FirstEnergy will cut 400 jobs by 2016

The utility FirstEnergy says it expects to cut up to 400 jobs by 2016 as it struggles against a lackluster economy that's led to lower demand and power prices.
Associated Press
Nov 10, 2012


The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reports that the company's CEO talked about the coming job cuts during a public teleconference with analysts Thursday about third-quarter financial results.

FirstEnergy's Anthony Alexander said the reductions would be made through "normal attrition" beginning next year.

The Akron-based company employs 17,000 people in 10 companies from Ohio to the East Coast. Its third-quarter net profits were down nearly 20 percent compared with the same period in 2011.

FirstEnergy was faced with restoring power to around 250,000 customers in northeast Ohio following superstorm Sandy last week.




"Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted" again and again and again. Google Anthony Alexander FirstEnergy compensation at

Total Compensation
$6.165 mil
5-Year Compensation
$43.04 mil


@ Centauri:

Have you tried hitting the "Save" button a second time after the spam filter warning?

Utilities are one of the most highly govt. regulated sectors of our economy.

IMO, "normal attrition" more than likely means not filling the retiree spots with new hires.


What would think would be a more proper compensation for this guy? How much of his comp is stock option related?


I hit the enter key by mistake..there should be a formula where the top guy can earn only 8 times as much as the lowest paid person in the company. If the lowest person is making 40k then the top guy gets 320k. I guess you can't live on 320k anymore. Or make it ten times, but this guy is making 200 times which is criminal. He makes more in one day then the other guy makes in a year.


Why is such a high salary "criminal?"

Ask yourself WHY he makes such a high salary. Could it be because he makes the company a lot of money? The kind of money that not only pays HIS high salary, but gives investors a decent return on their dollar and pays the salaries of all of those men and women making LESS than he does?

And why is such a salary in business deemed such an evil thing when nobody bats an eye at Tom Cruise making millions for starring in a movie, Oprah Winfrey making millions for making women weep, and this baseball player and that football player making millions for entertaining sports fans? The salaries are as high as they are solely because the person getting the money WARRANTS getting the money by giving a good return on the investment of those who pay them. The end.

It's entirely true that some people don't get paid what they're worth. But suggesting limits on salaries only ends up putting limits on ambition. That's NEVER a good thing, not if anybody wants anything to grow!

Meanwhile, I understand the Obama administration is curtailing still MORE oil extraction. That's just freakin' awesome. Pretty soon, ALL the energy companies will be laying people off. At least First Energy is going to be able to do it via attrition!

Second Opinion

At least he runs a corporation. Why not be bothered about those in sports whose wages cause the costs of goods to increase due to excess advertising costs for goods?

We little people on the bottom will become smaller while those making millions will increase their income. When they say increase taxes on the rich LOOK OUT, this is a scam to tax us. Oh, watch FE ask the puco to allow a rider charge on our bills that they get no mater which supplier we use. Another delivery cost


I really feel sorry for any utility company making huge profits and complaining because the customer is finding ways to cut their bills a little. How about the CEO cut his bills a little? How about one less BMW in the 6 car garage? They want to make you feel bad for them, while they are making millions and with tax breaks and crazy deductions -they end up getting a big refund instead of paying anything in taxes. Exxon comes to mind.


Name one millionaire that doesn't pay any individual income taxes. I'm waiting? Now corporations, that's another story, but then again, not one liberal complained when GE paid nothing in income tax. I wonder why that is? Oh, wait, I understand the CEO of GE is a big supporter of the Democrat party.


Look around while driving.So much work for utilities yet a layoff is expected.Just republican fear trick after the election.CEO of Duke energy got $44 million for 1 days work.Look it up.

Wind,solar,hydro, power is where we have to go.Don't we all want self sufficiency more than fear mongering.LETS ROLL AMERICA.


Wind and solar are still inefficient. REALLY inefficient.

Want better solar? Invest more money in NASA. They're the folks that have done all the REAL innovation and heavy lifting so far, and will likely continue if this talk of a permanent moon presence means anything at all. Of course, they'll have to fight for funding against the short-sighted who call that kind of thing "throwing money into outer space" when we could be "curing poverty" here on earth. Idiots.

Hydro? We're running out of places to put it. And then where there ARE places, there are people who jump up and down and fight the very notion of a dam.

