Opinion: Puzzling vote in Perkins

Excerpt from Sunday's Viewpoint editorial: It's difficult to know why Perkins Township voters supported the township fire levy on Tuesday but rejected the tax that funds the police department.
Nov 11, 2012


The vote totals for both ballot measures – long-time funding sources for the township – were almost identically reversed: The same number who supported the fire levy voted 'No' on the police levy. 

Voters made a choice but offered no clear path forward.

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It's really not all that puzzling. The problem is that they attached it to the highway department levy. Run it as a stand alone with less millage (only the PD requirement) and it will likely pass.



Uncommon Sense

It might be as simple as duplicate services. One fire department. Three law enforcement entities - Perkins Police, Erie County Sheriff, Ohio Highway Patrol. Why pay for all three to operate within the township?


I guess it's back to childhood where everyone likes the "Big Red Trucks". The rescue personnel are constantly busy but fact is, You sure don't get the Bang for your buck from firemen. On the side, The police are very active and really are necessary whether you care for them or not. This vote made as much sense as the Presidential vote. It was the same people voting and you really can't expect any more then what we got. The new Police Building didn't help much either. I think if it was three different levies the Road Improvement and Township workers would have passed.

Dont Worry Be Happy

The new building shouldn't be a concern it's paid for, but our trustee's should have done a better job letting the TWP residents know that. I asked questions and looked it up before the voting date. And many of you are right each department should have their own levy another oops on the trustees part.

I just hope in May the Police levy does pass so that our TWP stays safe because crime is on the rise.


People are getting savvy to "pork belly" levies. Bunch stuff all together and call it a police levy. Sorry, it didn't work. Be specific with your levy or suffer the consequences.


The township hosted an informational gathering to answer questions. A whopping one person showed up. What's to explain when no one cares. The apathy in Perkins is sickening.


Were you the one person, oldpirate?

Dont Worry Be Happy



If I remember correctly, that informational gathering was held the night that the wind storm from hurricane Sandy came in. That might have had something to do with poor attendance. Also don't know if it was advertised ahead of time to allow people to plan on attending. Kinda hard to attend a meeting that you don't know about until an hour or two beforehand.


I helped a little with this levy. Some observations with this levy may help with some understanding.

The ballot language clearly says that one levy was for the Fire Dept. The other Levy said it was for Current Expense. No other explination is allowed because it pays into the General Fund which then pays to Police and Highway.

Perhaps three or four articles were in the Rergister giving information about the levy but not everyone reads the paper.

A brochure and information card was sent to voters. Was this information used by voters? I don't know.

It seems to me that if the ballot provides enough information for the voter then things go well. If the ballot falls short in giving a good understanding of what is being voted on, then more voters say no. Information sent in the mail doesn't seem to work.


Info in the mail, on TV and the incessant phone calls do nothing but irritate, Ford1. It is excessive overload. Money spent on nothing. In other words, a complete waste. Put it in the paper or better yet, online.

PS. I have a PO Box. All the junk mail goes from my box to the USPS trash can on the way out. That would include anything sent to me by any political party or levy.

Dont Worry Be Happy

I agree luvblues2,
It should have been put in detail on their website.


I believe if money is needed to fund different areas of government services that a separate levy should be run for each. Such as, police, highway or administration. The township tried to hide administrative money under a police levy and the township voters didn't buy it.


Totally agree! I believe we need our cops just as much as fire/rescue. The fire levy has consistantly passed. It stands alone. I think they group them all together hoping it passes because the police are in there. Could you imagine the defeat if only administrative and highway were lumped together? Unfortunately, the police got shorted on this one. Hopefully the Trustees get their act together before May, or prepare for a repeat.

BW1's picture

Most citizens encounter firefighters in the context of the firefighters coming to help them, which is positive. In this modern era of overcriminalization, most citizen encounters with the police are negative - the police are coming to punish them for something that's really none of the government's business.