Obama wins

President Barack Obama has won Ohio again, capturing the swing state after a hard-fought battle with Republican Mitt Romney.
Associated Press
Nov 6, 2012

Obama, who also won Ohio in 2008, claims the swing state's 18 electoral votes.

Both sides poured major time and resources into the battleground state that has been among the nation's most contested in recent presidential elections. It was considered pivotal for both.

No Republican has won the White House without Ohio. The last president elected despite losing Ohio was Democrat John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Ohio has been site of much of the advertising spending by the campaigns and outside supporters. It also was among the most-visited states by the campaigns.

In addition to Ohio, Obama captured battleground states Iowa and Colorado on his way to the 270 electoral votes he needed.

Obama will again be dealing with a divided Congress. Democrats maintained control of the Senate and Republicans likely will again control the House. Among the most pressing matters is the so-called fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to hit in January. Economists have warned that if they aren't averted, the nation could face another recession.



50% to 49% doesn't read like "LOUD AND CLEAR" to me.

It only shows that the country is as politically divided as ever.

Approx. $9B in national campaign spending and Congress and the Presidency are status quo.

Nothing has changed.

“You have not converted a man because you have silenced him.” - John Morley



Don`t discount all the senate races my friend.


@ MHL:

The point: Control in the Senate hasn't changed. The old dried up prune is still Senate Majority leader.

Like a good kleptocrat, the man steals money for his constituents.

Enjoy the coming fiscal cliff and federal debt ceiling debates.

the office cat

would you like a saucer for that milk?


Let him lick up the spilled milk off the floor.

Darwin's choice

Are you still posting while at work? (On the taxpayers dime, Cat??)

John Harville

Oh Cat. Darwin's got that ole lie goin' again. Darwin thinks people only work 8-4 or 9-5 or work for the government. We always know when you're getting his goat because he tries to bring up his allegation that you're some sort of female government employee texting on the taxpayers' time. hahhahaha

Darwin's choice

What's the matter,john harville, hitting close to home?


@ John Harville
Please, please,please!

A little compassion here for Darwin!

You see, Darwin is suffering from a concussion that he recieved from banging his head on the refrigerator while reaching for a beer.

Just Thinkin

@ camper not the whole race, just the uninformed and non worker's the lazy and PC wanna be's


Wow, what a bunch of whiners !!!


On thing I did notice last night. Just as networks were calling it an Obama win the gas stations in town (where I live), raised their prices by 15 cents/gal. My prediction, $4/gal gas before the end of the month. Let's see how many of you are congratulating yourself by Jan 1.


Yep, the first thing Obama did when he wa declared the winner was call the gas stations and told them to raise prices !!!

Are you really that dumb???



John Harville

...Obama caused the hurricane too. And broke away the iceberg that sank the Titanic. And the Kochs and Adelson and Rove are so upset they stirred up another windstorm for today and tomorrow - and the killing frost last night.


@rottnrog Are you being serious? He is saying that Obama's re-election news has, and will continue, to cause economic issues since the business people already know what he is about. Anti-captialist just like every other Far Leftist in America.
They probably saw that movie, "2016: Obama's America."


Obama says he will reach across the aisle to work for the good of all Americans. That he will work to unite the country. Just rewind the tape from his speech in 2008 and play it again. That lasted for about two months last time. Won't last that long this time. He wants to redistribute the wealth. He doesn't want to make all Americans wealthy, he wants to make all Americans POOR. Sad, sad day for U.S.A.


Here's a "surprise." ;)

Seven of the ten highest income counties in the U.S. voted for Mr. Obama.

I thought that only the rich voted Repub? LOL.

The wealthy like those Obama "cash and prizes."

My list:

Highest income counties by rank (Obama - O, Romney - R)

Loudoun County VA – O

Fairfax, VA - O

Arlington, VA - O

Hunterdon, NJ - R

Howard, MD - O

Sumerset, NJ - O

Prince William, VA - O

Fauquier, VA - R

Douglas, CO - R

Montgomery, MD - O

Looks like 70% of the wealthiest counties went for Mr. Obama.

"LOUD AND CLEAR" enough for ya? LOL.

Sheeple are suckers. :)


the office cat

This means what?


@ the office cat:

So why did the majority of the richest counties, most of which surround DC, lean for Mr. Obama?


@ contango

Probably they are an honorable bunch of people willing to help the USA rather than themselves.
But you wouldn't understand that.


It's very simple... most women will not tolerate men dictating to them whether or not thay can have an abortion. That's a personal choice. It sure beats having multiple baby factories and sperm donors for more of the same generational welfare problems. Not to mention taxing our natural resources. ( most especially water). This planet and this country simply cannot sustain much more.

And if you think it can, prove it to me.


Republicans had full control of Congress from 2000-2006 and a Republican as President. If they wanted to ban abortion, G.W. Bush's 2nd term (with a majority of SCOTUS Justice appointees) would have been the time to do it. Don't you think?

Are you saying that women voted for Obama because they thought that the Republicans would ban abortion? I would hope not. Not only is it very low-class of them (considering the myriad of reasons NOT to vote for Obama coupled with the fact that Abortion DOES need to be regulated)..but, it also insults their intelligence (considering my first paragraph).

John Harville

@verdict. There weren't enough justices to uphold a new law that would uphold a law limiting a woman's right to choice. And the Repubs had Congress from 1994 - a few years being veto-proof. Romney knew he'd get a chance to appoint a coupla conservative justices.
Which brings up the point that Obama will get the chance to appoint 1 or even 2 - which will change the direction of the court for generations and Roberts won't be able to stop it. GOBAMA!!!!


I wouldn't count on it. In the end, the military can intervene. Who will stop them?
The farther Left you push the country..the closer you push it into Martial Law. Just ask the Dept. of Homeland Security. They red-flag anyone who advocates any form of social change which seeks to end the two-party system.


Rush Limbaugh, Dick Morris, and Karl Rove all predicted a landslide win for Romney. I guess today they are eating their words. By the looks of these gentlemen, they will eat anything. NEVER LISTEN TO THE SO CALLED EXPERTS!!!


Rush has always said he is never wrong - he has predicted everything exactly the way it happened. This is going to throw a monkey wrench into that statement now. And it proves that he is NOT always right. Those guys still think if they say something enough it will become fact and actually happen. Sorry Rush - go crawl under that rock you came from - and don't forget to take your insurance provided viagra with you.


How many conservatives actually listen to Rush Limbaugh? I highly doubt he is even a real Republican. He is like Super Judge who comments here on the SR.
The very fact that you quote this guy, tells me you are not very in touch with the average conservative, yet stick your fingers in your ears and pass judgment.


@ bucknut36:

Just think; Mr. Obama will now have more time for golf and less for campaigning.

The poor man has been campaigning for two years.

The sheeple have bleated!


Sour Grapes, Sir?