Know what actually WOULD help our energy independence? Drilling in Alaska. Drilling in the Gulf. The Keystone Pipeline. More oil shale extraction (the kind the Obama administration has just curtailed further).

Know what ELSE would help? Nuclear. Clean, reliable, extraordinarily safe, and yet the word "radiation" gets used and the ignorant run for the hills. We haven't built a new nuke facility in this country in over 20 years! TWENTY YEARS!

Pretty darned soon, the ignorant masses will either be huddled around a fire every night, or they'll be dying poor and in the dark! If we're limited to current technology (or even near-future technology) for wind and solar, power will first be rationed and then unavailable as traditional sources age and fail. Is THAT what you want?


You can harvest free D.C. emf from your landline. (Power goes out your phone still works) Do not know if it is legal or not. Basically you'll have nite lights if you lose power. Schematic is obtained from "Instructables/Free electricity." Components are available from Radio Shack,etc.


An increasing number of people (over 50% now) don't have a traditional landline so that is out the window. Most have either a cell phone or use VOIP through cable internet for phone service. In 15 yrs, landlines will likely be obsolete. Many landline companies are already selling off their assets because the future is wireless telecommunications.

Taxed Enough Already

Must be Bush's fault.

Uncommon Sense

It's Bush's fault and Obama will fix it by nationalizing it - except Texas which has their own electric grid. Why has socialism become in vogue?


Does Global Crossing ring a bell in Texas? How about Enron?


@ eriemom:

All cos. that fed at the govt. trough and Mr. Obama's is much, much larger.

Do Solyndra and A123 Systems ring bells?

Good to know that Al Gore is now worth a reported $100M after investing in some of those failed green cos. isn’t it?

More taxpayer backed failed green energy cos:


Yes, the two companies that you site ring a bell. These are two out of many that have not been able to succeed in an environment where the rare earth metals needed to produce photovoltaics are mined in China. These companies showed great ingenuity. Their products were also reverse engineered in China and are now produced there with government support.

Government supported research is currently underway to produce these products without using rare earth metals. I don't know how to stop the reverse engineering. That is a political issue.


@ eriemom:

Believe that Solyndra was developing impractical technology.

Good luck creating a perpetual motion machine.

Leapfrogging technology is very expensive and is a scientific problem and can't be merely legislated into existence.

2cents's picture

(Al Gore is now worth a reported $100M)

C, thats from inventing the internet silly ;)


You forgot First Solar which has a huge facility near Toledo that only operates at about 10% capacity and is bleeding money like a printing press at the Fed.


1st this article is related to electricity production and transmission, and not petroleum.
2nd. Electricity production is less costly and more efficient when gas, rather than coal is the source product. It is more efficient in that it produces more energy, and requires fewer employees.
Note the "war on coal" was and continues to be ridicules.

kURTje is right. Our transmission lines are obsolete--very inefficient. Maybe they should be sinking profits into research and development for more efficient transmission instead of over paying a CEO. WE built the grid. Are they waiting for US to rebuild it?

3rd. Nuclear is not without fault and is also produced from a non-renewable resource.

4th. Renewable is the future. The problem is that it is long range future. Storage is still not where it needs to be. It took over 10 years of research and development to get hydraulic fracturing.

Natural gas is our bridge to renewables, but it must be regulated. Capture the methan released at the drill site and treat the water used in the process. The industry is currently just injecting the chemically-laced fresh water, causing earthquakes. We can't take this huge quantity of fresh water out of the ecosystem without causing harm and the fresh water is in itself a natural resource--Lake Erie. This fracking fluid WILL find its way back into our water supply.

Because transportation costs will continue to rise manufacturing will become regional. Natural gas will allow us to bring manufacturing jobs that are currently international back to our shores. At least for those products with greater mass. Small widgets will still be profitably produced in low-wage societies. The middle class in this country needs to grow, unless we want to be one of the low-wage societies.

I understand that our climate IS changing, and the cause is our burning of fossil fuels (natural gas is a fossil fuel), but I see nothing in development that can help us in the near future. We just don't have the infrastructure in place to change energy sources quickly.

