Ohio officials grapple with health care overhaul

Ohio officials are grappling with how to approach the federal health care law now that the presidential election is behind them.
Associated Press
Nov 11, 2012

State health officials said Thursday they are preparing to notify Washington if they'll be setting up a new health insurance market, called an exchange. States face a Nov. 16 deadline to submit their plans.

Greg Moody, director of the governor's office of Health Transformation, says Ohio is leaning toward a federally-facilitated exchange, with the state keeping its authority to oversee health plans.

The state must also decide whether to expand Medicaid, which serves the poor and disabled. About 2.2 million Ohioans are enrolled in the nearly $19 billion program.

Moody says officials will take up that decision in the state's two-year budget, expected to be released in February.




Until the GOP realizes that AMERICA itself is no longer the white, 50 year old female majority then they are in trouble. They missed and entire market of people out there who COULD have voted for Romney and didn't because of the narrow viewpoint of the GOP as it stands right now. If it does not do some streamlining and revamping to get in "touch" with the new America, they will be hardpressed to stay the "grand old party". Even their upper rank and file seemed to know that one is true, or they did on Sunday morning.

Finn Finn

I'm not following you Mama. You say, "they missed an entire market of people who COULD have voted for Romney and didn't because of the narrow viewpoint of the GOP." To what are you referring? (I'm not being a smart aleck. I'd like to pick your brain a little, maturely, to try to understand your side.) You talk about a "new America" but again I say, nearly the entire mid-section of the nation as well as the south voted Romney.

It's my opinion, and ONLY my opinion, that a lot of folks here on this comment board and in the Sandusky, Ohio area seem to think they are representative of the nation, sort of the blue collar, UAW type, and I would disagree. The mid-section of the country is comprised of a lot of small business owners, farmers, rural folks with a more conservative point of view. They are not inconsequential and in fact, helped to elect George Bush president twice. I don't believe there has been a ground swell of liberalism among them. The results of the last election would indicate that. Obama carried the more liberal states with the big cities, New York, Chicago, L.A., the liberal northeast, as expected. The race came down to a few biggies, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, which all could have gone either way.

I just don't see any big move to the left that you seem to be suggesting.


Businesses are already finding creative ways to lower their full time employee payroll to under 50 employees so they are not fined for not supplying health care forced by the government. Starbucks has reduced a majority of their employees hours to under 30 to meet the government mandate. I know of another local business that is going to just pay the fine imposed by the government and eliminate health care for their employees because it's just cheaper. I know of two small businesses that are just going to close up shop rather than work for the government through taxes and mandates.

This is going to get really ugly, really soon.


You mean finding creative ways to increase their own progfits and screw their hard working employees! Keep it real!


ObamaKare is such a lousy piece of Rube Goldberg-style legislation that it will eventually come apart on it’s own.

Congress will continually have to retool and rework it in order to fix the mounting problems.

"You have not converted a man because you have silenced him." - John Morely



@ eriemom:

So what's the problem?

Looks like many of the southern states are doin' it the way the Progessives would approve. Let the rich states send swag to the poorer states.

Why not remove the federal tax expenditure for the deduction of state and local income and property taxes and let the citizens of CA, NY and other high tax states feel the real impact of them?

Hey, once I become eligible for SS and Medicare, I'll vote for every increase in bennies that comes along. Spread the wealth right?

Let's borrow, print, spend and suck the youth of our country's income dry in taxes to support the gerries. Whatdoyasay?

To H*ll with the federal debt - we owe it to ourselves.

The New World Czar

The topic of certain states subsidizing other...California is already over its own head in debt...how can they subsidize anybody?

The New World Czar

The topic of certain states subsidizing others...California is already over its own head in debt...how can they subsidize anybody?


Coaster...out logiced him.HAHHHHHHHHAH!!!!!!! (Sure that wouldn't be difficult) Oh..thanks to Abe Lincoln we still pay income tax - that Civil War thing. The system worked and Obama won. How I enjoy reading crying "adults." Maybe if Gingrich would have served in Nam.......


A record 22% of the population (74M people) are now on Medicaid. 47M are on food stamps.

Taxin' the wealthy alone ain't gonna cut it. Tax increases will eventually "trickle down" to the largest group - the middle class.

Medicaid currently pays for the majority of a resident's nursing home care costing around $100K per yr.

There are 78M baby boomers, the majority of whom are arriving at retirement stone cold broke without any savings.

Who's gonna pay for their SS, Medicare and Medicaid?

The boomers (mostly white people) will bankrupt this country.

Enjoy Mr. Obama's pyrhic victory. The fiscal hangover from the election eve party is about to begin.




Teachers beware you will be the front line of people on obamacare. Just like if you dont make drinking age 21 you will not get fed money for roads. Hello teachers the same thing will happen with unioncare..i mean obamacare..same thing... Yes that is the new word. UNIONCARE.I am going to lmao when your insurance changes to UNIONCARE