Ohio lawmakers to vote on dog breeder crackdown

An Ohio legislative committee is nearing a decision on a bill that would crack down on high-volume dog breeding operations, dubbed puppy mills.
Associated Press
Nov 13, 2012


The proposal was scheduled for a House committee vote Tuesday. It could head to the floor as soon as Wednesday.

The bill would beef up regulations on the care and treatment of animals housed in large-scale establishments and distinguish the facilities from traditional dog kennels. It also requires those considered "dog retailers" to be licensed.

The Humane Society of the United States is among groups supporting puppy mill limits. The organization included restrictions on the facilities among policy priorities it wanted in exchange for keeping an anti-animal cruelty measure off the 2010 statewide ballot.

That measure would have affected care standards for Ohio livestock.




'bout time

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Its about time the state of Ohio started cracking down on puppy mills. Like there ain't enough dogs at shelters and pounds looking for homes and puppy mills just keep pumping out more and more for the almighty dollar


While I agree with this legislation, and I acknowledge there have been some truly horrific abuses that need to be criminally addressed, MOST breeders aren't the owners of "puppy mills." They take good care of the animals which, after all, represent their livelihood.

What I want to know is when the State of Ohio will take action on animal cruelty of any and ALL stripes! It's ridiculous that some of the most awful and cruel stories many of us have ever heard can only be considered misdemeanors!