We cannot allow one political party to dominate this discussion with claims that Climate Change is a hoax. I once believed that we could stop this run-away train. Now I believe that we should prepare for the inevitable. We cannot prepare for something when our leaders insist that it is not real.


eriemom: Sorry, but you're wrong on more than a few counts.

Yes, this article is related to electricity production and transmission (kind of), but that means it's also DIRECTLY related to petroleum. Sure, electrical power does come from non-petroleum sources too, but there's no question various fossil fuels are also integrally involved with electricity. You do note the "war on coal," and you're right about that. Coal provides a substantial percentage of electrical power in this country, and the Obama administration's ongoing "war on coal" will, as Obama himself pointed out, cause rates to "necessarily skyrocket." When many of us are already conserving to the maximum we can, I wonder how he (or you) can think that's a good idea...

Yes, electricity can be, and is, produced from natural gas. But resources there are also finite.

The entire electrical grid is problematic in both the fact of its aging and its vulnerabiity to such as EMP (whether the EMP is naturally generated via a solar flare, or artificially generated in an attack of some kind) and computer hacks (already been done). Various government agencies are conveniently ignoring the EMP threat, and have done so for years. I remain unclear as to why.

No, nuclear is not without fault IF stringent safety procedures aren't followed. Disposal of spent fuel is also an issue (though it would be less so if the environmental lobby would stop engaging in knee-jerk reactions and start thinking in terms of reality). Non-renewable? To some extent. But I suggest you google "breeder reactor" and see what you find.

Yes, renewable is the future, but even you acknowledge that that's long range. One possibility that's already been repeatedly shot down: Microwaves from orbital solar collectors. Without atmospheric interference, solar energy on orbit is greater than on the planetary surface even with existing technology. Again, the problem is unreasoned fear of the words "radiation" and "microwave."

As for "climate change," the climate changes on both short and long term cycles and has done so for millennia. The jury is still out as to whether or not humanity has had much effect on the overall process, but the doubt is on the side of those who suggest that any effect humans is having is negligible. Else why would those so-called "studies" be faked, and those so-called "researchers" be encouraged to fudge their numbers, eh? No, climate change ISN'T a "hoax." It's also not the threat of doomsday some suggest, nor is it much within our control. I support the idea of less pollution since it's OBVIOUS that's bad regardless. But nonsense like "cap and trade" won't appreciably alter overall emissions. It'll just hamstring developed nations and allow the undeveloped to pollute quite literally without limit. And it sure won't have any effect on global climate!

If you want to prepare for something we KNOW is real, buck up electrical production including shielded facilities. Start replacing parts and pieces of the grid with shielded infrastructure. Leave the EXPERTS (like those in NASA) alone to continue development; stop giving federal dollars to those who send money to China to manufacture windmills or who can't make a go of selling solar technology as it is (or who ALSO go to China for manufacture).

This isn't as much a political issue as it is an uninformed and completely ignorant issue. Coal = Bad. Nuclear = Bad. Solar = Good. Wind = Good. Global Warming = We're DOOMED! NONE of these things are entirely true, but you'd never know it listening to the current administration or the mainstream media (but I repeat myself...)

The Big Dog's back

sam a, I don't know why we would be concerned about radiation and microwaves.


@ brutus:

"Many people are concerned about potential adverse health effects. Much of the research about power lines and potential health effects is inconclusive."

Don't worry, the govt. ALWAYS tells the truth right?


"there's no question various fossil fuels are also integrally involved with electricity" -- Turbine lubrication and the transportation of the fossil fule to the electricity production site.

"The jury is still out as to whether or not humanity has had much effect on the overall process, but the doubt is on the side of those who suggest that any effect humans is having is negligible."

I did not invite a discussion about your version about the science of climate change. When I have provided information about it, including facts, I have been personally attacked. I will state that your information about fake studies and numbers ARE the hoax. I believe that firefighters in the west, the people of New York and New Jersey, and farmers in the Midwest might disagree with your statement, " It's also not the threat of doomsday some suggest".

"But nonsense like "cap and trade" won't appreciably alter overall emissions."
I also did not bring Cap and Trade into the discussion. Efficiencies in production, trasmission, and use are having the same result.

"Leave the EXPERTS (like those in NASA) alone to continue development; stop giving federal dollars to those who send money to China to manufacture windmills or who can't make a go of selling solar technology as it is (or who ALSO go to China for manufacture)."

