Red Cross: Donations needed to help storm victims

A local Red Cross leader is making a plea for help.
Melissa Topey
Nov 4, 2012


Ron Rude, director of the Firelands chapter of the American Red Cross, said the agency needs cash donations in the wake Hurricane Sandy's devastation on the East Coast.

"The need is great right now," Rude said. "Donations will be used in response for Hurricane Sandy, which includes this area of Ohio."

Volunteers at the Firelands chapter have helped manage three shelters in Cleveland, Lorain and Avon Lake.

"Thousands were without power," Rude said.

Collectively, local Red Cross chapters opened five shelters, as well as daytime warming shelters to help about 700 people. Hardest hit was the metro Cleveland area, with Lorain and Avon Lake slammed hard by winds and rain.

Residents across the East Coast are clearly in dire need. Thousands of people were put up in more than 120 shelters along the East Coast, Rude said.

Thousands of meals and snacks were served to people staying at the shelters.

"We ask everyone to support us as we help people recover from this massive storm," Rude said.

To donate, go to or call 1-800-733-2767, or text "Red Cross" to 90999 and make a $10 donation. Also, donations can be mailed to The American Red cross, P.O. Box 37243, Washington, D.C. 20013, or to Firelands Chapter of the American Red Cross, 300 Central Ave., Sandusky, OH 44870.


Second Opinion

Democratic Senators say NOT TO GIVE TO RED CROSS but instead give to Salvation Army! Check out below. Schumer said: ""RED CROSS IS A DISGRACE"

"Staten Island Borough President: Don’t Give Money to the Red Cross""
“Red Cross is here with hot chocolate and cookies. We need blankets, we need pillows, we need clothing. We can get hot chocolate and cookies, we need help!” resident Jodi Hannula said.


In the article that you cited, it shows at the end that it wasent the red cross's fault, it was the state for trying to act like things were normal. Maybe the state said, "we dont need help in this area, go help these people over here" Or maybe they didnt have enough volunteers to send to that area, you cant be every place at one time. And as far as the last article you posted, people can only help with what they have. And the resident "jodi Hannula, she was hungry (as it said in your article) and she turned down something to drink and eat because she didnt want cookies? as far as im concerned it looked to me like they were helping where they could with what they had at the time. Have you ever worked with a disaster relief effort? It takes time to organize volunteers, and ship blankets and things that are needed to where they should go, so you make do with what you have to help people with ie. cookies and hot cocoa. I proudly donate blood and money to the Red Cross. I wish more would stop looking for reasons to stop donating, why dont you devote some of your time? Ill be heading out on Tuesday to help in Jersey.....


Several years ago, Salvation Army turned me down flat when I needed help, because I did not have kids.

I will NEVER contribute to the Salvation Army!


starryeyes83, please explain. what kind of help were you in need of and what happened? I would like to know because I do donate to the Salvation Army and Red Cross, and would like to know what they are doing with the money.


I was off on a serious work injury and had nothing coming in after quite a while. I exhausted most of my avenues. Workers' comp was fighting it. No food in the house and my savings were depleted . I had rent and bills to pay. And a Siberian Husky to feed. That was my experience with my local satellite office and a bad one.

The woman asked me how many kids I had and when I told her none, She said, " Oh well, I can't help you then " ...Click. This was about 15 years ago.

They haven't been on my favorite list since. What they do with the money in your area, I have no idea.


Wow, I would have gone down there in person and demanded to speak to whoever was in charge! Don't blame you for not donating anymore. There are plenty of other groups that do great things. Feeding America for one.


Thanks but the office was in one of our local churches manned by one or two people once a week, besides they don't care about single people without kids. And I couldn't move around that much, anyway.

I've seen others post on here they were treated as bad and were a married couple. Go figure.

Water under the bridge, that little satellite is closed down now.

Second Opinion

Personally I like Operation Blessing, every dollar goes to those in need.

I remember when the Red Cross used a major portion of the money donated for 9-11 for new phones. Better to be a neighbor and support a local organization that can produce accountability. I NEVER give to the United Way, why does an organization need to pay + $100,000 a year for salaried administrator to DIRECT the distribution of needed funds to those in need; I also don't like the forced abusive hand to make people donate as they did in the 70's and 80's.

