Opinion: Federal agents should stop cheating

Excerpt from the editorial Viewpoint in today's Register: Here's our reply to the U.S. Attorney office's suggestion there was no way to track back a federal search warrant that allowed federal agents to raid a local business: Who do you think you are?
Nov 13, 2012


The search warrant could not be located, Mike Tobin, a spokesman for U.S. Attorney Steven Dettelbach, said when the Register made an initial request for it last week. When a reporter pressed for the document's release it was sealed.

Our community deserves more than a terse dismissal from your office declaring that your own bureaucracy is unable to keep track of a court document giving you permission to raid a local business. Please explain why the very warrant required in the U.S. Constitution's Bill of Rights cannot be tracked, and disclosed?

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Perkins football coach Jason Ziegler and players look back on the wild game and its wild finish.  Get a copy of the Register today at a newsstand near you for that story and the rest of this editorial. 




It is going to get worse.


Keep pushing Register.You never know what the Feds are covering up till its in the light. Ask Woodward and Berstein.

Erie County Resident

Better get used to the no warrant search. Eric Holder and Obama's whole DOJ have no restraints looking at all the events of his administration.

CIA, FBI, ATF, TSA, Homeland Security, DOJ itself, Bengazi, all have big things being swept under the rug.