I agree. How do you stop the production of products, including your example of windmills, from being manufactured in China and imported into the United States? It is a cultural problem. The Chinese find nothing wrong with reverse technology the minute new technology comes on line, and our businesses help them.

"Start replacing parts and pieces of the grid with shielded infrastructure"
Seems that we agree on this, but who should pay for it?


eriemom writes:

"I did not invite a discussion about your version about the science of climate change. When I have provided information about it, including facts, I have been personally attacked."

Without the possibility of any discussions it's dogma.

Does the climate "change"? Yes. Five known ice ages tell us that it does.

Is the "cause" anthropological? Inconclusive.

"Attacked"? You post here and don't expect to be challenged? Reads like dogma again.


Challenge should be based on fact. Discussions should be based on mutual respect. You do not produce fact or proof, and you are disrespectful in your posts.

All of the know ice age climate changes had a cause as well. Climate will change when forced to do so. None of the know natural causations are relavent to this era.


@ eriemom:

Are you incapable or just unwilling to find contrary evidence?

You likewise are "disrespectful in your posts."

So AGW is the only relevant factor for current climate change? That is an absurd statement, since climatologists use past historical data in order to make comparisons.

Dynamic systems are always dependent upon a confluence of events and factors.


Again, almost entirely wrong. We are, in fact, due for another ice age. NATURALLY. If there is, indeed, such a thing as global warming, it might prove a GOOD thing rather than a BAD thing if the historic model is correct (and we have no reason to believe it is not).

The only thing you're right about is that ice ages DID have causes. So did warming trends. But since the vast majority of them occurred without help or hindrance from humanity, why do you apparently exclude natural causes NOW?


Here us some fact for ya. The same scientists that have jumped on the global warming bandwagon are also quoted as saying, "the earth is not supposed to have polar ice caps, because they do exist,we are still in an ice age." This statement alone should give rise to doubt about so-called global warming. I do have to laugh about eriemom's statement that climate will change when it is force to. That is the most ignorant statement I have heard yet. Yesterday it was warm and sunny, today is raining, I'm guessing someone forced the climate to change? I bet dinosaur farts caused the last ice age. Too bad there wasn't a George Bush around to blame. LOL


An ice age, or more precisely, a glacial age, is a period of long-term reduction in the temperature of the Earth's surface and atmosphere, resulting in the presence or expansion of continental ice sheets, polar ice sheets and alpine glaciers. Within a long-term ice age, individual pulses of cold climate are termed "glacial periods" (or alternatively "glacials" or "glaciations" or colloquially as "ice age"), and intermittent warm periods are called "interglacials". Glaciologically, ice age implies the presence of extensive ice sheets in the northern and southern hemispheres. By this definition, we are still in the ice age that began 2.6 million years ago at the start of the Pleistocene epoch, because the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets still exist.

The Big Dog's back

Eriemom, you have to remember the right wing mind only deals in dollars and cents. If they would deal more in sense they could understand renewable energy is the future. Will it cost more in the beginning? Sure. But once we have multiple renewable energy sources in place, down comes the cost. Their only concern is what is it going to cost me now.


@ brutus:

So do you drive a hybrid or an electric car?

Are all the bulbs in your home LED and CFL?

Are all your home appliances energy efficient?

Have you cut down on energy consumption?

Have you cut down on meat consumption?

So what 'exactly' are you doing to help bring about energy independence?

Why not spend some money where your mouth is?


More attack instead of ideas to solve the problem.


@ eriemom:

“Attack”? Au contraire. Just looking for potential Progressive hypocrisy.

Aren't those some of the "approved" solutions?

So are you putting your money where your mouth is?

Would one find any incandescent bulbs in your house?

The Big Dog's back

No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.


@ eriemom:

Glad to see that you've got it all figured out in your little science fiction model. It remains to be seen how the future in the world of reality plays out.

The "fact" remains that the U.S. govt. borrows approx. 40-50 cents of every dollar spent.

Foreign govts hold approx. 50% of our country's outstanding debt. No country in world history has ever had that percentage.

So without higher taxes on everyone and a lower national standard of living, where's the capital gonna come from for your grand design?

Unfortunately, hard economics are gonna derail your collectivist socially engineered future.

