Panel urges tuition, aid changes to boost OH grads

A panel studying ways to boost Ohio's college graduation rate says tuition should be raised on students to out-of-state rates and the state should withhold money from those students' institutions if they're taking years and years to graduate.
Associated Press
Nov 13, 2012


In a report released Tuesday, the Complete College Ohio Task Force says institutions should tie tuition guarantees to completing on a set schedule, and distribute financial aid like a paycheck to encourage students to work less and take more classes.

Ohio Chancellor Jim Petro told educators in Columbus completion is the state's most important higher education challenge. Only about a quarter of Ohioans hold college degrees, about five points below the national average.

The task force recommends that families and high schools get more engaged, and sooner, in students' college planning.




Wow, this is wrong on so many levels! What they are suggesting will cause fewer college graduates, not more! Colleges are making it harder to finish in 4 years and the state universities favor out of state students to get the out of state tuition! This will discourage older students who have now figured out their career path, but must work while in school to support themselves and their families.


Shouldn't we worry about the quality of the education received rather than the number of graduates. If it's just about numbers just dummy down the curriculum and everyone graduates.

It wasn't meant to be easy. It's our job to provide the opportunity not the outcome.


Failure to launch
They're professional students
afraid of real life


or.....not give university presidents raises of $300,000+ such as the president at osu.