Kaptur defeats 'Joe the Plumber'

Joe the Plumber's bid for a U.S. House seat in Ohio has gone down the drain.
Associated Press
Nov 6, 2012


Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher, who was thrust into the political spotlight four years ago, was beaten in Tuesday's election by Marcy Kaptur, the longest-serving Democratic woman in the House.

Wurzelbacher ran as a Republican in Ohio's 9th U.S. House district in his first shot at public office.

He became an overnight sensation during the 2008 presidential campaign after questioning then-candidate Barack Obama about his economic policies and being repeatedly cited by Republican U.S. Sen. John McCain in a presidential debate.

His sudden fame turned him into a sought-after voice for many anti-establishment conservatives, and he traveled the country speaking at tea party rallies and conservative gatherings.

But he faced an uphill battle against Kaptur in a district stretching from Toledo to Cleveland that is heavily tilted toward Democrats.

Wurzelbacher said he decide to run because he has seen too many people forced out of their homes and driven to leave Ohio because of the poor economy.

Republicans recruited him to run and thought his fame would help bring in enough money to mount a serious challenge. But his fundraising struggled and he ran a low-key campaign that got little attention.

He also drew criticism for remarks he made along the way.

At a fundraising stop in Arizona, he suggested that the United States needs to build a fence at the Mexico border and "start shooting" at suspected illegal immigrants.

The head of the National Jewish Democratic Council criticized Wurzelbacher over a campaign video in which he suggested that Nazi gun controls contributed to deaths during the Holocaust because Jews didn't have firearms to defend themselves. He defended his statements, saying that he did not say that gun control caused the Holocaust.




Joe The "unlicensed" Plumber........


It's kind of funny that the only real competition Marcy has had in years was Kucinich, another Democrat.


YAY!! She can keep funneling money from the federal government to her brother in law out with his business!!


Good for Marcy.....you go, girl. He worried me.


Needs to change name better chance at winning

Licorice Schtick

I think headlines should sum up why a story is news.
This headline is not news.
The news is how badly he did, which is worser than worse than worst.
Worserest. Clearly, most Republicans wouldn't even vote for him.
This is a pretty good indication that populism and conservatism do not mix well.


No surprise here!!

nosey rosey

I hope he didn't quick his day job that is if he even had one! Prime example of how out of touch with the real world the republican party really is.


Is anyone surprised that Joe lost? Is that the best that the Republicans had to offer? Name recognition perhaps? I didn't see any mudslinging at Joe like I saw what the Democrats did to Iott for re-enacting as a German soldier.


I didn't bother to check how many registered Republicans who voted actually voted for Joe. Perhaps some Republicans left the ballot blank as a vote of none of the above?