“No bucks, no Buck Rogers” – “The Right Stuff.”

"Climate change" is a euphemism for global warming and you know it.

The CEO's compensation is small potatoes in the scheme of things. It's up to the shareholders to decide his salary, not the socialists.



Nowhere in my statement did I bring up taxes. You are fixated on your own investment taxes. Although if you need to change the subject than I do believe that your income from investments should be taxed at the same rate as my taxes paid from work. If you read it over again I am describing how the free market is and will react to increased transportation costs.

"Climate change" is a euphemism for global warming and you know it."
So. How does that change anything whatsoever. Global warming is causing climate change.
Example: The North Atlantic was three degrees over normal when Sandy took its weird course.

You want to discuss only economics and your own personal taxes. What will be the result of sea levels rising to your children's economic future? Take a look at a global map and locate all of the major cities and their economic contributions.

You are a shareholder. Stand up and be heard.


@ eriemom:

Nope! Talkin' the federal debt and deficit.

Investing is risk taking with one's capital; going to work and receiving wages and benefits is not the same. Does your employer not pay you some weeks because business was bad?

Where's the capital for yours and the Supreme Leader's science fiction energy plan gonna come from? Borrow more from foreigners?

N. Atlantic warmer? You data mine your global warming evidence to support your AGW dogma.

In the AGW world - all "weird" weather is caused by climate change. If it rains too much – AGW. If it’s too dry – AGW. Ad nauseum.

Sandy was 'barely' a Cat 1, Katrina was a Cat 3 when it hit.

Your continued biblical catastrophe stories and Chicken Little worries are tiresome.

Indirect shareholder through mutual funds.


"You data mine your global warming evidence to support your AGW dogma."
Didn't have to. The data is in my office. The electricity has come on line.

At what point did I ever bring up using public money in this conversation? What I have suggested will happen is because of the way that capitalism works. You know, that Ponzi Scheme that you idolize.

I should not have to point out to you that that the nightly news is not of my making. Of course you will continue to ignore the obvious. I need to check the data on Arctic sea ice and the North Atlantic Oscillation pressure. It was stationary last year. An anomaly or related to sea ice coverage?


@ eriemom:

Public money? Enron worked the system as did Solynda and other failing green cos.

Capitalism a pyramid scheme? Now you're just being absurd.

So you have no retirement savings but will depend on the "real" Ponzi schemes of SS and Medicare?

So the "Little Ice Age" was caused by AGW?

Nightly news? Looks like GW is slowing down. huh.

2cents's picture

Why buy stocks? I lost out on Worldcom when they cooked the books. Got out and bought gold at 680. Can't cook the books on gold!


You agreed with a statement that Capitalism is a Ponzi scheme. You also wrote that some Ponzi schemes are better than others.

The "little Ice Age" was likely caused by volcanism.

Really are you ...

Goodness. This electrical thing again. As a veteran and proud american, I got your 6. Stating facts: Electricity is neither created nor destroyed. It is always around us, we have to find out how to harvest it. In an automobile and at power plants, alternators are what generates electricity. Not the combustion of fossil fuels, or nuclear rods in a nuclear reactor. The fuel or nuclear rods heat water to produce steam that end up rotating the generator. I have found a way, a new compact in size concept, to have a seemlessly endless supply of electrical energy delivered to an electrical motor in a vehicle. A device that could be used by a home owner to power their house for generations. All done with zero emmissions, no radiation, and compact in size. This is a solution that I have been working on for quite a while now, and have met only resistance when trying to promote it. I was a proud American Soldier, this concept works, and now in the civilian world I am nothing again.

Really are you ...

And thanks for your time in service, to all of the veterans and active duty military personnel out there.


Federal debt be d*mned!

Let's borrow and print more money to help support Mr. Obama's goal of energy independence.

Besides, in his Weekly Address he said that everyone was gonna help pay down the deficit. Higher taxes for everyone!

"I will not ask students or seniors or middle-class families to pay down the entire deficit while people making over $250,000 aren’t asked to pay a dime more in taxes."

You should read what this guy 'actually' says, not what you 'think' he says.



Who do you think should shoulder the bill? This article is about electricity production and not your tax rate.


@ eriemom:

Wasn't Mr. Obama crowing on the campaign trail about lowering 98% of Americans' taxes. When did he say that your taxes were gonna go up to help pay down the deficit?