I give to Operation Blessing and our Local Church who DOES account for every penny. Your church should be affiliated with others in the hurricane area and they should be able to give your contributions to those in need. Who better to know where and to whom to pass needed supplies out to than those organizations and churches there that are local.


Don't donate to Red Cross, don't donate to Salvation Army, then who? Is it the federal government whom you want to do it? As inefficient at major charities appear to us, they are still the best way to get to aid to hundreds of thousands of people. The only other way is to force military personnel to do it abandoning their own families. Using the military cost 50 to 100 times as much.

Paying someone $100k plus to manage a large non-profit is not unreasonable. Most of the time, that individual can earn 3 to 4 times that much at a for profit. These individuals are managing millions in donations and we want some one do it for free. In the world of non-profits, free = not qualified = millions of dollars lost and stolen.


For my part I give to the Red Cross and to the Salvation Army. When I was in the military on active duty both were wonderful to help when help was needed.

I am going to raise the red flag in support from others that truly owe this country. Maybe this has happen and we just do not hear about it. BUT where is Japan? We should see huge Boeing 747 JAL cargo planes landing at NYC airports with supplies and needed items like generators. This country had planes in the air when Japan had its disaster and Americans gave freely to their disaster. Japan should be lining up the Toyota and Honda trucks for disaster workers to use. They can bring in huge numbers of vehicles on ship carrying ships so lets get those ships on the way from Japan loaded with new cars to help those who lost their cars in the floods following the hurricane. Can be put real simple to Japan..............YOU OWE THE UNITED STATES.

Also where is Saudi Arabia a county super rich and one we saved their back sides from Saddam several years ago. They OWE US,,,,,where is there help. There are so many countries who have had disasters that could and should now help the US in the need in NYC area. This is not a one way disater relief that only the US helps but we expect nothing back when our people need it. Again, another county that the US can say YOU OWE US.

If deal here these countries do not respond then we get the message and the next disaster these countries who could help and do not then the US does as they do sit on their hands and hope things work out for them.


@ Gardenman, Do you remember this almost 40 years ago?


Donating to an organization should not depend on what you get in return or if an organization helped you or not. You should be thinking of others, not of yourself or a personal bad experience. The East Coast needs help and the Red Cross seems to be the main organization helping these people but I am sure the Salvation Army is helping as well. Letting a 15-year-old 'slight' from an organization that had specific rules on who they could help is rather ignorant and selfish. Giving is not really giving if you expect some sort of payback.


IN other words, single people with no kids who actually work aren't good enough, that's discrimination and If I would not have been white YOU bet it would have been a big deal! The Naacp would have been all over it and so would the media have been.

Easy for you to say when you were not the one in need. You better hope to hell you're never in that position and get turned away.


I, for one, would like to know precisely what specific rules the Salvation Army has / had in place on who they could or would help. It sounds to me as though if you don't follow their church or political rules you don't get helped even if you are in dire need and that's uncalled for.


Just saw this from the other day & reminded me of a couple of yrs ago when I had taken my neighbor to SalvArmy to sign up for assistance so they could receive a box of donated food for the holidays. We were in an open room with others waiting inline& while they were giving their personal income info to "Wheezer", she said her name was, she was asked OUTLOUD how much $ did she have in the bank,how much foodstamp $ was her & her family receiving,& when the neighbor got quiet about being SO LOUD, the 'Wheezer' says if you dont like the way this is going,you dont have to stay..We got the distinct feeling that we were not the 'right race' at that time we were
there,Wheezer was much more pleasant & confidential with the several people ahead of us,& she said we could leave so she could 'get on to the next clients'~both of her race.
Totally humiliated my neighbor left nearly in tears because of One miserable human being who did her best to intimidate someone who was already 'down & out' from illness & tragedy,& truely Needed this assistance.Beware


Thank you, that's all the validation I needed. I , too, am not the right race.

And My satellite office was located in a small farming town ( like me with more Nordic type ) descent and I still was turned away.