City of Sandusky sues county

A lawyer hired by the city filed an $8.5 million "breach of contract" lawsuit today against Erie County.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 14, 2012


The lawsuit contends, among other things, that the county failed to live up to 2006 water agreement. The city wants $8.5 million in damages and attorney fees according to the lawsuit. 

Click below for a copy of the lawsuit and be sure to buy a copy of Thursday's Register for the county's response to the lawsuit. 




At least for once, the city is the one doing the suing and not getting sued. Erie County never learns. They keep pushing the buttons. Glad to see Sandusky has a backbone not to roll over.


The only winners here will be the lawyers. Certainly not the taxpayers.


Of course. More money from taxpayers. Doesn't the USA have the most attorneys compared to other countries?


Both the city and the county already have lawyers on their payrolls. Why can't these two fellows iron out this issue? Why do the taxpayers have to pay again for legal service?


This has loser written all over it.


OK, taking wagers. Which will come first? Property taxes raised for the county, or Sandusky will start charging fees for all public services. This one is a lose-lose situation.

T. A. Schwanger

A large number of commenters on this story can be expected. Can we all please read the PDF attachment to the article to better understand the issue before we comment.

I have not read the PDF so I will practice what I preach. No comment.


I stand behind my earlier comment.


Wow! 8.5 million for water. And we think a gallon of gas is high?