Voltz may file lawsuit against Erie County

Erie County officials are bracing for a possible lawsuit from a man they fired 16 months ago after he was charged with rape.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 8, 2012


Aaron Voltz, former director of the Erie County Jobs and Family Services agency, was fired after a 26-year-old woman accused him of rape in 2011. Charges were later dismissed after the alleged victim refused to testify.

Voltz has 90 days to decide whether he will sue the county to get his job back with back pay, according to a letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

To read the letter, click the PDF below.

Get Thursday's Register to find out why county officials don't expect much fallout from the potential threat.




Do you really want your job back or is just about the back pay? You would command no respect from the employees of your work place. After reading the victim statements from when this came out, I'd find it hard to speak to you like a civilized person. I certainly wouldn't feel like I could trust you to effectively manage the personnel or any country cases put to your desk. Move on, Mr Voltz.


Just because the victim makes a statement doesn't make the statement true. Apparently there wasn't enough evidence that a rape occured for the prosecuter to move forward without her testimony. It is possible she refused to testify because she was lying and didn't want to be brought up on charges of perjury. Unfortunately for real Rape victims there seems to be an increasing number false rape reports being filed. They should prosecute false charges severely not only because of the damage it does to the accused but also because it now leaves doubt in peoples minds whenever someone truly was raped.


She chose not to testify so he should get his job back.


Was she afraid? sounds like a lie detector is in order for both . Mr. Voltz [ innocent until proven guilty] should demand one right away . Clearing your name by being interviewed over and over again is a good start. Lets hear your side of this story. Remember, that job has a lot of trust issues, people need to feel comfortable around you, how can you make that happen? Your fireing may be that folks percieve you as a possible rapist, letting you go , in the best interest of the community is justifiable. Most rape victems dont follow through w/ testifying. Not fair , best for community comes first .


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


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He will do it again and again until someone tesifies. Not the first and not the last.


I doubt he will file a lawsuit. The discovery process will be brutal and will allow other issues to become public record.


Come on Register get your facts correct!
You are professional journalists, not a high school club. The details are IMPORTANT!

The victim DID TESTIFY before the grand jury. During this she stated the NO RAPE occurred! The prosecutor stopped her testimony to make sure she realized the possible legal ramifications of her testimony. She continued to DENY any rape took place. This is vastly different than refusal to testify.

The victim only refused to give the testimony the prosecutor wanted, but she DID TESTIFY! I expect more from you Register.


There are many reasons why rape and victims of violence don't assert that crimes were committed.


Yes, and many times it because they were never victims to begin with.


this man is confident enough to wear pink without worrying if it makes his butt look big..




I believe he was "charged" with rape, fired and then she stated no rape occured if memory serves. So what lawsuit could possibly be forthcoming?---- wrongful termination under false allegation?

Julie R.

She didn't say that no rape occured --- she just said she wanted to drop the charges. (obviously, love is deaf, dumb and blind ..... or money talks)


or she lied in the first place

Julie R.

She didn't lie. The Huron police had the evidence.

Once again, either love is deaf, dumb and blind or money talks. Take your choice.


No, they didn't have the evidence. She clearly lied or she wouldn't have refused to cooperate. She should be prosecuted.

Julie R.

If the Huron police didn't have any evidence he would not have been arrested.

Swamp Fox

Wasn't he fired while still on probation and a "at will" employee"?

car 54

Commissioner Monaghan made this hire. County Commissioners jumped the gun before all the facts and terminated the employee.


If what witchhunt says is true, case closed!

Julie R.

If this guy has been given the OK to file a lawsuit against Erie County over this, I certainly should be able to file a lawsuit against the Erie County auditor's office for authorizing a fraudulent transfer of my mother's property seven months before her death that caused serious defects in the title ...... the Erie County recorder for knowingly filing a fraud document that falsely stated a forged power of attorney concealed in another county was on file in Erie County ........ and the corrupt Erie County courts, knowing that the property couldn't be sold through normal channels unless the fraud was acknowledged and the property put back into the correct owner's probate estate, for forcing the property with serious defects in the title instead to be sold at a scam sheriff sale through a scam partition action and a fraud preliminary judicial report at a substantial discount to a realtor to use as rental property.


Jules? Can't you find an attorney to help with your dilemma? If not, your constant complaining about it does nothing to help you get over it.

Julie R.

You should be glad that I make sarcastic comments about your public officials. One can only surmise all the other illegal things they have done that nobody ever heard about. Of course, I know it must be embarrassing to hear the word fraud connected to them. After all, fraud is such an ugly word. Criminally defrauding the elderly and incompetent sounds even uglier, doesn't it?

They say that character is what you do when nobody is watching. That should be inscribed on a plaque and hung on the walls of your Erie County courthouse.

Julie R.

@Hey luvblues2 --- just out of curiosity and assuming you live in Erie County --- why does Erie County use the jurisdiction of other counties all the time? Other counties don't do that. Attorneys transfer property situated in Erie County on forged power of attorneys concealed in Lorain County, sneaky attorneys file and dismiss bogus sham lawsuits in the jurisdiction of Cuyahoga County that have nothing to do with the Erie County probate estates of life-long Erie County residents, and a Sandusky abstract title company does a title search required by law prior to a court-ordered scam sheriff sale of property but the Sandusky title company doesn't prepare the fraud preliminary judicial report that falsely states there are no defects in the title --- the attorneys have a Cleveland title company do it.

So if Aaron Voltz files a lawsuit against Erie County, what county will the sneaky attorneys and your courts have it filed in?