Six-year-old struck by hit-skip driver in Milan

The Milan Police Department requests public assistance in locating a hit skip vehicle that struck a six-year-old child last night at about 6:00 pm in downtown Milan.
Sandusky Register Staff
Nov 14, 2012


The vehicle struck the child and left the scene eastbound on SR 113. The car was described as a silver or gray older Ford product possibly a Taurus. There may or may not be damage to the right front of the vehicle. Anyone having any knowledge about the crash is asked to contact the Milan Police Department at 419-499-2001. The information can be made confidentially if desired.

Initial reports indicate the child is OK but suffered scrapes in the incident.



I would like a little more information before we hang the guy. Was the child in the road? What were the circumstances that caused this accident.

Still the person should have stopped to assist the child. For that they only get one leg cut off. If alcohol, drugs or some lame excuse is the reason then off with their head.

There is no more respect for life. Our society has become very scary.


Does the person even know they hit someone at 6 it's dark. Where were the parents that should have been watching this child. But hope the kid is ok


should it matter what the child was doing?! point is he was hit & the driver left the scene.
@titanfan. how can you NOT know you hit something or someone!


ok i am not defending the hit skip time i was driving through an intersection in my husbands 3/4 ton truck a car sped through the stop sign hit me and kept going i didnt know what happened it was so fast i thought i had run over something i wasnt sure my son had to tell me a car hit us they left pieces of their car in the road spd lost the peices by the time we found the car they couldnt prosecute and we had to eat the 500 deductable


Umm...A little more importantly how is the child?


I hope they find this driver and punish them to the fullest extent of the law..Thank god the little guy is doing ok, and will heal


momofmany - how did you know it was al ittle guy and how did you know he was OK. I did not see anything in the responses here when the question was asked?


WOW!!a couple of you are IDIOTS!! hope the child whether boy or girl is ok!


Not that it is any better, but alot of these situations are YOUNG adults that do not know what to do are are scared $h!tLe$$. Parents need to remember to teach children to ALWAYS stop for an accident. Consequences are far worse for leaving the scene. NO matter if the child is a boy or a girl. Luckily the child seems to be ok and only has scrapes. Please remember we need to teach our young ones HOW to be responsible grown adults. (schools, drivers ed, peers, tv, movies, facebook/twitter do NOT teach all the things that the younger generation needs, they need parental guidence)


I bet the driver panicked, stop, always stop, call 9-1-1 for help. Accidents happen, getting help is no.1 Always be aware of children near streets, slow down, still accidents happen, dont panic, stop, call 9-1-1.I hope the child is fine.


Generally, those that don't stop are either drunk or don't have a license or it's suspended, so they take off. Thankfully the kid wasn't killed but I do hope they find the driver.


Well by the sounds of Fox News report it wasn't the drivers fault it was the kids fault he ran out in traffic so if your out there person it should be safe to come forward and appolygize cause u may not even now what u did