Retailers battle online marketplaces for customers

Brick-and-mortar retailers are declaring war on Internet commerce this year.
Melissa Topey
Nov 11, 2012


Well, maybe not all-out war, but they've certainly launched spirited campaigns to lure customers who are inclined to shop online.      

At the dawn of this holiday season, Macy’s, Toys "R" Us and Target have unveiled new strategies to win back sales from online juggernauts such as Amazon and eBay.

Online shopping typically accounts for about 7 percent of all retail sales, but during the holiday season this percentage grows, according to the National Retail Federation.

About half of last year's holiday shoppers used the Internet for purchases, according to Forrester Research, a consulting and analysis group.

For more on this story and how local retail stores are keeping up with online marketplaces, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



Actually driving to a store and buying something costs way much more. I checked out prices for a sound card for a computer at 2 local big box stores. $175.00 to $230.00. Price online for the same part? $29.35. I can wait for the 2-7 day delivery for that cost.


every time time i do try and buy at a brick and mortar store i realize why i buy everything i can online.


NO matter what they do, it will NOT win me back. I do not fight the traffic, the crazy RUDE people, standing in line, the headaches and hassles. There have been people arrested, shot and beaten up for a STUPID christmas SALE !!! Nope, I will stay in my PJs, with a cup of coffee, and my laptop.


How about considering Christmas shopping in downtown Sandusky? There are no crowds because there are no people. You can buy Yuletide gifts like:
*High dollar mens wear
*Boat parts
*used nick knacks
*used clothes
*a hot dog
*a subscription to the Register
*a gift card from Subway
*used toys
*a holiday tattoo or piercing
*HOT items like "gently used" t.vs, dvd players, video games or even a nice watch
*a gift that keeps on falling- a free antique rock from the Keller Structure
*expensive costume jewelry or even more expensive real jewelry
*used dishes & bowls
*a lovely janitor's gift basket
*a stick from the ground & a piece of coal from the Coal Docks
*a used stocking
*a free weekend street fight exhibit
* a wreath made of tumbleweed
*ghosts of Christmas presents/presence-as in, "That's where Sears, Penney's, & Woolworth's used to be instead of all these empty buildings".


LOL! Too funny.. and sad at the same time.


Did you say a used hot dog?


I like living. No Downtown Thugdusky for me. Way too close to the police station where all the bad stuff happens.


I had a bad day. But that made me laugh. Unfortunately.

Whiskey Tango F...

$3.50/ gallon, dented doors, crazy people, and finally...
Oh, we only had 10 at that price, can i interest you in one that costs 125% of retail?
gasoline and sales tax alone pays for shipping. i'll see you all on cyber monday no more retail for me!
I do buy brick and mortar for private business owners who are trying to make a living. no big box fat cat boo hoo retailers for me.


Keep buying on the internet and keep complaining about the unemployment rate. Brick and Mortar built this country, not the internet. The internet has effectively ruined this country. See you friday morning local retailers. Lazy a$$e$


It's your cash, dude... Use it how ever you want.


Maybe then the brick and mortar stores should try and CONTROL the black friday a bit better. Why would I risk going to a store that I could be hit, shot, or pushed/trampled? Why should I risk getting hit by a car in the parking lot because people are in such a hurry? If they dialed it down a bit, I might be interested. I shop local for ALOT of my stuff, the farm market in Clyde is AWESOME. I also shop at my local grocery store in town. (has a family name NOT a chain name). I just will NOT risk my mental or physical health for a 50$ TV or 5$ bath towels. Shopping local at SMALL business is ALOT different than shopping at X-Mart. I shop local I do NOT shop Black Friday or Gray Thursday (or when-ever it starts now)

Nic Williams

I have to agree with you rick. Even if people dont see it or realize it every online purchase you make puts one more person closer to unemployment. Then that person cant buy things which brings someone else to unemployment and so on and so on until you end up with the wonderful economy we have today. Abrakadabra.


Fighting crowds and rude people for sales and discounted items is not my idea of the spirit of Christmas in any way, shape or form. Make Christmas presents or check out small businesses for gifts. Better yet, send your money to the Red Cross to help those on the East Coast who might not be having a warm, cozy Christmas. I fail to see how internet shopping causes unemployment since preparing the items for shipment is a job. It's not about being lazy; it's about not following the crowd and finding the true spirit of Christmas.


Regardless of opinion the people will speak with their $$. America is changing. Look what Sprawl-Mart did.


I see the news reports and it happens every year people crowded up against the glass when they open the doors, and then they trample other people sometimes even to death. bunch of greedy hogs... I don't need a christmas present that bad. shopping on the off times is better. That is IF a person can afford to shop.

2cents's picture

Keep buying!

The improvement is a positive sign for the ruling Communist Party)


Keep on buying on line, Pumping your own gas, checking yourself out when you do shop in town, bank on line, etc., etc., and above all, COMPLAIN!


I shop locally most of the year and rarely buy online. But one of the things I WON'T do is participate in "Black Friday." Last year, the deals were so good at a few places that I decided to get up really early and see what it was all about. I will never, ever, EVER do that to myself again.

Rude crowds, poor or non-existent crowd control, inadequate supplies of goods, horrific lines to get in OR out, and the deliberate rearrangement of merchandise so you had to search through those terrible crowds to try to find what you wanted only to learn the 3 or 4 of whatever it was were already long gone. Yeah, Merry Freakin' Christmas.

In this economy, and whether some of you like it or not, a LOT of us don't have a lot of choice but to shop via price comparison. If stores would hold Black Friday sales for longer periods of time (maybe the markdowns wouldn't be quite so drastic, but we'd have longer than one day to take advantage of them), and if the help would actually be HELPFUL, and if everything in the world wasn't done to all but falsely lure people into the brick-and-mortar store in the first place, maybe they'd have better luck.

And again, I speak as someone who DOESN'T typically do much shopping online! (And no, though I do shop locally, I DON'T shop downtown. There's quite literally next to nothing there — though I do confess to having seen pretty much everything on WaterStreetCooncat's list!)

Whiskey Tango F...

if we honestly think that online shopping is fueling unemployment then we all really need a reality check. $8.00/hr part time jobs with no health insurance or security will NOT rebuild this once great nation. careers will fix this, retail, and fast food won't. when you can't afford most of the products that you sell, then how do you plan to grow as a society?


I check things out online, like prices, ratings of the item, comparisons, etc. but when it comes to actually buying something, I would much prefer to go to a store and actually look at it, touch it, etc. Sometimes the pictures online make something look much bigger or better than it actually is. And no Black Friday for me. Ever.


Let me ask you all this. If you bring your computer to me and you want it fixed as soon as possible, would you rather pay me for an hour or two to find what it needs and then have the part shipped overnite through an online service, costing you maybe a $120.00 total or, would you rather me charge you for the drive time + gas to pick up that same part for about ten times it's worth because it was in a brick and mortar store? The part alone would be double what my bill was then I have to add labor. Should I ask that of my customers?
Total bill would be closer to $375.00 to $400.00 if I worked it brick and mortar way.


Geez, I miss handcrackmeup! on here.


starryeyes, hancrackmeup is alive & well & pops in every so often to check out the scams & corruption in this area. When he was excommunicated from this site he moved away & took his media entourage with him (Pizza Butt, Tyrone Jackson, Young & Perky Mom in Huron, Talk About a Corrupt City, Pregs Street Messenger & a cast of thousands).

Pastor Ron

Cooncat there will be more than a couple homies delighted by a few cans of Da Joose under the Christmas Tree.


SR gets their revenue from brick and mortar stores. That's why this article got shoved way back, very quickly. People who shop on line, know...