Local candidates add to campaign ad deluge

County-based candidates or groups spent $133,000 to promote their political platforms, according to a Register analysis of unofficial campaign finance reports filed with the Erie County Board of Elections.
Andy Ouriel
Nov 4, 2012


Final results will be calculated following Tuesday's election, said Jen Ferback, director of the Erie County Board of Elections.

Republican Jeff Krabill tops the local list of individual candidates spending the most money reported through Oct. 31.

Krabill is vying to dethrone Democrat county treasurer Jo Dee Fantozz, whose office was marred by theft. One of her former employees stole $147,000 over a four-year period ending in August 2009, and the fiasco has cost taxpayers $102,000, since state officials can't offer a full reimbursement.

"It's important that candidates get their message out," Krabill said, adding he's spent the bulk of his money on informational mailers.

For more on this story and to see a list of what local candidates spent on campaign advertising, pick up a copy of Sunday's Register.



Ugh. Wednesday can't come soon enough.


The campaign ad deluge is really bad, too.

car 54

Shenigo and other candidates spend personal money which is legal, but never makes the campaign financing report.


Really "campain"? Even my phone wont let me get away with spelling that bad. And on the title no less.


They have a point though, It is a Pain.


"Award Winning Newspaper"
I agree too. It is a pain.


I am not a fan of Kraus but he had it right. His comment was he could stand anywhere in Erie county and look all four directions and see a Brady sign in each direction. Its been a long time in Erie County that I have ever seen a candidate with so many signs and that does not include the moving signs on vans. The one I love is the high boom truck that just stops and parks and raises up 100+ feet. Based on his expense report looks like he is spending a huge amount of his own money for the race.

Don S

Delphi salary retirees are saying not to vote for Obama, because they blame him for them loosing some of their retirement do to the GM bailout. GM did this to them, not Obama. These are the same employees that laughed when UAW union employees got laid off or were forced into retirement or even fired. NOW, it's the UAW union's and Obama's fault, that these salary employees are getting the short end of the stick. I thought that engineers, secrataries, and supervisors were smarter than that!!! Or weren't you ??? Suck it up and fight for your rights and stop blaming others for your problems.




Don S agree with you.........they need someone to blame so lets blame Obama. My question would be are not the salaried folks management in the company. Where were they when GM was hitting bad times, what were they doing to save the demise of GM, maybe they could have done more to save GM at the time.

These salaried workers were sitting at the steering wheel and they steered it incorrectly and now they need someone to blame so lets blame GM and Obama.