney had won that is exactly what the plan was. It took a long time to get the ACA passed. It wasn't shoved. It was the CONS that wanted to regulate your body not the President. It's not about how many hours a person works it is about the number of employees an employer has. The bureaucrat you are worried about getting in your healtcare business does not work for the government, he/she works for the insurance company.


@ deertracker:

Without nationalized health care where the govt. owns and operates all healthcare provided, ObamaKare IS a windfall for many health ins. companies.

Many analysts recommended buying their stocks if Obama won. The "joke" as usual, is on you. LMAO!!!



The "joke" as usual is YOU!


You think Obamacare is a big scam because it IS a big scam. Prohibitively expensive, too! There were other ways to address the problems in the system. The socialists just refused to consider anything but socialism.

Politics has nothing to do with your vagina (or mine) unless, of course, it buys votes. And apparently there are quite a few less-than-intelligent young women out there who think with that particular body part instead of their brain!

Businesses are cutting hours because of the "prohibitively expensive" part of Obamacare. Taxes will rise to cover the accompanying cost increases for Medicaid (not to mention the "credits" from the government for those who can't afford 100% of the cost of insurance premiums). If you've seen some of the rates, by the way, the vast majority of the middle class WON'T be able to afford the premiums without becoming members of the lower class!

Meanwhile, quality will decline. Availability will decline even more. And you'll be lucky to have a doctor to work with you at ALL given the number of health professionals that are also leaving the market because of the onerous provisions of Obamacare. But if you ARE lucky, and you DO have a doctor, then no. You will not be making decisions for yourself. Your contention that a bureaucrat will go with the cheapest and the approved is exactly right.

Gosh, can't IMAGINE why so many of us are so dead set against Obamacare! Saw a bumper sticker on my walk this morning that says, "I Heart Obamacare." I actually opened up my mouth and said, "You WON'T!"


BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That the best you got???

Maybe YOU can tell me why business are cutting jobs and/or cutting hours, then. Or perhaps you can tell everybody why the administrative commission being formed to oversee Obamacare WON'T be overseeing Obamacare. If you've got some indication that Obamacare WON'T raise premiums (Ohio is estimated to be going up 50% to 80% — I can't imagine I'm the ONLY one who thinks that's pretty significant!), then let's see it. I won't be holding my breath...


@ SamAdams:

Not-to-worry, the 78 million baby boomers (mostly increasingly aging white people) will be comin' home to roost for all these Obamabot geniuses.

One major issue is: Most residents' coverage in nursing homes is paid for through Medicaid (free) to the tune of about $100K annually.

The Obamabots will have a continually greater share of their income taken in taxes to support their healthcare needs.

Age demographics are controlling the economic future of this country.

They will discover the true meaning of the word "free."


Well, if you should ever need the services of a nursing home, how will you pay? There's only two ways. Self pay or medicaid! You got hundreds of thousands of dollars for that Mr. Wall St.? You must be a Johnsonbot since you wasted your vote on him.


@ deertracker:

The vast majority of boomers are reaching retirement age financially broke.

There's 78 million of 'em (x $100K annually) and you'll get to help pay of their care.

Work hard; a lot of old white people are gonna need your money. :)

Don't worry about me bambie.


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@ deertracker:

Nope. I know how to work taxes do you? Even Mr. Obama's "tax the rich" garbage ain't gonna affect me much.

Besides, I'm going to get YOUR money. You'll be helping to pay for my Soc. Security and Medicare soon enough.

Too bad that these programs probably won't be there for you isn't it?

Dontcha just love these liberal Ponzi schemes?

Work hard now.


ponzi schemes ponzi schemes ponzi schemes ponzi schemes.................

the office cat

THIS ONE gets removed but the comment which prompted it gets to stay? I call...

the office cat

THIS ONE gets removed but Contango's gets to stay?

the office cat

contango: Yup. Us Baby Boomers have raised havoc with the financial systems since our daddies came home from the war and made up for lost time by crankin out babies almost yearly. The country had to build bigger schools for us. Colleges and universities had to build dormitories and classrooms and scholarship/loan programs for us. We launched a homebuilding boom as farm fields sprouted ticky tacky houses in Suburbia. We are responsible for the two-car family and the two-income household, and we fed the technology boom as we bought Pong and then more elaborate computers.
The one thing we did wrong was that wretched Family Planning. We replaced ourselves and maybe one additional - and thereby screwed ourselves. While we were busy being the 'meat' in the 'Sandwich Generation' caring for our parents and our children and not realizing there wouldn't be as many to pay into SS when we needed it after Johnson and Reagan and others raided the Trust Fund and never repaid it.
And now we're aging. Thanks to the scientific, medical, and technological advances for which we were responsible, we're going to live a lot longer.
And folks like you who hoarded your funds are now going to have to pay for the rest of us who were the most generous, charitable of all generations.


Office Cat...thanks for the re-cap of my life! I have often tried to explain this to younger people. So now, here we come, the aging Baby Boomers. None of us want to be a burden on our families or on others. We will do what we can to take care of ourselves as long as possible, because many of us have taken care of our parents and understand how difficult that is. Hopefully, like other life stages we have gone through that changed the approach of provision of services, it will happen again and American innovation will respond, so that we aren't forced to live with our children or stuck going to nursing homes, and will have access to affordable care, services and supports in our own homes.


Has your premium went up? Did it go up last year or the year before that? They always go up regardless of what is happening. You guys want to blame Obama for EVERYTHING when in reality it is far more helpful than harmful. I can't wait until Obama puts all you haters in your place. It's going to happen....just watch.


When and where is this going to happen? Where is my place according to you?
My premiums went up this year, the first time in 6 years. Your right though, it will keep going up now....wonder why?


If your premiums have not increaed in six years you obviously have not been paying attention or you are telling a LIE! Stay tuned for the checkin'!


Your premiums have not gone up in the last six years? You LIE.


@ deertracker:

"In your place"? What does that mean? You must think that the guy is God.

So the Messiah jokes were true?


Has GOD put you in your place lately?


@ deertracker:

Which one?

Did Jesus die for the Klingons? The govt. paid tax money to find out: