Ohio House passes crackdown on dog breeders

A bill that would crack down on high-volume dog breeding operations, dubbed puppy mills, has cleared the Ohio House.
Associated Press
Nov 15, 2012


The bill passed on a 91-5 vote Wednesday, sending it back to the Senate to sign off on House changes.

The measure would bolster regulations on the care and treatment of animals housed in large-scale establishments and would distinguish the facilities from traditional dog kennels. Those considered "dog retailers" would have to be licensed.

The bill creates an advisory board to provide guidance on animal care standards for the facilities. It also allows the director of the state's agriculture department to contract with local veterinarians to conduct inspections. Annual, rather than biennial, inspections would be required. And animal rescues would have to register with the Department of Agriculture.




More stupid stuff for the gov to make some money on




@hillbilly15. If you had any idea how many of these "dog retailers" there actually are, you would welcome this bill. The amount of puppymills and dogs that are in this state is mind boggling. Too many animals are being breed to be sold in stores. The treatment of these animals is barbaric and needs to be regulated. Educate yourself before saying it is about money. The more this kind of animal treatment goes on, the more dogs end up in rescues and shelters. That is when it costs the most. The lives of these poor animals is worth the cost of legislature to keep them under control.



srreadder. I agree and the next step is for the Ohio Senate to vote the passage of Nitro's law, so that people who commit animal abuse or cruelty are given more than just a hand-slap from the courts.

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Hope that nitro law passes too, hang them clowns who abuse animals

Robert Banks

Amish puppy mills defend their practices, claiming dogs are no different than other livestock. I say good riddance to them filthy Amish dog breeders.

Erie County Resident

Sounds like you know about this to Robert.
Ever been to one of their private auctions? They're digusting and need shut down.

I bet Big Dog is getting all shakey about now.. No more Obama kids!

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We already have too many animals at shelters and pounds now. The state needs to start closing a lot of them puppy mills down.


I too support this bill. The abuse and neglect of Puupy Mill dogs has to stop!


Here's an idea, shut all dog and cat breeders down because there are too many animals in the shelters that need homes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good! I would go a step further and say puppy mills should be BANNED! I agree with Johan, shut them all down. Those poor animals. They are supposed to be companions, not status symbols, fighters, or future strays.

nosey rosey

Call or e-mail Senator Niehaus and ask that HB108 be sent to the floor for a vote NOW! Learn how you can help at www.nitrofoundation.com