And production costs for elect. due to EPA mandates and corp. taxes won't increase your standard of living costs?

For someone that believes in the AGW dogma, how is that you miss the fact that everything is economically interconnected?

Cracked Cherry

L.I.P.A. is hiring in Long Island. Move there and get a job.


Tesla & Tucker. 2 of my favorites. So avant-garde. Monied established few fought them hard. (Common person must always pay right?) R.Buckminster Fuller - another brillant human being. Fortunate to know how to walk independent.



If capitalism doesn't work, why has the United States been so successful in the past? If socialism DOES work, why isn't Russia the richest country in the world?

Forget those overall systems for a moment, and explain something to me: Why is it bad to expect people to work in order to get a reward? And why is it good to reward people for doing nothing? Going just a little further along those lines, why should people who work hard for the rewards they get continue to work hard when there's suddenly no reward at all for it?

Final question: If you really believe the way you do, why haven't you moved to Cuba? Or are you panting with the exhilaration of doing to this country what Castro has done to that one?


So you want me to believe there are no profiteers in the world of AGW or renewable energy; that all these companies and scientists are in the game for free and their only compensation is helping mankind? HaaHaaHaa Bwaaaa… I can list AGW profiteers if you want. So were the Vikings trolling around in big polluting boats when they planted vineyards in Greenland?
I say this, take heed of what is currently happening in Germany with the rising cost of electricity to cover the cost of new grids and renewable power. In October the3 largest operators announced electric rate increases upward of 47% current rate. By 2025 they are still on track to a 70% increase in electric cost. Many households struggling to pay current bills; manufactures are threatening to leave. This is here and now. (Spiegel)

Eeriemom, the greeners at NOAA (who gets about $437 million for their AGW studies) say that Sandy was not related to global warming or climate change. Same said the IPCC. But hey there’s nothing like a good natural disaster to exploit.


Because people have learned to CONSERVE and use less energy....if the economy gets rolling again, watch how fast this changes....unless people start using a "greener" form of energy to heat and light their homes.


Strange....Germany is one of the world's largest users of solar. Let's see, others in the EC wanted their help on finances. Sweden, Norway, Iceland are progressive & have in many ways a higher standard of living. Better think fwd while remembering the past. We are a divided nation. America's herd mindset has her hamstrung.


Geez, the election is OVER the majority spoke...get over it already.

The electric company is making this decision for 2016....a LONG TIME FROM NOW. Things can change between now and then and everyone is in a tizzy over something that may or may not happen four years from now????

Come now. Did the electric company check their crystal ball and see that in 2016, they would DEFINITALLY get rid of that many people? Maybe some of them will be retiring by then? Or they will cut back through animated job stations? Who knows? Or perhaps they have only PROJECTED it to be that many?

Don't get too excited, its four years off and no one knows for sure what will happen tomorrow let alone by 2016.

I can't believe people are still complaining about the election. It's over....lets get on with moving this country toward something besides party politics and taxes. Let the rich pay their fair share for once and get over it.

I actually heard a REPUBLICAN blame BUSH this morning for Mitt Romney's loss. Now that is digging a little deep for even MY blood. LOL.

Time to get over it when that happens. LOL


What ever happened to employee stock options, or profit sharing? Perhaps employees would have more loyalty and connection to the company they work for if they felt invested in it, instead of like a piece of disposable equipment. And some of those laid-off workers are probably smart enough and knowlegable enough to contribute to the growth of the company. Again, those at the top don't see their workers for what they could be: a valuable resource.
and they DO get a hefty tax break for Research and Development expenses. Just sayin.


since the election resulted the way it did there have been thousands of employees in the coal mining industry laid off. the "trickle" down goes to the rail, trucking and shipping companies. the results will be massive. ask employees at either rail yard in bellevue or willard and they will tell you that rail cars for coal has gone down over the last week. but thats ok. prezo will surely bail them out like he did the auto industry right?

btw, like i have said before the rich and corporations will not feel the effects of tax increase's and here is a prime example. i am sure that the libitards didn't think that far ahead.






Might want to consult with the Chinese and see what they have in mind...
Won't be long they will be calling the shots........
Not 4 sure but my wag is they will go with coal....