Construction to begin on U.S. 250 business development

Crews are poised to begin work on a developer's project on U.S. 250, at a prime location across from Kalahari Resort.
Melissa Topey
Nov 6, 2012


They'll start next week by installing a sewer line. The project shouldn't disrupt traffic along U.S. 250, said Kuly Hoty Lynch, of Hoty Enterprises.

“Work will actually be seen in front of Kalahari,” Hoty Lynch said. “They'll bore right under the road."

Following various road work and utility upgrades, construction crews will eventually begin erecting an office building and retail space.  

The first tenant slated to move in is Hy-Miler convenience store and gas station. It should open sometime around late summer of early fall 2013, Hoty Lynch said.

The gas station will occupy about 1.4 acres, with five pumps offering 10 refueling stations.

The property will continue to be developed into 2013 and beyond, with plans calling for an office building that could serve as the new digs for Hoty Enterprises.

Hoty’s vision for the land: a niche location for people who want more than fast food, big chain stores and discount clothing retailers.

Two restaurants will be placed strategically at the front of the property, facing U.S. 250, to ensure maximum visibility.

A three-lane road would wind through the complex as more upscale retail shops or entertainment venues are added.



"A three-lane road will wind through the complex...." I'm sure the road's idiotic design will match other modern shopping and entertainment complexes in that function will be overwhelmed by the engineer's sheer desire for recognition of their poor artistry.

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Designed to be difficult to plow the snow?


Why is it idiotic?

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One thing I wonder is, will Buckeye Cable extend their HIGH SPEED INTERNET cable service past Kalahari now? There is a bundle of fiber cable rolled up on a pole just past Kalahari doing nothing! There are a dozen or more businesses and homes south of Kalahari with no cable no cable internet, no cable TV, no cable phone, just nothing other than wireless, direct point to point receiver / transmitter or cell phone internet service and Direct TV service. It is a strange stretch of road, a five lane major state rout feeding Sandusky from the Ohio Turnpike and nothing but empty poles from Kalahari to McDonalds in Avery. It is a good opportunity for a cable company to claim the poles and put up HIGH SPEED INTERNET. Are you reading this Time Warner?


I wonder the same thing. I used to live in that blackhole between Kalahari and the McDonalds in Avery. Both Time Warner and Buckeye refused to run any service unless we wanted to pay over 2,000 for them to run a line, and then pay them to use the line we paid for. So we were stuck with satellite everything, and let me tell you satellite internet in Ohio stinks.

Just Thinkin

Just what we need more wasted space and ruined farm land, What is wrong with all the empty places waiting to rot away, what a shame the people with the money just need to keep ruining the area for selfish gains,And the ones who could stop it won't, Why they like getting invited to parties and golf courses makes them feel important, PLEASE stop the waste

Phil Packer

Oh boy... I can't wait...


Hey that big lot would be great for a sports arena or casino Sandusky. Would be perfect with Kalahari across the street. We need something other then fast food and gas stations. Yea hy-miler will be good for employes that need to buy a quick snack on break and get back to work. Oh and are they ever going to finish the plaza were Menards is


Wasn't there going to be a baseball complex there? What ever happened to that?

Floyd P

Where is the committee to attract manufacturing and hi-tech industry, out to lunch? Like we need more gas stations, restaurants and retail stores that produce minimum wage jobs. On top of it all, Hoty gets a brand new office building on which to gaze down on its newest empire. Why doesn't Hoty just place strip malls around the entire city, then we can change the name to Hotyville.


Until Ohio becomes right to work, the chance of saying all those manufacturing jobs you speak of. Many companies won't even look at Ohio because of the forced unionization thing.


No kiddin', KD. You can be fired in Ohio with no excuse given.

Don S

The right to work, is just a faster way to loose your job, without notice or representation. Jobs will come back, if they aren't shipped off shore first. Get a life, stop being endvious of union pay grades and retirements, and get an education to secure a good job.

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Floyd said.(Where is the committee to attract manufacturing and hi-tech industry)

SR 250 from Bogart Rd south to at least Mason Rd was zoned (I1) industrial 500 feet back on both sides back in the 60's to atraract small support business for the new NASA facility. ( Erie Regional Planning Report 1967) It is still zoned this way. Not much high tech business with ground internet speeds of 28K dialup!!!!!

Sitting In The ...

Oh great another restaurant because we all know we don't have 100 of them already.


Why do people hate so much? The way I see it, the Hotys are great for area…

They bring jobs to the area. Are they high paying? Some are, most are not, but people are working in those buildings so it’s better than nothing… less people living off the system. And each of those retailers have management positions. Do those count as real jobs?

Are their buildings attractive? Well, they are not hideous. They are built to maximize their lives and offer the lowest maintenance possible. It is a prudent business model.

They are entrepreneurs branching out in many directions: property management, property investment, real estate, marina management, and a building company that actually builds things. Do those count as real jobs?

They give back to our community in their service and their leadership in various organizations throughout the county.

I am sure that I am missing more, but they are the number one tax payer in Perkins Township. They have chosen to invest their money locally where they easily could have turned their back on Erie County. Although you bloggers do not believe in the Hotys, they believe in our area. Just look where they invest.

Darwin's choice

"they believe in our area"....they KNOW they can make a fortune here....lack of competition......


Spoken like a true Hoty




I agree!!


Sweet!! This will be a nice addition to Sandusky. Definitely need new shopping here. The mall sucks! There's nothing here and would be nice that we don't have to drive out to Cleveland or Toledo to do some real shopping!! YAY!!! So excited.:) :)