Obama wins

President Barack Obama has won Ohio again, capturing the swing state after a hard-fought battle with Republican Mitt Romney.
Associated Press
Nov 6, 2012

Obama, who also won Ohio in 2008, claims the swing state's 18 electoral votes.

Both sides poured major time and resources into the battleground state that has been among the nation's most contested in recent presidential elections. It was considered pivotal for both.

No Republican has won the White House without Ohio. The last president elected despite losing Ohio was Democrat John F. Kennedy in 1960.

Ohio has been site of much of the advertising spending by the campaigns and outside supporters. It also was among the most-visited states by the campaigns.

In addition to Ohio, Obama captured battleground states Iowa and Colorado on his way to the 270 electoral votes he needed.

Obama will again be dealing with a divided Congress. Democrats maintained control of the Senate and Republicans likely will again control the House. Among the most pressing matters is the so-called fiscal cliff of tax hikes and spending cuts scheduled to hit in January. Economists have warned that if they aren't averted, the nation could face another recession.




Just Thinkin

It's a shame the brown skinned people voted for Bamma just because he was brown, Don't say it ain't so thats all your hearing on TV interviews, Thats how third world countries are made, Just like this by stupid fools and a one track way of thinking, may GOD bless AMERICA, And this is my free speech, if you delete it your proving my point!


That comment shows your ignorance. People of all races, sexual preference, and gender voted for Obama. I am a white American of German ancestry. I voted for our President. I know African Americans, Hispanics, women, and LGBT citizens who voted for Romney. There are some who may have voted for him based solely on the color of his skin but you should not generlize your feelings to a whole race.

the office cat

Free speech carries with it responsibility. It does not give you the right to slander an entire race or belief group just because you definitely NOT 'just thinkin'.


It's not slander, it's fact. Over 90% of blacks voted for Obama. Name 1 thing that 90% of any race agrees on...


Congrats USA u have screwed up again don't come crying to me or posting comments in this paper when he raises ur taxes and u still have NO jobs to support ur family. I weep for our future


Taxes are going up regardless of who took office. 2013 will be worse than 2008.


for those who make over 250 k right?
Do you ?, if not, dont worry about it.


If you don't have a job, I don't think I would worry about taxes going up - you aren't paying any to have them go up. An increase percentage of 0 is still 0.


And the long slow screw continues...

Just Thinkin

@ Camper What you have to be PC and vote for BAMMA to show your not racist as the other people did, I still make my own choices Don't worry about responding I have better things to do, wont be back on here till I need more laughs maybe in a week ,May GOD BLESS us all, your view and mine are not the same so let it go,got my point and it's my right ,yes? I am also German, and of this morning ashamed to be a Buckeye


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights), Remarks that discriminate based on age, race, religion, disability, etc., and Libel and defamation.


I sure am glad to see there is no racism being shown here this morning.

the office cat

Amen. Some people just can't accept the changing complexion of America.


To all those who said they were leaving the country if Obama won, let me know if you need help packing your bags! LOL

Super Judge

I'll buy them a ticket!


@ Wald:

You may get your wish.

You may get to wave goodbye to the multi-national corps as they increasingly move more production and assets offshore.

Money will vote with it's feet; leaving you to pay the tab for Mr. Obama's "cash and prizes."

the office cat

And others will continue the move back onshore where the workforce is competent and reliable.


Only if you will pay the cost of manufacturing in the US with all the regs and extras we are used to!
For the first time ever I am having sub components made offshore because the finished product would be above what a US consumer will pay. Sad but real, sorry!


And the regulations are overbearing and unbearable to corporations.
Where are you going to get your power from when the chosen one closes more coal fired power plants? All of his "green engergy" producers are going bankrupt.


phroggy, I wonder where your ancestors hail from? Maybe you're Native American?


LOUD AND CLEAR .Americans have spoken!

Super Judge

Yes we did! Congratulations President OBAMA!


@ Duper Judge

Are you a Democrat now?


Sad day for America!



Super Judge

I did my part. For the last several months I've posted on this and several other Ohio newspapers ranting like a hateful conservative in an attempt to sway voters away from the Republican party. My goal was to influence the votes of just 10 people. Each member of the organization had the same number goal. I got 7 people to send me emails from this account alone stateing that they were on the fence until they read my post. Some saw through this but 23 did'nt. The soul of America was on the line, and we saved it last night.


@ Super Judge:

Good for you.

Your hypocrisy was obvious to all but the weak minded.


@ Duper Judge a.k.a.Troll
Are you a Democrat now?

Super Judge
Sat, 11/03/2012 - 6:42pm
Guess who's back? A liberals worst nightmare!
Super Judge

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 7:26pm
The gravey train witf biscut wheels is comming to a end for the liberal losers that hate working even more than they hate America, BOY!


Super Judge, you are volunteering the admission that you have projected a false image to people in order to sway their vote.
I find you in contempt of credibility..and decency.